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HOM 24 - 7 Days of creation

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: HOM 24 - The 7 Days of Creation (Jack) This is Jack again, on intercourse now this intercourse scenario is 'also' another history of its own which I will have to cover- and how that came about because in terms of the interdimnesionality, did not happen like that you know like people have babies here no, conception didn't work like that it was a different story thought Enlil play with the ideas En- Enki became jealous, so Enki went on his own play and for him he said: no, he is the one that will find the great gene so it end up was Enki and Enlil trying to find the perfect match of 'gene' but then, it was known that dimensional beings have a specific gene essence in it, which exist within and as them which gives them their form gives them their expression etc. etc. and Anu said he wanted perfect people he wanted beautiful shape - perfect people so that when he comes back he wants- the perfect feminine expression coming through perfect, specific, he doesn't "not" want anything else but that Again, Marduk became frustrated he said: How can you do that? how can you judge your own creation no matter what it looks like no matter- what it expresses and, Marduk made these comments a lot but Anu, and Enki and Enlil just kind of brush him off then it wasn't something to- it was basically these human physical forms 'vessels' were systems it was that placed the Atlanteans in that's it they don't have any "value" for these things please but for Marduk it began to that because- he started working with them closely and so he started making these comments and who found the gene eventually? Enki found the genes the race with the perfect genes of the feminine expression with the male coming together, forming- the perfect human physical form which is done through intercourse and why that they require specific gene as specific genetic code? was to (laugh) at the time, literally all the ape-man looked exactly the same the woman exact- the feminine expressions exactly the same so they were actually duplicate on themselves and they started off fighting amongst each other because they look exactly the same, they were seeing themselves imagine you're born into a world, you're seeing everything for the first time and, you see that everyone is exactly the same and that is like 'really messed up' so they started fighting amongst each other and then these ape-man woman started killing themselves- each other like- they went crazy so their first project failed, and the dim- the Atlanteans were in the ape-man as well as some Anu's race they 'died' or systems died and they went into this dimensional- layer which is completed by then, they were very grateful to that thank god because Marduk couldn't stop them- killing each other they were really brutal, they were- primitive, it was really a failure from that perspective but in terms of a- a effective result that integration worked, the crossover worked and they don't remember anything so they were that's when the Atlanteans were the first one to inhabit the dimensional existence that they just floated, they didn't know anything of anything and yeh Marduk was not satisfied, Anu wasn't satisfied, Serpents everyone so what they did was, they said: Right let's bomb this project completely so that time there were only the dinosaurs left and they said: Ok, let's keep them there for a moment, let's let's get everyone here first so, that's what they set out to do so of course they waited for awhile, first they were- while they were waiting because they had to wait for the the- the planets to manifest according to the gravity to the core where all the planets were placed in and they did speed it up the process so it happen quite fast and they work on the physical human form, as it exists right now that's now Enki Enlil, Anu Marduk the programming it's just perfect, it was really perfect that's where the story of the seven days of creation comes in who were actually involved were the Annunaki, Sirians the Serpents and the Livuitiuukus because they re-design everything again, they have to the di- the animals were too big naturally, for these small- creatures called human beings to capture eat properly and they were too primitive in the nature to do what was necessary to be done here so the Martians, the Sirians and the Serpents set out to all the planets and when the time was ready when now, this was done in terms of take over all of existence happen when the human form was developed nice perfect which they tested as well, they had a testing period now this planet earth in its totality was hidden through a- sound vacuum again therefore no existence were allowed to 'enter' so no one knew, what was actually going on and what was actually being done there because you know it was easy and simple to be done then in terms of the Atlanteans there were excuses made saying they were in the process of developing creation and there were a surprise for the rest of creation you know, and things like that and no one suspected anything bad no one expected anything huge because you know no one ever 'did that' no one even though it would be possible because it didn't exist in their world, it didn't exit in their planet in their city they just though everything is calm everything is fine you know we are enjoying ourselves on our planet in our city, in our existence in our galaxy and that's it so when- and of course the animals now the animals is also the animals are the only manifestations on earth that went through the how should I call it, the evolution process you know where the animals kind of involve- evolve into the shape they are now from their certain original shape so they were busy planning the evolution of the animal kingdom, nature the animal kingdom of course through the, Serpents the human beings evolution through the Sirians and the nature's evolution, through the Livuitiuukus were all involved and, when they were find- when they found they were complete their- their layout was complete oh first! deaths Enki and Marduk work together in terms of the Life-span of these beings so I'll continue in the 'Life-span' in my next interview thanks Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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