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The Leaders of Today

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global oneness project The Leaders of Today For me, what I talk to young people about now is I always ask them, "How many of you have been told you're the leaders of tomorrow?" They always raise their hands. Julia Butterfly Hill - Oakland, California - Environmentalist and Social Activist Every kid's been told, "You're the leader of tomorrow." "So you go to school, get good grades, you can go to college, get good grades," "so you can get a job and get good money so you can be a good consumer," "have a house, have a mortgage, and die." Woo, that's inspiring. [laughs] And so I tell them, I say, "I wish we lived in a simple world where you could be the leaders of tomorrow," "and that for today you could just play and experience life." "But we live in a world that is calling you to be the leaders of today." The leaders of today. I also feel that we need to be really mindful on the intergenerational connections as well because our elders need that youthful vitality to infuse in the world, and we need the wisdom and the roots that our elders have to offer us. We live in a society of attention deficit disorder and collective amnesia. That's our society. [laughs] And so our elder wisdom offers us the response to that amnesia and that attention deficit disorder. It roots us back into where we've come from and what lessons we can learn so that we can then co-create together between the generations. And I feel that's absolutely vital in helping restore our global community. - Footage courtesy of the Pachamama Alliance

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Posted by: global on Dec 15, 2009

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