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Skip the Detox | Why a Detox may NOT be right for you

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-Hey guys, Kusha here with Exerscribe TV

and today I want to talk to you about

why you should not DETOX.

So Detox's are all the latest craze

they're a big fad.

And one thing I want you to really think about and consider

first, is that, you know, you're body is one big Detox machine.

Your body is designed to Detox.

If you think about it, you urinate, poop, wax in the ears, mucus and tears,

All those things are detoxing mechanisms.

They're detoxifying the body.

Every time you breath out and exhale, you're detoxifying the body,

It's not to say that "juicing" or doing some kind of cleanse is necessarily bad,

it might be right at a certain point for some people

although I'm not a big fan.

But, just like anything else, those are precision tools.

So those are tools to get your body to that next level

when you've already got a good foundation in place

But, 99.99% of people who are doing some kind of

detox or a cleanse, don't have any sort of foundation

or structure in place.

So you really need to be thinking about

"Am I getting enough sleep?"

"Am I really doing things to really optimize my stress tolerance?"

Because you're psychological, your postural, and your digestive stressors

are really causing a lot of harm on your body's ability to detox.

And, are you getting, more importantly the micro-nutrients that you need.

If you're malnourished and nutrient deficient,

it doesn't matter if you go on a detox or not,

that's not going to help your body really get rid of those toxins well.

And even if it does help get rid of some toxins,

you're still not going to solve the root problem,

which is being deficient in certain minerals,

which is inhibiting your overall, optimal well-being,

in health and fat-loss, and so-forth.

So before you jump into that next "juice" craze

or detox cleanse. I want you to think about

do you have that strong foundation.

If you don't, check out our book, Nutriscribe in the link below,

or feel free to reach out to us in the e-mail below.

Thanks for tuning in to Exerscribe TV, see you soon.

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Posted by: exerscribe on Aug 19, 2014

Have you thought about doing a "detox" or a "cleanse" of some sort? Please watch this video before you do. It may not be right for you.

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