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What's an atom?

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Hello friends. I am an atom Hola amigos. Son un átomo Yes, an atom. Can you see me? Si, un átomo, podedes verme? Oh yes I know you can see me on the screen. Oh si!. Xa sei que podedes verme na pantalla But I am just an imaginary picture of an atom. Pero yo sólo soy un dibujo imaginario de un átomo. Real atoms are too tinny. Los átomos reales son demasiado pequeños You can only see them under a very special microscope. Sólo podrías verlos con un microscopio muy especial. Actually this big microscope can be called a machine. En realidad este gran microscopio podría llamarse una máquina Now you know that we are so tiny that we can only be seen with machines. Very good if you know it. If you don't ask your parents But I also know the meaning of my name It means that which can't be cut that which is uncutable. Actually i's a Greek word which means it is indivisible which means it can't be divided further or can't be cut further Let me show you something Let me ask this man to cut the apple in his hand in half Now do it again Please do it again Keep doing it until you can't cut it any further Yes, this is the smallest part which you can't cut it any further but it can also be cut under a microscopic machine So, if you get a part so small that it can't be cut further it is called indivisable It can't be caut further, it is incutable, it is an atom. Let me tell you a secret. Everything is made up of atoms. You, this water, this table, this blackboard, this fan, these fruits, everything... everything is made up of atoms oh! You are right too. Everything is made of molecules but, all molecules are made of atoms, confused? Go to the blackboard and write any sentence Good!. Now this is a whole sentence Now circle all of the words in this sentence Now, let's take a word and circle all the letteres on "are" wuith some other colour Very good!. You see theis sentence is made up of words but words are made up of letters so, letters are the smallest units of a sentence Similarly everything is made up of molecules but molecules are made up of atoms so atoms are the smallest units or everything Look at this Seee, water is made of water molecules but water is made , of atoms. There are two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen in each water molecule. So when atoms join together they form a molecule and when molecules join together they form a thing So, now you understand. Good! So, now friends, now I will show my body Yes, I will show different parts of my body In the center of an atom there is the nucleus It's made of even smaller parts These are called protons and neutrons Each of these protons carries a positive electrical charge the neutrons are equally as heavy as protons but don't carry any electrical charge So, the nucleus of an atom is positively charged due to the protons Now, electrons are outside the nucleus they are orbiting around the nucleus. The electrons carry a negative charge The total negative charge of the electrons is equal to the positive charge of the nucleus so, in total an atom is neutral The positive charge of the protons is neutralized by the negative charge of the electrons So it is like plus one is meutralized bu minus 1 and overall charge of an atom becames zero The electrons are moving outside the nucleus at a very high speed Can they run away from the nucleus? No, they can't run away. Every atom has the same number of protons, electrons an neutrons so there is an attraction between equally strong negative and positive charges due to this attraction electrons can't run away as positively charged protons keep them pool towards that Hope this is all clear to all of you Otherwise you can always go back and see it again Now, let me explain how we atoms bond together to form a molecule. It's just like the letters getting together to form a word Electrons keep moving in shells outside the nucleus Each shell contains a fixed number of electrons The first shell can have two electrons and the second can have eight electrons the third can hold eigtheen and the forth can hold up to 32 electrons The electrons in the outermost shell of an atom are called valence electrons and the outermost shell is called the valence shell Atoms bond with other atoms to form a molecule with these valence electrons in the valence shell Remember one thing: atoms always keep trying to fill its shells Take for exemple an oxygen atom In its secon shell it can hold up to eight electrons but the oxygen atom only has 6 electrons in its second shell So it is always looking for more electrons to fill its shell Now, here is a hydrogen atom It only has one electron in its outer shell but it can hold two electrons in its shell so, it is also looking for more electrons so, the oxygen atom bonds with two hydrogen atoms to fill its valence shell by sharing one electron from each hydrogen atom In this way the hydrogen atom requirement is also fulfilled as they can also fill their shells to their capacity of two electrons in their valence shells by combining together they become water molecules. So friends, now you understand us. I am a part of you, so learn as well by watching this video again and again.

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