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Secure Admin Sales Play SID

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The MFA to secure administrators in privileged account sales-play allows organizations to protect their most critical access points with multi-factor authentication. This sales-play targets all security-sensitive organizations who have an administrator and privileged access. We are focusing on organizations utilizing CyberArk for privileged account security, along with organizations' securing critical administration portals, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. Privileged accounts post a huge security threat. Critical infrastructures in privileged access are prized targets by hackers. These accounts are the most powerful accounts on network and provide unparalleled access to critical assets and data. Privileged accounts also have the least accountability of usage and in some cases, there are more privileged accounts than employees. To control the misuse and abuse of privileged credentials, many organizations are adopting Privileged Access Management or PAM Solution and CyberArk happens to be the market leader. But PAM Solution access is still primarily protected with only username and password. Organizations need to layer in additional security controls to ensure that their most important access is secured. While this seems like a pretty straightforward scenario, many organizations failed to protect their critical access points with multi-factor authentication. Customers still use a static password for protecting access to the CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault. Promoting the RSA SecureID access integration capability alongside CyberArk provides a very compelling use case for our current customers. Organizations currently using our traditional RSA SecureID may benefit from implementing our mobile MFA capabilities to make it easier to manage the privileged access solution. Using the mobile push authentication method can speed the time to access and make life easier for administrators. CyberArk essentially stores all privilege credentials in one place, the Vault. So, organizations must have a very high-level of confidence that the user accessing the Vault are who they claimed to be. With the RSA SecureID-CyberArk integration, joint customers can leverage RSA SecureID accesses broad-range of multi-factor authentication methods. Including mobile push and bio-metrics, hardware and software tokens, and machine-learning behavior analytics to provide privileged users with the ease of use they need while maintaining the highest levels of identity assurance that organizations require. Three key discovery areas with prospects are One. Start by asking RSA SecureID access customers whether or not they're using a PAM Solution like CyberArk or some other provider. If they are, we should further inquire whether or not they're using RSA SecureID Access multi-factor authentication for access to the Vault or some other form of two-factor authentication. Let customers know that RSA is actively working more closely with CyberArk and that we continue to explore further integration points with them. Two. If the customer is using RSA SecureID token for admin access to CyberArk, explore if their user experience could benefit from a mobile MFA option for these users. Three. If customers are not using CyberArk or a PAM, we should inquire about how they currently managed privileged access, how do they protect critical infrastructures like AWS, Microsoft Azure, firewall-admin consoles, on-premise applications and others. There may be opportunities to expand RSA SecureID access further as you understand the infrastructure in the organization. Another area to explore is how the organization is governing the privileged access. There may be expansion opportunities with RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle especially with CyberArk if they already fully enabled with RSA SecureID access. Compromised credentials can have real consequences for organizations, especially for privileged accounts. Organizations who leverage RSA SecureID MFA capabilities are better equipped to protect their most critical access.

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Secure Admin Sales Play SID

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