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The Mayan Predictions

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The Owners of the Time The Seven Mayan Prophecies First Part Welcome. The Mayan left us, the habitants of the current planet earth written message in stones. These messages contain seven predictions, Those of warning and those of hope The warning prophecies on which it goes to happen in these times that we lived. The message of hope speaks us of the changes that we must make in ourselves in order to drive the humanity to a new era The woman era, the mother era, the sensibility era. In order to understand and accept the "Maya Prophecy". We will talk about the Mayan history in this Program. In one way another we all feel that we are beginning to live in the times of the apocalypse We feel wars around the world Wars for oil Wars in the name of peace Everyday more volcanic eruptions appear around the world. The Technology pollution generated by man has become alarming. We have debilitated the ozone layer that protect us from the radiation of the sun. We have contaminated the planet with our industrial exhausted and trash. The devastation of natural resources is ending with the water sources, with the air that we breath. The Climate has changed and the temperatures have increased immensely. The glaciers and snow-capped mountains are melting. Big floods continuously happen in the whole world. Enormous tornadoes endangered Florida and gigantic hurricanes devastated Centre-America. Information Technology threatens chaos. The poverty generated by the effects of economical chaos is felt in almost all the countries of the world We look for answers and a effective solution for the times in which we live. We recognize the problems that we face everyday and we are not living in harmony. Many religions have predicted what is happening now. The bible announced that all these facts will happen at the same time. It will be coming the times of the apocalypse The Mayas knew exactly how would going to happen. That's why they left messages written in stones so that we individually help to take humanity to a new age in which there will be neither chaos nor destruction They left to us seven predictions in which they speak about these visions of future of our present. They are based on the conclusion of their scientific and religious studies on the functioning of the universe. The First prophecy speaks about the end of the fearful.

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The Mayan left to us a written message in stones. A message that contains seven predictions a part of alert and a part of hope

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