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Spy Kids: All The Time In The World (2011)

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(girl) Last piece of bacon. (both) Mine! (both) Your's. (older girl) Is the baby throwing food again? (narrator) The Wilsons are like every modern family. (both) Dad! (girl) Do you have time to eat breakfast with us? (Dad) Sorry, kids. I've got to get to work. Feed the dog. He doesn't really eat. Here Argonaut. (narrator) ...with every day problems. (girl) Worst step mom ever. (step mom) Do you have a sec? (narrator) But what was supposed to be a special gift... (stepmom) My mother said, it would always protect me, even in my darkest hour. (girl) You're really giving this to me? (narrator)...holds the key to a madman's evil plan. (madman) With the sapphire, we can stop time, and the world will end. (narrator) ...and will uncover ... (girl) Who the heck are these guys? (speaker) Enter the panic room now. (narrator)...their step mother's secret identity. Hello children. I am a spy. This is a prank. (Argonaut) This is not a prank. The dog is talking. (Argonaut) Hi five. (boy) Sentry mode - attack mode? (girl) I think you better keep it in sentry mode. Good thinkin'. (narrator) Now.... ...the greatest spies of our time... (step mom) We need the Chronos Sapphire - which he now has in his possession. (narrator) ...need their help .... Attention spy kids - get the necklace back. (narrator) save the world. (girl) First person to get the bad guy - wins. Game on. (Dad) You're a spy. Yeah. [beep] That's actually pretty cool. I love my work. [car revving] (narrator) When time stops... Fire up your gadgets. (boy) They're not activating. (narrator) ...the adventure begins (boy) Hammer time. (boy) What are you going to do? (girl) What I do best. Enjoy the ride! (narrator) The smaller the spy... (girl) You are the best spy mom ever. (narrator)...the bigger the hero. I'm gonna hurl! Here you go. Good job, Cecil. (girl) Argonaut - do something! Attack mode! (Argonaut) Activated. I love doing that. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Aug 4, 2011

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