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Yoyi in Cuba-SD

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I'm in my hometown, Artemisa She is Ofelita, she's my second cousin. It will give us a tour of the park... ... her home and other family member who will visit. I brought my birth certificate and I asked what church I was baptized on. And he told me that this was the church where I was baptized. She was also baptized there. There was also a mass. [Indistinct voices.] [Indistinct voices.] Hello my Girl. My name is Gloria. [Indistinct voices.] Oh My God! How cute! Let's take a tour og Artemisa ... ... With Ofelita she said my great-grandmother, Edilia Hernandez ... ... lived and died here. and now it's a local pharmacy. And on this side, this is ... ... A clinic, sort of speak. What is her name? -Yolanda. [Indistinct voices.] My mom, How do you know her? She lived there. Now let's go to the house, down there. Nice to meet you. And Carmen, your aunt ... ... And Celaida, my sister husband, is half family to the Lucarucho. He died-and but ... -Right. Right. -Carmen, And the only one left is Rosario. -Rosario. -Rosario And Andres. I think so. You look just like her. -Do I? She was very affectionate. Yes, very loving and a good person. I'm glad to know. Very good person and everyone ... ... All the neighbors could tell you. [Indistinct voices.] What is his name? Carlos Martinez. [Voices of children.] You were a very young girl ... That was the park. Do you remember how it was? -No. I was only two when I left. [Indistinct voices.] A lot of people remember everything. [Inaudible.] I'm going to ask my aunt. She can tell me all the names. It was a pleasure and thanks for talking to us. I love you very much. A kiss and I love you. [Indistinct voices.] This is my husband. -Nice to meet you. -You have your house in Toledo. Oh, thank you. It's a humble home. I live between 3 and 5. 126, whatever you need. How cute! -Here we are. [Laughter.] Thank you very much. But when I met you ... you were very small. And also that family I know. My brother lives in that corner. My brother has been there for 10 years. Take care. I love you. -Bye. A kiss. -Bye! [Indistinct voices.] Nardo surname drew a lot of attention. Because my cousin, my aunt, married Leonardo. Leonardo was my dad's relative. He wasn't my relative, but he was my fathers relative. -Tell me your name again. -Francisca Nardo Concepción. My father was the Nardo you knew. She lived here when you were little. She lived here for over 60 years. I'm 70 years old I've been living here for more than 60. Incredible. Incredible. [Inaudible.] A month ago a lady called me... ... and her surname was also Nardo. She was trying to reach me. I'll show you something. Recently we had a celebration. I'll show you photos. Here. This is Armando, son of Carmen, Rosario and this ... ... Is José Carucho, son of Andres Carucho. They lived here in the corner. -Right. -In the Carpentry. -Right. The couches were made by the Carucho's. And these are the daughters of Leonardo and Rosario. Their called Beatriz and Maria Teresa. -How good. Let me see. These are the latest pictures I have from the family reunion ... At a party we had, but I'll show you another. I'm happy that we've met. [Indistinct voices.] Just a moment! Thank you! And here we are. Well, here are the five of us. Andres brother wasn't there, Juan Andres. Her and him are brothers. Here I am... ... Armando and Joseph. I remember that Nardo He lived around the corner. What it was once the business ... There, he lived, in that house. -Many years have gone by. -Many years. I remember all of that. But I don't keep my mind ... ... Their faces I don't even remember his physique. Because my head is a mess. But many years have passed. Many years. Oh, my God! We're against the clock. [Indistinct voices.] [Laughter.] She told me she was aware .... [Inaudible.] He's in prison now. -Where? I don't remember... So his in prison? Yes, but he's getting out. In August or September ... Let's go see Chichi's house. Yes, in Chichi's house. They send them some cards with money. And I took the family pictures. And has they're four. Chichi gave me some, for the girl, for Lizbeth and for you. And I took family pictures. But there were many photos. But the one with Lizbeth, in the back the explanation of whose in the photo because like you she didn't know me ... ... we don't know each other that well. There was a man... who was a close friend of your dad. Is he nearby? He lives in Toledo. Gerardo Perez, the pitcher. He's old. They told me he was sick. [Inaudible.] We are visiting the houses. And he has to live by four. We