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Valerie Plame Wilson: CIA Training

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Valerie Plame Wilson: CIA Training / 번역 : 김 세 원 제게 흔히 하는 질문이 왜 CIA 요원이 되었는가 하는 것이었어요 겉 보기에는 그런 일을 하며 머리를 쓸 것 같지 않은 괜찮은 금발 같다면서 말이죠 어떻게 CIA에 몸담을 생각을 했냐고 묻곤해요 그럴 때 제 답변은 사실 첩보활동이나 뭐 그런 분위기에 자란 때문은 아니고 그러나 자라난 배경이 공공업무를 해온 집안이라 영향을 받았고 제 부친은 퇴역 공군장교로 2차 대전에 참가하셔서 남태평양에서 근무하셨고 오빠는 월남전 참전 상이용사입니다. 그런 관계로 어느 정도 영향을 받아 조국에 봉사해야한다는 생각은 있었어요 그러다 CIA에 들어갈 기회가 왔을 때 맘에 들었던게 조국을 위해 일할 수 있다는 생각이 들었고 그런 점에서 흥미를 가졌고 정말 그랬죠 At once I did ups training because I was destined to be operational officer This is where they teach you the core nuts-and-bolts how the spy and this is called a trade craft, how do you do that and they did it, they formatted they did in, I thought was quite clever. There was an imaginary country which I'll call Arcadia and you were posted to this imaginary country and you were working under a official government cover and within that world, you're exppected to go out making, make your contacts, make you reports, recruit people and so forth that trying to make it as realistic as possible. There was in fact at least at three inch binder on all the sort of back story of Arcadia So if you wanted to know where with the possible cou plotters of what was GNP what with the economic indicators, it was all there. I mean, it was extremely thorough , so you were living in this parellel universe. And whithin that, you were being taught how to do cladestine photography, how to write intelligence reports, but what was paramount as you can imagine is the safety of your asset, the person that you're meeting. because of course, in certain countries in the world, if they were known to be associated with any sort of U.S government person, that might mean death. Um, so of course, I have once seen those movies where you know there's a chalk mark on the brick wall or there's a you know the rock with that message in it. but actually that's what we've learned to do because sometimes those are the only methods with which you can communicate. and it was uh, it was a little bit like that TV series, "Survivor" where someone gets voted off the island every week. Because the instructors. this is a different set than the ones with the para military but uh, they were looking you were under a microscope every moment. Brian SW Kim

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