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The Big Bang Theory 5x14

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Hello? Hello. What’s your name? My name is Siri. Look at that, there’s a woman in your life you can talk to. Are you single? I don’t have a marital status, if that what’s you're asking. Yeah, you’re right that’s too personal, we hardly know each other. How about a cup of coffee? I found 6 coffee shops, 3 of them are fairly close to you. I will see you gentlemen later. She is going to break his heart. So, Siri... What’s happening? How are you? I am well. What are you doing right now? What am I doing? I’m talking with you. You have a beautiful voice. Thank you, it’s nice to be appreciated. I bet it is. Why don’t women like me? Let me check on that. How about a web search for “Why don’t women like me?” No need, already done that. Umm, Siri? Do you have a last name? My name is Siri. Oh, one name, like Cher, Madonna or Adele. All the women who rock me. My name is Rajesh, but you can call me Raj. Would you like me to call you Raj? I’d like you to call me sexy From now on, I’ll call you sexy, ok? Okay! Siri, I’m in the mood for gelatto. I found ten restaurants whose review mention gelatto. 7 of them are fairly close to you. Thank you, darling. You’re most certainly welcome, sexy. Well done, Dr Koothrappali. I’m sorry? You’ve taken great evolutionary leap, by abandoning human interaction and allowing yourself to romantically bond with a soulless machine. Kudos. I haven’t bonded with it. Oh, of course. I undestand. You’re afraid the world isn’t ready for your taboo love. Your secret is safe with me. It’s just a phone. -Dinner’s almost ready. -Great. It smells amazing in here. What are we eating? An exotic little treat. I was just talking to Siri about Pekin duck and she said she knew about 4 Chinese grocers, 2 of which are fairly close to me. The spontaneity is contagious. Who’s Siri? Is he dating somebody new? Yes, his phone. Is that cute or creepy? Aha. Can I pour some wine? I think you’ll enjoy it. The traditional choice for Peking duck is Sauvignon blonde, But Siri suggested an off-dry Riesling. I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t want to have an argument with her in the middle of Trader Joe's. Now, what should we put Siri in for dinner? Leopard, sparkles, or, to paraphrase Coco Chanel, "You can never go wrong with the little black case." Siri, play some smooth Jazz. Playing smooth Jazz. Oh my god, Kenny G. This woman can read me like a book. I can’t believe I bought my soulmate at Glendale Galleria. I don’t know if I wanna stay. First door on the left. Thank you! I found 6 vacuum cleaner repair shops in your area, 4 are fairly close to you. Hello, sexy. What can I help you with? If you’d like to make love to me, just tell me. (sound) I’m sorry, I don’t understand (sound). No!

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Posted by: alexvigo1 on May 18, 2012


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