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TC026 What is Serverless Computing_MM

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In this video we'll discuss what we mean by serverless computing, let's begin. As a software developer you want to spend time doing what matters, building your application. You don't want to spend your time executing tedious, time-consuming tasks like installing an operating system or downloading system updates. The goal of serverless computing is to help you with this by taking care of those tiresome types of server management tasks, so that you can focus your effort on getting you application to your customers. Serverless computing is a bit of a misleading name, because there are in fact servers being used. But what it really means is that the responsibility of managing servers is already handled for you. In other words, it's an abstraction of servers so that you can take your mind off of infrastructure concerns and focus them on developer concerns. There are 3 big benefits of using serverless approach. First, there's no infrastructure management. And as a business you don't have to focus on administrative tasks like installing an operating system, instead, you simply deploy your code and it automatically runs with high availability. The second benefit is scalability and as your application grows in popularity, your application will continue working under any workload. Serverless computers can scale from nothing to tens of thousands of requests without any configuration. Finally, the third benefit is that you only pay for what you use. Serverless computing is event driven, resources are only allocated from a direct action. You are only charged for the time that takes to run your code instead of paying for the resources if they're not being used. Time is money in the business world, you want to be focusing your time on what matters. Using Azure to support serverless computing through products like Azure functions, your main job will simply be to upload your code and you automatically get the benefits of infrastructure management and scalability plus a payment model that will only charge you for what you use.

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TC026 What is Serverless Computing_MM

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