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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~11:15:36 - 11:30:37

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― Zhanna.― What? ― Didn’t you forget to play Lego?― No. Do you remember when you were playing in Almaty, with all the beautiful buildings? ― Houses? ― Yes. ― Scatter it, play and clean again, OK? What speed was for that… We are a little bit there. ― Eh? ― We are a little bit there. We are a little bit there. He finished recently. What is going on here? Who is this? ― I will do it. ― OK. Roma, come here, Zhanna will give you something. ― Roma! ― Eh? ― Come here! Banana. I am already full. ― You know, she had a cat. ― Anya did? Let's go get well! Bananas. At school... Was walking with a knife. Let Khren go. You are torturing him. ― Zhanna, say hello. ― How are you? What's up? Zhanna, come here, let me kiss you. ― How are you, how are you doing? ― Good. ― Where did you guys go? ― To the bazaar. ― Mm, OK. ― Why didn't you bring your kids? ― Why didn't you bring your daughters? ― They're at home. ― You should have taken them with you. I havent been feeling well... Let me. Work, work, new job. You have seen this house, haven’t you? Ah, you didn’t. It is a good, I said. You did a great job. No, we are in the yard. In the yard. ― We live in this part, the children live in that part. ― That's convenient. ― Yes. Convenient, but sometimes you get so tired. ― Zhanna! ― What? ― Kairat give those toys, those, those. ― Take those things, go play in the field. ― Yes, play in the field. ― Build the house. OK? Do not bother us, we are going to cook. ― Just come and take what you need, OK? ― Go play there then come and take your dolls. First build the house. Where are my flip-flops? Roma, where are my flip-flops? I think I put them upstairs. Hold it. ― Where are you going? ― To the yard. I am with you. Wait for me. Wait, Zhanna, let me hold this, it's heavy. Don’t. It's mine, I’ll do myself. Let you have some and some for me. ― Let go a little. Oops. ― Take it. Give me these. And you have those. Why are they filming you? Why? I don't know. Just cause they want to? I wanted it too. ― Eh? ― I wanted it too. A cat pooped. Not pooped, just peed. No, let’s go to some other place anyway, where there is no sun. Still, you will watch and I will do. I will... You will watch and I will do. Roma! I want some shade. No, no going there. ― Why? ― Because. It’s dirty. We'll get sunstroke here. We'll get sunstroke here. Put it there right now! If you get sunstroke, you don't die, right? It just hurts, right? ― No. ― Like what, you die? Yes. And the camera will break? Eh? If the camera... If the sun blows the camera, the camera will break too, will it? Camel? Camera. Don't you know? I don't. Let’s do it this way- all the pink ones are yours, and all the blue mine. No! Roma, give it this second! I'll put here. Don't, I'll do myself! Are you really such a farthead? You are a farthead. And you? You are a farthead. You are. You are farthead. Then I'll go some place else. So you'll get sunstroke, and I won't. Go upstairs. I am not going upstairs, I am going downstairs. Hey, is there a cat? That cat is mine only, the white one. So I'll be grabbing it every day by the tail and throwing it, and throwing it again. Then God will punish you. He will not. Actually, the cat will bite me, but God will not punish me. God will punish you. You yourself are...

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 110
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 2, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 11:15-11:30 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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