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Annie Official Trailer #1 (2014)

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[door opens]

(Hanningan, yelling) Get up and out of bed. The city called, they're coming to inspect. We've gotta clean this whole place up.

(Annie) Aren't they 'sposed to give notice?

(Hannigan) Aren't I supposed to be married to George Clooney?

Who's George Clooney?

Exactly, girlfriend. Exactly.

[spritzing, girls screeching] No breakfast until this place is spotless.

(all) Yes Miss Hannigan.

[Updated version with beat] ♪ It's a hard knock life for us ♪ ♪ It's a hard knock life for us ♪

(Annie) Sandy, wait! Stop! [car horn honking, tires squealing]

(Will Stacks) Why you runnin'?

(Annie) Because it gets me places quicker. Little kids.

(advisor) Will, this is really gonna help your race for mayor. She's a foster kid from Harlem.

(woman) I'm here on behalf of Will Stacks, and he would like to take Annie out for lunch.

You can keep me as long as you want.

Hehehe - she's kidding.

So what's the hustle?

The more we're seen together, the better it is for my campaign.

I bet if I moved in with you, you'd become president.

(woman) You're not really thinking about doing this?

(Annie) Whoa! So this is what it's like living with a billionaire?

The worst thing in the world you can get, is a little taste of something good, because it never lasts. And from then on out, the only thing you can taste - is not that taste.


(woman) Do something nice for Annie, not just for the press.

(Will) Do you get airsick?

(Annie) I've never been in air before. I threw up on the swings once.

I made you something. That's me, and that's you.

(woman) Your secret's safe with me - that you care.

It's a miracle. We found her parents.

We think so.

Well, hey, this is a joyous occasion.

[somberly] ♪ The sun will come out, tomorrow ♪ ♪ Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow ...♪

We're gonna be okay, Sandy.

♪ That tomorrow, there'll be sun ♪

[brighter] ♪ The sun'll come out, tomorrow ♪ ♪ So you gotta hang on till tomorrow, come what may ♪

(Hannigan) When did this city get so musical?

♪ Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya, tomorrow ♪

(Will) Sometimes what you're looking for, is right in front of your face.

♪ You're only a day - a- way ♪

Hey Mr. Will Stacks. Look for me, Colleen Hannigan, like me on Facebook.

I don't like you in Harlem. Why would I like you on Facebook?

You think you're better than me?

I do think I'm better than you.

[cloth on window, squeaking]

[kids, whispering] ♪ It's a hard knock life ♪

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Annie Official Trailer #1 (2014)

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