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2019 - Lucy THELEN

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Good to go. So, can you say your full name, your title, and where you're from, for me to get it started. I'm Lucy Thelen. I'm from Minnesota. And…is that all right? Yeah, that's perfect. So, the usual. Tell me, how did you get started with Tupperware? How did you start your business? Well, I started my business because I am a Tupper baby. Oh, okay. Legacy. Yes, I'm a number 10 of 10 kids, and my oldest sister sold Tupperware. She's 21 years older than me. So, my mom did her Modular Mates. So, as a teenager, I grew up with the Modular Mates. So, when I was 18 and moving out, I’m like, ’Mom, can I take those Modular Mates with me?’ And, she's like, ‘Absolutely not. You need to find your own Tupperware lady’. So, I… well, it’s right there. You can take a seat wherever is comfortable, and we'll be right with you. Okay? Thank you. So, I just found the local Tupperware lady to sign up, and really, my intentions back then was ‘I'm just going to get a discount’. ‘I’m going to fill my kitchen, and I'm just going to continue going to school to become a nurse’. And so, that was my intentions. Well, I was also married at 18; still married to the same man. That's wonderful. And so, all of a sudden I was like, I was very shy - not so much anymore, but no, I was very shy, and I was like, ‘There's no way I'm going in and talking in front of anybody. There's just no way’. So, I did a lot of catalog orders for the first year and a half of my business, took the profits and put it in my kitchen, because remember, I wasn't in it for the income; I was just in it for the discount because I - I’m really an organized person. And, after that, I earned a free car at 18 years old, and I went to my distributor, and back then it was Sharon and Dwayne K. Meyer. They are now retired. And, everybody was so excited, and all of a sudden they came back and said, ‘Oh my goodness, you have to be 21 to So, I had to take car cash - until I turned 21 years old. - That’s funny. So, the day I turned 21, it happened to be a rally night, and then I was able to get keys to - a brand new car. - That’s a great feeling. So, that was pretty exciting. But at first, it was - it was just - it was an amazing experience because my husband was like, ‘No, that's a hoax and there's no company that's going to give you a car’. And, it was the first time he came to a rally is when they presented the car, and it was just a big deal because it was like, ‘Wow. We're farmers so who's going to give you anything’. Farmers work for everything. So, you brought up your husband and a long, successful marriage, do you have children? We have four children, yes. How did they play a part in your business? They were Tupper babies. My oldest is 21. So, he was just a baby when I started. Yes, I had started young with kids. It's nice now because - so a 21, then I have a 19 year old son, and then a sophomore in high school girl, and then another son that's a fifth grader. Oh. And, I have to say from watching them grow up with Tupperware and the business, and everything I've done, and my husband helping me, they've learned teamwork. They’ve learned skills. Unbelievable, you know, money management, to – like, it's just amazing what they have learned, the hard-working, hard-working ethic, you know, between that and farming life, they've grown up with a very good work ethic. Do you think that they see the confidence in you from your business and they take something from that? Definitely, very confident, going out in the world, yes. That’s good. My 21 year old just bought his own first home just this last summer, and he just turned 21 a week ago, so he was 20 when he bought it. And then, my 19 year old just - bought a little hobby farm, - Wow! just right out of high school. So, they learned how to save money and how - because they had to help me with my advance, and they helped me party plan, and they helped me do all my party packets, because I make like, a hundred at a time, and I just - slide into promotions. - Right. Just time-management things that they - it was assembly line. Everybody worked together. This is how mom gets paid. It was actually cute, yesterday I talked to my youngest and he’s like, ‘Mom, how much money are you making there?’ I have a speaker and my roommates were like, ‘Aww’. My little 11 year old. And, I said, ‘I'm not making any money here, but I'm learning. I’m learning new ideas so we can grow to make more money’. - Right. And then, he's like, ‘Oh’. It was so cute. - That’s so precious. So, it's funny that they get interested. They ask you questions. And, I've always let them count the income and look at the screen, ‘Okay, - this is how much it costs’. - Right. ‘Now, this is what's left’. ‘Now we have to pay gas out of this’, and break it all down so they understand how that all works. Good. Tell me a little bit about how Tupperware has helped you feel fulfilled in your life. Tupperware has definitely built my confidence. I - like I said, I was very, very shy. I came out of my shell, and I can now approach anybody anywhere. I have the passion for it. I've learned lots of different things. I met lots of new friends from all over - the world, and that's exci – - That’s a big one. - That's huge, huge, huge, - the friendships and connections, and just getting outside your box and doing - they're always - pushing you to do more. - Right. - Always pushing us to step outside that box… - Definitely. - …and try new things. - Absolutely. What's been your greatest accomplishment so far at Tupperware to you? It could be anything. - My greatest accomplishments… - Recognition, trips, you said the car… What feels like the biggest deal to you? I love - the biggest thing for me is just watching - everybody else grow. - Your team. Right. My team, yes. That would be my main thing. I love watching their successes and bringing people in that don't have the confidence, just like I was, and then watching them sprout is fun. - Right. But personally, for my business, the trips are nice. - We've been to Hawaii twice and… - Beautiful. …my husband loves Hawaii. First time he was like, ‘Why don't you just go home and sell the farm and come back’. And I said, ‘No, no. I'm not selling the family farm. You go home and sell the family farm. We’ll move to Hawaii’. As a joke, you know. But very beautiful. So, the trips - but the factory was a really good trip too. It's a big eye opener. Yeah. I love seeing the passion of all of the workers at the Tupperware factory just because they are just so friendly and so happy, and without them, we wouldn't have a product, you know, coming to us. And, without us, they wouldn't have the product and a job, you know. So, it's just amazing and how it's just one big family. So, that's one thing I really love about