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Traveling to a different country is a very nerve-wrecking at first. I know for me, I was incredibly guarded. So it started out like a little uneasy. I wanted to visit Korea because I liked the culture. For us, to get involved with the culture what better way than to cook the food? Hogan was very warm and very personable. He's super nice, he's super-welcoming. When you're traveling to a country that you don't you know, those are very important factors. One of the things I appreciate about Hogan was he was prepared. He had all the knives and utensils laid out for us. And he also made us custom made chopsticks, making the personalized gift that we could take home, that was very kind of him. He started out telling us what to do by showing us and then kind of letting us try it out. He was explaining the histories of the food, the culture of the food and made us feel like we are really part of the experience. His way of just teaching you flowed really naturally. My expectations were very level and then when I left, I was just like, "Wow, that was the most amazing thing I could've done." We met his family and everyone's just giving us hugs, so it was great. Yeah, that was cute. I felt very comfortable afterwards. I felt like I made a new friend. It made us feel at home. He made us feel at home. It was like I was in my own kitchen, just interacting with friends, having good conversation, and I think you'll leave with much more, you'll leave not just like with knowledgery cooking, but you'll leave knowing that that experience you have is going to stay with you.

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