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20170101 Glitches

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The word glitch is an important word for us as Uber partners. Glitch means that there was a technical problem, and it wasn’t necessarily anyone’s fault. Maybe the rider made a mistake when they entered their pickup point. Or maybe the cell towers around them were confused by tall buildings, and it’s not the rider’s fault at all. What’s most important is how you handle glitches, when they happen. Try to stay calm and figure out a solution with your rider. You might even tell them: I’m so sorry. There was a glitch in the system. And then explain, how you’ll fix the problem. What happens when the glitch affects the pickup point a partner app gives you? You won’t know until you’re at the address and you’re waiting for the rider. If you can park right outside that address, do so. After waiting a minute or two, depending on if it’s an UberPool or not, I would like you to text your rider. What do you say in that text message? If you say: I’m outside, but it’s a wrong address situation, your rider might say: you’re not outside. I’m outside. Instead, the text message needs to be specific. Say something like: hi, it’s your Uber driver. I’m outside of 123 Main Street. I’m ready whenever you are. Depending on your phone, you can save this message as a quick text, which is really useful. That way you don’t have to worry about typing it out every time. You just need to fill in the address. When you text the rider the exact information, they can correct the address by telling you: that’s the wrong address. I’m on First Avenue. Now, it’s easy to fix the problem. You can say: I’m sorry. There’s a glitch. I’ll be right there. Most of the time, the real pickup location is very close – across the street or around the corner or maybe just a couple of minutes away. But what if the address is really wrong? It’s ten minutes away and it’s rush hour on top of that. Then you can offer to cancel and let Uber know why by using the option ‘Wrong address shown’. If it’s not possible to safely park and wait for your rider, then you can call them and let them know. Try to give them an option of where to find you. You might say: hi, it’s your Uber driver. I can’t park at your address. Can you meet me around the corner?

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20170101 Glitches

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