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Y! Mail Check for New Messages With Jaws/IE

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♪ [Bumper music] (Todd) This screencast will demonstrate how to check for new email in the new Yahoo! Mail, using a screen reader. For this demo, I'm going to be using JAWS 12 with IE 9. And so, with the new Yahoo! Mail you can press the "m" key at any time, and the application will fetch any new emails that have arrived, and take you directly to your inbox. Of course, if the virtual cursor is on, you need to bypass it before pressing "m". After pressing "m" JAWS will announce "checking dot dot dot" as an audio cue, that it is in the process of checking new email. And when the check for new email is complete, JAWS will announce "loading email", as it is taking you to your inbox. And then lastly, once the inbox is loaded, the first message of the message table will have focus, so JAWS will announce the sender, subject, date of the message, to serve as a confirmation that this new email has arrived. Okay, so here I am in my inbox, and what I'm going to do is press the "m" key, to check for new email. [JAWS] M left paren 43 unread right paren [JAWS] dash d l underline access underline dash one dash yahoo mail [JAWS] table Todd Kloots party this weekend eight forty five p m [JAWS] From subject date checking dot dot dot [JAWS] check for new email left bracket m right bracket. [JAWS] Checking dot dot dot seven check for new email left bracket m right bracket [JAWS] From select or deselect all messages left bracket control plus a right bracket date. [JAWS] Loading email dot dot dot [JAWS] Inbox 7 check for new email left bracket m right bracket [JAWS] Todd Kloots follow up conversation nine forty five p m (Todd) Focus is now back in the inbox, and the new messages have arrived, and as you could tell, Yahoo! Mail provided those audio cues that it was checking for new email and that the inbox was loading, and it's as simple as that. ♪ [Bumper music] (Todd) That's checking your email in the new Yahoo! mail.

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Jul 21, 2011


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