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Nosotros los Nobles

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Hey pal, have you seen this? What is it? My kid's bank statements. Miami, here we go! We're going to Miami? WE'RE going to Miami. You're going to Tuxtla, bro. Miss Lucia! I can't stop thinking about you. Holy shit! What's that thing you're bringing into my house? The table? I'm not feeding people in that beer stand you call a table. Those kids need some tough love. Herman? Take me to the hospital Irma! What happened? He had a mild heart attack, but we dissolve the blood clot with nitroglycerin. -Isn't that used for bombs? I saw it on Fight Club. -What? Javier, we’re trying to know what happened to dad and you’re asking about a movie where a bunch of retarded guys fight each other? It's so much deeper than that. Besides, Brad Pitt looked super hot in it. You were right. I have an idea and I need your help. Bro, what's with the invasion? Can you tell me why everything is being taken from us as if we were in Venezuela? We've been charged with fraud! Jesus Christ. What if we turn ourselves in? I think you’re gonna have to do something you’ve never done before. Work. Like, I'm SO not going out there dressed like a slut. That didn't seem to bother you before. Can I get your fare, please? Having connections got you the job, but being a jackass will get you fired. Please don’t fire me, I really need this job. And what do I get in return? Prepare yourself... for a golden lesson. It's six o'clock! When the sparkle dies out... the rust comes out. Ah! Son of a bitch! Push it harder! From the producer of Efectos Secundarios and No Eres Tú, Soy Yo I can't keep eating like this, dad. I need protein. Nosotros Los Nobles (We Are the Nobles) A film by Gaz Alazraki Coming Soon #SufferingLikeANoble

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Duration: 2 minutes and 10 seconds
Country: Mexico
Language: English
Genre: Trailer
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Posted by: melissavizcarra on Sep 28, 2014

Comedy movie trailer

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