Tupperware; - it's very family-oriented. - Yeah, it is, definitely. You know, all the promotions with Father's Day and Mother’s day, and - That's so nice because it just brings in - the family to make those wishes and… - And simplifies it. Yes. And, it's such an eye opener for all the new - people, like, ‘Wow, there's nobody, I don't think, out - Right. there that offers and does something like that - for people's families… - That’s true, yeah. - …in the corporate world. So, you talked a little bit about going to Hemingway and our products; do you have a favorite product that you love to use at your parties to demo, or at home? - That's a hard one now. You guys are making this hard for me because… - I know what you mean. I have my favorites too. My passion has always been the Modular Mates. It still is my passion. I always carry it, doesn't matter if it's on sale or anything. I'm a set seller, so I like to sell the super sets, and incorporate it now with our big items, our premium products. I've incorporated some of those because I love them so much, I can't just stick with my Fridge Smarts and my Modular Mates and my Freezer Containers and the Vent ‘N Serves. Right. That's normally my base, but now I've been incorporating – I have to have the Power Chef System and I love the Grill. I sell a lot of grills and a lot of pressure cookers. Do you use one of those a lot at home as well to cook and prepare for the family? Yes, I do. I trained my family too, so they do a lot - of cooking for me. - Oh, that’s great. To be honest with you. But yes, when I do lives and stuff, then of course I'm doing it, but if I'm not home and I'm coming in the door, the family uses it. So, the kids know how to use them? - Yes. - Oh, that’s great. - Which is very exciting, and it’s safe. - Do they get a lot of joy from cooking using the Tupperware products? They do. They have such a blast. It's safer for kids. Absolutely. You know, making that homemade macaroni and cheese in that that pressure cooker in 10 minutes, and it's a lot healthier, it's a lot safer. It's easy to use. The Grill probably gets used five, - six times a day. - Wow! - It's just something that… - Something for everybody… Yeah, with - we used to be six in the house; now down to four - it's constantly - and it's even fun to listen to your kids because I remember as my kids were littler and growing up, yeah, they would help me with my business, - but they were always like, ‘Why…’ - Right. ‘Why are you a Tupperware lady, mom?’ Like, my mom's a Tupperware lady, you know. You know how the kids become teenagers, they go through that stage in life, and now that they're both moved out, they're like, ‘Oh my goodness, I can't live without that Stack Cooker’. So, it's cute. ‘Oh, I can't live without that cookware; I can't live without this’. And so, they really learned the quality and they appreciate what they have. Right. So, how many years total have you been with Tupperware? I took a couple of years’ break when my distributor had retired and we were building a house. - So, I did have to start over… - Wow! - …which only made me stronger. - Right. So, I would say probably 18 to 20 years, somewhere around there. So, as someone who's been in the business for 18 20 years, what would be your biggest piece of advice for somebody who's thinking about starting their journey with Tupperware? My biggest piece of advice would be to build your networking, go outside the box, you know, and reach out to everybody outside of your family and friends, and just eliminate that fear right away. I think fear is probably the most obstacle for everybody that comes into a business. Yeah, it's intimidating to approach people, even if they're close to you, and say, ‘Hey, I'm doing this new thing’, and hope that they get interested too. So, I mean, that’s a great starting point as to just cut that out. Yes. To get that fear released because they're scared and then not everybody knows. You know, there are so many prejudges, people out there prejudging things, so that's the scary thing. They're excited and they get them signed up, and then they walk in the door and somebody says one thing negative, you know, and then you're starting all over. So, to kind of just keep that spark in them, that motivation and that fear to eliminate, - I would say. - That’s good. I think that was the only big question. Is there anything you just want to share in general about your experience, or about - or even your time at the conference so far? Well, I think the conference is doing - It's exciting. I can't wait to hear more. - Yeah - I'm always about more. - I like to see things ahead of time. - Right. I'm very prompt. There is - it's fun to be able to see our friends from everywhere, and it's just a good experience all around. I miss the Director Conferences, I have to say that. That is one thing that I thought was always a really good perk for Directors. It was an extra drive of wanting to be a Director because they got to go to this Director seminar. So, it's sad to me that they had - you have to an org. leader to go, because I think at a Director stage in your business - I think a Manager and a Director stage - those are the two most important stages, personally. And, a Manager stage because they're still new, they’re still getting there. The percentages are lower, but yet they're still trying to build their business. So, something consistent to keep them engaged. Interesting. I know years ago they used to have like a 3-day hotel night stay or something, you know, something to keep them focused, like we have allowed Directors to do, I think would get them thinking a business mindset versus a hobby. Right. I think that's one of our struggles right now. I know for my team and I know for a lot of my friends is that level, but then also at a Director level, you know, it's exciting and it's new, and you get to see everything, and it's just a good step; it's a big step. And, the Directors Seminar was just so powerful because you got to learn from all those org. leaders and you just felt like, ‘Wow, I'm part of something bigger’. So, I really miss that, so I wish they would just - even if they wanted to keep the org. separate, just like a Director one would be so much fun. Well, you know we love to bring back throwbacks, so… I know. I thought I would throw that in there a little bit. No, no, actually we love feedback. - Yes, you do. - You know what I mean, everything you guys say is so important to us and we take everything very seriously into consideration. So, yeah. Thank you for that, and your honesty, and everything you’ve had to say. - Yes. - Alright, we can finish up, so you can go out there and have some fun if that's cool. That sounds great. Alright. Great. Thank you.

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2019 - Lucy THELEN

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