haven't visited my home. We have to go see more. Did you go where your mother lived? Yes, we went through there. Don't talk to people out there. The house was closed. All who live there, are from the same house. That house was ... ... But in the back there are three more houses. They did the entrance on the workshop. There is an entry to carpentry. But there was another one where friends came in... And that is on the corner? In that corner. There was a shoe store in the back. Do you think they let me in? But that was not the house. The house was made out of wood. My sister who died. We live there with my mom and it was a little high house. [Inaudible.] The living room went all the way back into the kitchen. In this room, the rear part was used as a warehouse floor. And the rest was done after. We were growing slowly. And until the house was complete. [Inaudible.] We have to go. [Laughter.] What a shame! [Inaudible.] I have to tell my children ... ... they are waiting for us and I want to stay, but we must go back. I would like to stay here ... to talk to you. Tomorrow I will bring your gift. Will you be here all day? I'll be here. I'll bring it, for sure. He's my grandfather. Yuyi, I'm saving some newspapers .... ... And I thought to save them until the end of the month, to take them to Rosario. Do you want me to get them to her? It's a package. Yes, I can. [Inaudible] I am the daughter of Gloria Carucho and Rodolfo Nuñez. Carucho was a carpenter. [Inaudible.] [Indistinct voices.] [Laughter and voices speaking at the same time.] [Inaudible.] [Inaudible.] But his mother was very quiet. We were not loud at all. But they were very valuable people. They had a huge heart. [Inaudible.] Juan Carucho is my grandfather. Your grandfather, yes. Look at that. -Are you here to visit? Yes, from Miami. How good! When you mentioned the Carucho... [Inaudible.] [Inaudible] Her husband, who died, he was my direct cousin [Voices talking at the same time. Inaudible.] [Inaudible.] I don't get wet, but it makes a lot of noise When it rains, there's a lot of noise on the roof. [Inaudible.] Do you know if any of them still lives in the neighborhood? No no. That street there, when you walk along that street ... ... And you get to the second corner, you turn left. -... down that street... -Left or right? Down. [Inaudible.] Tell me your name. Carmen Fernandez de Velasco. Okay. It's a pleasure. He's my husband. Pleasure. He also speaks Spanish. They are our friends, Gabriel and Iraida. She is family, she's my cousin. [indistinct voices.] If my sister had seen her. My grandfather is a nice person. But he was nicer. The children were young and they were oldest... ... now we are all grown. [Laughter. indistinct voices.] It was very exaggerated. I'll give it to you on the 3 wise men day. Then you'll pay me back little by little. But the situation was difficult. As was The 3 Wise Men day, we all went to bed very early ... [Inaudible.] But they have to leave your shoes out... ... The house looks the same, what happens is that... ... it was recently fixed. [Inaudible.] The younger sister said "I want a swing". And the swing was there the next morning. It was all crazy. All the girls from the neighborhood came. [Inaudible.] It has been a great pleasure. Thank you. Thanks for everything. I'm crying my eyes out... It's natural, my love. You'll never forget it. Never. [Inaudible.] [Laughter.] We leave tomorrow. But we will return soon. With God's favor. Do you believe in God? I do believe in God a lot. I was educated in a convent. [Inaudible.] [Laughter. Indistinct voices.] How beautiful your is husband. I'll be old, but not blind. [Inaudible.] I hope God gives me many years to live. You have a lot of life. Amen. [Inaudible.] -Have a nice trip! -Thank you. You have to live with joy. I've always told everyone. [Inaudible.] [Indistinct voices.] Someone go talk to them. [Indistinct voices.] [Laughs.] [Indistinct voices.] Thank you very much. Thank you. [Indistinct voices.] So obviously I came to see where Yuyu lived. No .... No, where they lived. You go out. Reach the corner ... Half a block in, there's where Yuyu lived. She was in kindergarden. That was what they told us this morning. [Indistinct voices.] That painted her hair. Where Yuyu lives, up the street... Antonio had a Fondita. I'm talking about 56 or 57 years ago... [Inaudible.] [Inaudible.] I remember the Carucho. [Indistinct voices.] You lived there. Rosario Carucho lived nearby, one block away from the house. I remember the house It was on one level. I remember that my mom, my brother and I were there... This is my wife's Carmen daughter. She's called Rosario. Really? -Yes. If