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Arnold Mindell on Deep Democracy & Worldwork, London 2008

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Arny Mindell speaks about Deep Democracy & Worldwork This talk was recorded at a large Wordwork conference in London, April 2008 What kind of world do you want? Your present answer is part of your answer? Like for example, "I'd like people to work better together". You have your answers. But also your answer, appears indirectly through how YOU relate to yourself. Model the world you want by the way you work with yourself. It can't happen only outside. We need it outside, but it doesn't happen enough, without you changing too. And the world you want, happens through your dreams and through your altered states, through your deepest feelings. That's what I'd like to say. Most of the answers we collected from around the world, people say they would like more cooperation. Can't people cooperate a little bit more? Is there... Can't there be more diversity awareness? More freedom for everybody? More chance to succeed? Behind our... aaah... desires, behind these great hopes, the needs for more diversity awareness, the need for more... peace on this planet, the need for more safety and all the different things that we... cooperation... Frequently, though these feelings and hopes are there, HOW do we cooperate isn't answered. So, the dreams are important, but then comes the idea, how do you cooperate? How do you get along with somebody you don't agree with? Or you don't like? So, worldwork arises from the dreams and from the hope to work out and find out, how to make these dreams real. And realize them all. And worldwork arises from the idea of that everyone should have a feeling of being at home. It's a privilege to feel at home in yourself. To feel at home in your community. In your nation, in the world. Feeling at home is the greatest power and it is very marginal and many-many people do not feel at home, are looking for their home. At all levels. That's why finding your home, it's part of the... part of the idea here, in the background of worldwork. And, you know, the world has several basic problems, that I think the human world... the main problem I feel with the human world is, that we are so young. We're young! We're babies! You have to remember: the world... I mean the planet Earth is 5 billion years old. The universe... who knows exactly... is about 14 billion. But the human race is only a hundred... mmm... couple hundreds years old. We just began! And it looks it! We just began and it looks it! The way we get along together in life is like "Hello! We just woke up this morning!" So, don't give up on us. Keep your hope. We're just beginning. We loose our perspective sometimes. There's a lot more theories... not much... who knows? We always say if we don't stop our aggressive instincts, this planet will disappear, we'll ruin everything et cetera and that is somehow true, but at the same time, we're just beginning. Don't give up on us. We don't have enough deep democracy. We have democracy, but... Democracy is a wonderful thing. Everybody is voting. But then it's the power of the majority. It isn't the relationship between people. A deeper democracy is relationship. We need to focus more on our relationships, as well as equal rights for things. We need to learn how to have a... An idea to relate how to relate to one another. Is what deep democracy is about. The philosophy of worldwork Amy... and you may already know about, I just wanna say, that the philosophy is, let's deal with the real stuff who's got the money, who's got the power, who's got the rank and then lets deal with those very elements as roles, that are actually shared. You may have no power. Socially. But you can have a whole lot of power spiritually. In fact, you may have power than even folks who have been dominating you. Not social power, but other kinds of power. So, worldwork is based upon finding people's power and making it consious. In part. And aaahh... then getting deeper... and eerrr... if you can find your deepest self inside yourself, I'd be happy. That's where your home is, your deepest self is your home. If you have that, then you can move anywhere. It's your... the world it's your home. I know it's not. I know when you go through those visa and immigration problems, it's not and somehow underneath, there is a home... should have ...will help you get the other things as well. Arny thanks all the participants at the Worldwork seminar in London 2008, Boris Sopko & Michael Duda for the London '08 photos, and Amy for having put these audio/visual clips together.

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Speech on worldwork and worldwork according to Process Work

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