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Infusionsoft Copywriting Video

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Hey there. This is Elliott from Thanks for checking out the video. One of the things we heard a lot from Infusionsoft users at the InfusionCon conference in 2009 and have since seen echoed on the Infusionsoft Forum a lot is this kind of broad acknowledgment of the importance of copy writing in marketing. And not just copy writing for individual follow up sequences but for other marketing materials like websites, educational materials, information products, landing pages, success and double opt-in pages and, of course, advertising. We view copywriting as kind of like the front door to your marketing store. If you're prospects don't find your copy enticing, interesting or inviting then the chances are that not too many of them are going to come inside and see what you're all about. So, the fact that Infusionsoft has made so many people aware of the importance of copy writing is encouraging to us because let's face it, there's a lot of pretty bad copy out there. So, the more people working on it to improve the better. With that said, we also realize that many Infusionsoft users simply don't have the time to write their own marketing copy or that others have spent far too much time writing their copy and they're not happy with what they've produced. One of the things we do at is try and help people like that out. To do that we specialize in writing marketing copy for Infusionsoft users for any customer facing marketing material. So if you're ready to re-evaluate you're marketing strategy in light of this new found importance of copy or, if you have a few follow up campaigns you need written we can help. Just click on the Let's Talk tab on the menu on the left hand side and drop us a line. and we'll go from there. Thanks for watching.

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Posted by: bigel13 on Apr 9, 2009

This video explains the copy writing service for Infusionsoft users from

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