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M2016 Ola H264

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[Ola] When I wear my uniform, I am the same person, Ola Szuba, who lives in Kraków, studies art history, has a sister, has a family, but I also see that people react differently to this uniform. They pretend not to look, but they still look, but it also builds a sort of confidence. If someone doesn't know something, is lost, they are not afraid to turn to a scout, to ask for help. This responsibility falls on scouts, because we are visible. But upon taking off my uniform, I do not forget who I am, what ideals I adhere to. Wearing a uniform does not make me a superhero, it is just an indicator for others, to make me more visible. I have been a scout for six years now and since September I have been establishing new scouting centers. That takes up most of my free time. I travel around Poland a lot, I meet many people in different regions who have never been scouts, but want to become one, or who have kids who want to join the scouts. Close to God and in the spirit of love for her Fatherland, in the spirit of self-development and independence. At the age of eight, she joined the Cub Scouts. Together - like wolf cubs - with the help of "The Jungle Book," the girls created the Cub Scouts, with Akela at the head. This is an old wolf. There are also other characters from "The Jungle Book." Baloo the bear, who teaches the rules of the troop, there is also Kaa the snake, there is Bagheera the panther. And these cubs together learn to abandon childhood selfishness, because at this age kids have this tendency of "this is mine and I will not share," and at meetings, kids often take second helpings and Akela makes them share. At first there is resistence, not everyone wants to share, because "this is my cookie and sandwich," but later the girls discover that if they get an awesome cookie then they can boast about what their mom made, or what she made. During the meetings, the cubs play together, get to know jungle life, cooperation, and this prepares them for scout life. They learn basic scouting techniques, but the true scouting adventure awaits them later. Of course, if someone wasn't a cub, they can still be a scout, someone who wasn't a scout can be a guide, Everyone drew something from every stage of their life from different places, groups, so they can share this. In reality, scouting isn't difficult, so everyone can join and share their skills and talents. Scouts of Europe - the name we usually go by, is a Catholic scouts, in other words religious development is tightly intertwined in our formation, in our development. Beyond this, as the name itself indicates - Scouts of Europe, we are not only in Poland, we group together Catholic scouts from other European countries. From France, Italy, Spain, Lithuania... and during different events there is a chance for us all to meet together and together we can share our culture, our religion, our faith. To me, as a scout, God is very important, He comes first. If He comes first, then everything else falls into place. The campfire is very important to scouts. During the day, for breakfast, for lunch and dinner, when they light the campfire, they can drink warm tea, prepare a warm meal, and in the evening the campfire is a place of community, where the whole group gathers. There are also campfires before pledges. There, girls reflect on the points of the Scout Law. This is a very important campfire for girls who are taking the Scout Oath, in which they commit themselves to serve others, the Church, and their country. You can see that these little school girls - those nine years and older this drew them in, spending time together. To leave behind home, everyday life, which is full of the pursuit of school, to earn good grades, to leave difficult situations They can come here with a troop, cook a meal together play, have a good time, without computers or phones or TV. So this shows that despite the fact that the media are everywhere, the young spirit of the young person is in search of something rest, respite, the company of another person. World Youth Day is this year, so the Scouts of Europe will also come to Kraków and together we will camp out in our scouting village It will be an opportunity to not only serve during World Youth Day, but also to establish an international brotherhood among all of us I will be at World Youth Day in Kraków because I want to serve others and I want to meet other scouts from Europe and experience this time together with them.

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M2016 Ola H264

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