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Rigged Markets Part 2 (Spanish Subt)

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Gente y Poder Hello and welcome back. Max Kaiser believes that freemarkets are not in fact free or fair, but rigged and the hedge of mutual funds are manipulated to benefit the rich and people who run them. In fact, even goverments have a finger in the freemarket pie. So, the victims of short selling are small companies, penny stock investors... ...the bold workers of capital as we know it. But the scams don't stop there. There is another equally pernicious scam by funds and banks and brokers colluding together, which involves the hollowed mutual fund industry, the bedrock of the small investor, it's called late trading. They are random victims, much like the victims of a sniper, they never knew what hit them. For example, the millions of mutual fund investors had no clue that billions of dollars were being siphoned from their investment accounts each year by hundreds of hedge funds, as it happened in the recent mutual fund scandal. Late trading occurs where a hedge fund puts in a trade after the funds 4pm cutoff, but gets the pre-4pm price. Some have likened it to betting on a horse race after it has been run. Now I have just seen that horse win, so, I'm going to late trade, like a head fund manager, on a horse that I just saw win. In fact, I'm not going to take any risk, unlike so many others so called investors. Of course, if this race track has any regulation or oversight, they won't let me get away with market storing, price fixing, late trading. Yes, I'd like to play some bet on the race that just run. I'm sorry but the race is over. Exactly! This horse thing is...I'm starting to catch on. It's not just heads funds and bankers that you need to worry about, though, CEOs have also been on the game of breaking market and defrauding...

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Posted by: uea978 on Jul 22, 2009

Rigged Markets Part 2 (Spanish Subt)

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