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Dude vs Wild

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. Right now, we're in the desert. This is no place for fun and games. You do not wanna get lost out here. "But every year stupid tourists get lost out here every week." Cough, cough. Got a little rough on the dismount. But we're good. Let's go. Come on. "It's been nearly three minutes and I'm completely starving." "I need to eat fast, or my tummy is gonna hurt." Stop, stop. Do you see that? It's over there. "I have to be really careful. These are one of the most dangerous creatures of the desert," "the hippopotamus." I don't think he saw me yet, so we're still good. "But I was wrong." Alright, I'm gonna sneak up from his rear and grab him. That's how I'll take him. "This is incredibly dangerous. So don't ever try this at home." "Do it somewhere else." That was a bit risky, but it's gonna be worth it. You can pretty much find these canned vegetables pretty much anywhere you go. Especially in the deserts. You just gotta know where to look. That is just... that is just awful! This is just awful! "It was awful." Luckily, there's a technique that I heard about from my mother's father's grandson where you just take a big whiff. That is much, much better. "The ancient Natives used this technique to absorb half the vitamins and minerals," "because half the taste is in the smell." Alright, we really need to get moving. We have a lot of ground to cover. "I have to get moving now before the sun goes down." "Because I'm afraid of ghosts." "And that's about enough for today. I need to find some shelter." I think it's about time to find some shelter, because I don't know what time it's gonna get dark here. But luckily, I usually have a watch, but, uh... Luckily I have my cellphone, so I can use it like a sundial. And it's about... It's about 10:30 PM right now, so I really need to get started. "The ancient Natives used this technique with their cellphones, but it's not always completely accurate." "I was off by about six hours." "I have to work hastefully because the sun is going down," "and I need something to protect me from all the predators..." "And aliens." So I've been working about five hours now. And I think I got enough shelter to last me the night. Right here. "But it's no time for rest. I have to get moving." "This terrain is incredibly disorientating, but luckily I can navigate using the stars." "So if you can find a star, all you have to do is follow it and it will always," "always lead you home..." "50% of the time." "Unfortunately for me, this was not one of those times." "I'm completely lost." .

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Posted by: halfleaf on Jun 12, 2010

Dude vs Wild

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