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6 Mega-Wealth with the L.O.A. ( law of attraction)

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Desteni Presents: Mega-Wealth with L.O.A. -Part Six- Now..this circular formation over here represents 'you'..ok? this, is system.. as unified consciousness field 'allocation point', alright? this network over here.. as these 'branches' i have drawn here indicate and represent your 'personal'.. unified field, ok? which consist of and existed as..relationship connections.. as human beings..that you have now drawn to you.. from their allocation point within the unified field.. from their allocation point within their personal unified field..taken them from that.. and now manifested and placed them into and as.. 'Specific Particular allocation points', within your personal unified consciousness field. Alright? because.. this personal unified exists as a living manifestation, 'as you'.. that was formed developed designed, and manifested as you.. through and as the attraction system.. that you have now literally become, manifestation of and as 'a unified field'.. with and as all and everything and everyone that is involved, you are now a 'living system': a unified field, that's now walking, walking, walking.. Within that, within walking will, now eventually, develop.. and manifest and design, your want need and desire, as being a..'director'.. of and as a 'total empire', making..lots and lots and lots of money. alright? Now, you have your, of attraction principle.. is now manifested and, realized self as you as this reality.. and how it's done: structurally, systematically.. within and through the mind consciousness system.. within and as this reality this existence, alright. Here, i have drawn illustration example, of what happens to individual human beings, that you have now taken.. from their particular specific allocation points, within their unified consciousness field point, within their personal unified field point.. and drawn them to you and lock them into your..personal unified field, alright? So, what happens is here is a being.. that's now, here in their allocation point, within the unified consciousness field.. Here within their allocation point, within their personal unified field..alright? and you have now taken them out..and now placed them.. at an allocation point within your..personal unified field, alright? So they're now completely taken from, and moved away from..their allocation point..'where they were', in the greater unified field and in their own personal unified field, ok? Now what happen is, all the beings..that were 'involved', or interconnected and connected to that being: that you took.. from..their allocation point, must now.. 'go out' and search for..other connection points. Because their..'base support', is now not there anymore. The one person..that stood for and as other beings' support structure: within the greater unified consciousness field 'is now gone''s not not there anymore. So they now need to go out, and seek other relationship connections, other people's personal unified field.. other unified field allocation point, within the greater unified field, to again be, able to lock into the world system successfully efficiently.. to be able to continue to survive and exist in this reality in this world. ok? So, this human being that you've now taken, that you've now taken away.. from their allocation point..within the greater unified field.. within their personal unified field.. their total unified field..personal unified field network collapse. Ok? so all collapse..and now these people, that were interconnected with that one human being..has to now go and search for..other connections.. other 'lock in points' within the unified consciousness field, or other people's personal unified field to be able to survive or exist in this reality. and that example, of the consequence of, and as the attraction system. that manifest within and as this world, this existence. Because let's say for example, that one human being, that you have now taken from their allocation point.. within this reality, within this existence..within the unified field.. that human being, had a small business, alright? There were human beings, lives, dependent, on that persons business, and working there for them. Now that person is..has shut down business, completely. let go of all the people that’s worked for him or her, and is now..'joined' you.. within your, personal unified field.. and is now locked, interconnected with you, and is now walking..with you.. and to build your total empire of becoming a director and making lots and lots of money. the people that person had to let go of, now has to go out.. and have a look for, other allocation point within the unified field.. for example.. (hesitate) Finding other work, to be able to survive and exist in this world. So they now go out and look for other people's, uni.. personal unified fields that have other small businesses. or they go to the unified field, as the greater world system..and work for.. building, toilets bathrooms whatever they can possibly do, to be able to be ensure they continue surviving in this world. that's just a small simple example of a 'domino effect', that happens.. within and as..the attraction system, that human beings manifest themselves as, alright? There is a consequence, there is an outflow. and many of these people..that are now looking for 'connections'.. to be able to lock into, the unified consciousness field as 'the world system'.. because they need to be locked into the world system.. as and actually doing a work a job a function, to be able to continue and exist in this world.. finding it more and more difficult to get that done, and end up living on the street..alright? So their total unified field, collapsed..they have no support, they are completely locked out..of the world system as the unified field. They do not have..that, allocation point anymore within unified field. they do not have.. that allocation point, within another human being's personal unified field.. and are thus..locked out of the world system, because the world system 'is the unified consciousness field'. If you are not locked into an allocation point, in actually doing a job or work, or standing by actually standing as a business, or empire.. can't exist in this world, you can't survive in this world. Ok, so..for you to have, create manifest and design your personal unified field.. for your, 'realization' to become the realized.. director of an empire 'to make lots and lots of money'.. has caused, the 'collapse' of other unified consciousness field.. or..personal unified fields, alright? Because.. for build your personal unified field, other unified fields had to collapse. Alright? That's..the balancing factor, that exist within the unified consciousness field. The unified consciousness field, exist within the 'Law of Balance'. Part Seven to Continue. CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Mega-Wealth with the L.O.A. ( law of attraction)
Now, this circular formation over here represents you, Ok. This is your world system as unified consciousness field allocation point, alright. This network over here, as these branches I have drawn here, indicate, and represent, your personal unified field, Ok. Which consist of, and exist as, relationship connections, as human beings, that you have now drawn to you, from their allocation point within the unified field, from their allocation point within their personal unified field, taken them from that, and, now manifested and placed them, into and as, specific particular allocation points, within your personal unified consciousness field.. in discussion with Sunette Spies from Desteni

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