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Hello! What is your name? Marty How old are you Marty? Eight. You are eight years old. Yes. Who is your best friend at school? Stefan... Stefan? Hmm... How old is Stefan? Nine. Which school do you go to? To... the French school. To the French school. So you speak French? Yes Can you say some French to me? I can speak a little bit of French. Lets try! Bonjour! Cava? Oui! Comment tu t'appelles? Martin. Où habite tu? J`habite dans Lozenets. Oo-oh so we are neighbours! We live very close to each other. Yes. OK. So... Tell me about your family? What does your mom do? ..and your dad do? Do you know? My dad.. does the... The video on television. Your dad works in television? Yes. Ooo he uses the cameras, maybe? Yes Super! Which one? Do you know? Nova, BNT, TV7? Do you know? The '' reklama'' ( the commercials) He makes adverts! Yes. Super! And your mom? What does your mom do? Aaa... He.. She! She does things on computer. She works on the computer. OK. Do you have a brother or a sister? A little sister. A little sister! What is her name? Mila. Mila? Yes. How old is she? Four. What is her favourite colour? Do you know? I don`t... Do you have a favourite colour? Mmm... No. No! No favourite colour for you. Favourite food? Mmm... apple. Apples! Favourite drink? Aa♫♪♫a... Milk..? - Some water. ...and juice. and apple.. And apple juice! Yes! Can you dance? Yes! Oo-oh.. What kind of dancing can you do? You can do different styles of dancing. Can you show me? Can you show me some dancing? Maybe next time! Next time you will show me some dancing, alright? OK, because you are a bit shy right now. OK, can you sing? No... No, no singing. A little bit. In French! Really? You can sing in French? Maybe then... next time you can show me some...

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Posted by: mayayordanova on Mar 8, 2017

Les Marty

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