you want, I can show you more photos. She has an 18 years old daughter And his son is 16 years old. [Inaudible.] You have a lot of information about the family. I always had. Since you left here... ... We never forgot you. [Inaudible.] [Inaudible.] [Inaudible.] Yuyu lived with Maria Teresa. [Inaudible.] I was 10, I remember something. [Inaudible.] [Inaudible.] [Engine noise.] [Indistinct voices.] They were very close. I know. His dad was very famous here. It was the team pitcher. He played at first base because it was very tall. It was very good at playing. Always wanted to play. We all got together inside the colony. [Inaudible.] I brought family photos. My aunt sent him a letter. Thank you. Here I send her these pictures. Yes, they are photos of Aunt Rosario. I have a cousin called Cuquis. [Inaudible.] [Inaudible.] I took my first communion in Miami. [Inaudible.] Some of my family came to see me. [Inaudible.] [Sound Engine.] This is like morphine. Yes you have to control it. You can not use it much. [Inaudible.] We come from a conference, we got into the truck ... ... And we've been busy all day. Today we escaped the group, my friends wanted to come And here we are. Now we have to go because they leave tomorrow. Of course. Right. Soon. If you want, I'll give you her daughter phone number. Yes. She's a nice person. She's like my daughter. [Inaudible.] Her husband is a chef. Juan. Juan Carucho. [Indistinct voices.] [Inaudible.] [Inaudible.] That house is where your grandfathers carpentry was. He had many devices. It was around the year 61 ... ...what is the woman's name? -Ehhh ... Maria Teresa. - Maria Teresa! He always sat there. It was like this. I was born in that house and I have 65 years. And Armando who was the husband of ... -Carmen. Armando who died after ... And where did he live? Armando lived, I'll show you the house. Further, down there. And there, by the staircase let me see who lived there. The only ones left are Rosario, Nardo and Andres Carucho. I don't remember. I'm already old. -¡Armandito! Armando is my cousin. I played a lot with him. [Laughs.] Armandito was the son of Armando. Right. Right. He just turned 60 years. I have 65 years. We had a five years difference with him. I'll show you a photo of Armandito. Don't know him. That's Armando. And that's Rosario Nardo Carucho. We have to say goodbye. Thank you very much. Thank you. I'll see if I can convince my cousins​​... ... to come with me and do this tour or the reacquaintance adventure. Tell me your name again. Marcus Saenz Moreno. [Indistinct voices.] [Inaudible.] So there sat Maria Teresa. In the blue one? Had that impression because I was told that we lived there... [Inaudible.] Right. Life is changing, It's evolving. Thank you very much. Thank you. Cute. Bye. Thanks, Sir. He's my husband and some friends. -It's a pleasure. -I've known her for many years. [The same gate, the same girl, 50 years later.] I have the pictures there. How are you! Tell me your name. She is also a teacher. Gloria went to school with me. She... She was on the D... I was in the C. I'll show you the photos soon. She was a little plump. -How are you! -My husband. -Pleasure. -Charmed. And she's your daughter? [Indistinct voices.] [Laughter.] [Indistinct voices.] Now we have to go. [Inaudible.] I'm also called Gloria. Gloria Maria. [Inaudible.] I think I have the pictures out there. Let me see. Need a hand? Can I help you? Yes. [Indistinct voices.] [Gloria's mom with the Illuminated Normal School of Havana, ca. 1958] [Indistinct voices.] She said: "We're going to the aesthetics." You had to be there before 10. [Indistinct voices.] [Inaudible.] Gloria, Dulio ... -Carmen. -Carmen... Rosario and Andres. Let us go because they are waiting for us. Exactly. -You have to go already. -Ah good. Just like Gloria. How cute! And also her husband, how cute. -Let's see, Where is he? Yes, what a cute boy. [Indistinct voices.] [Laughter.] Her mom looks just like her. Thank you very much. Here's your house. [Laughter.] [Indistinct voices.] [Indistinct voices] I was told Gloria's daughter was here. What is her name? -Maria. He's my husband. -Hello. [Inaudible.] I met her at that time. And he also remembered my mom. [Indistinct Voices] [Motorcycle noise.] [Indistinct voices.] We are in contact with her. Yes, exactly. I was glad that happened and that you've come here. Thank you very much. [Indistinct voices] [music] [music] ♪ How was it, I can say ... I cannot explain what happened ... ♪ But you I fell in love ♪ Yoyi's Cuba: 50 years later

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Yoyi in Cuba-SD

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