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Huyền Lê - My Khanh, Vietnam (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~07:00:00 - 07:29:59

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Add it in the pot when it's simmering. 65 right? Then the bottle of drinking water. Do you want any vegetables? Ok then. Anything else? Do you want any vegetables? How much is the fish? Buy what you want. Which vegetables do you want? How about water mimosa? So water mimosa, or what? Which vegetable? Or chives? What do you want to eat? Get what you want. Ok? How much is that bundle of water mimosas? This bundle costs five thousand. Well, I’ll take it. And a bottle of water. Pass me a bottle of water. Let me get the money. Do you have chili pepper? Yes. To cook with eggplant or pineapple? No, to cook with this meat. For meat stew, right? Yes. Do you have ice yet? Have you got ice yet? Yes. I was afraid you would… I worried you'd run out of ice, and we'd had nothing to drink. First come, first served. We already met you, over there. But we were afraid of running out of ice. Ok. So, how much? - Only fish and water mimosa, right? - Yes, and a bottle of water. That’s all. Already have pork. Just add fish. - Tuna stewed with meat is delicious. - Yes, agree. The longer you stew, the better it is. Because I already have a pot of stewed meat. 91 thousand. How much, please? 91 thousand. - Make it 90 thousand even. - Ok. It's 90 thousand. Including the water bottle? How much is the fish? 65, right? 65, 70. The water bottle costs 20. That's why it's so expensive. That’s the way they do business here. Have I got back the water bottle? Hey Nhiễu. Have you given her the empty bottle? Yeah I did. Just a moment ago. Here. Take it inside. I don’t know if I got it back. Yes, you did. It’s over there. Ok. Done? Have you got change? Yes. A bottle of water costs 20 thousand. I can only make one trip with this size. I have to take advantage of it. Get the water. Clean the vegetables, right? Nhiễu, take the bucket to get water. Pass me the bucket to get water. Where is it? Up there. Is boat 47 going out? Should I make the table for lunch now? Where will we have lunch? Down here or where? Wait a moment. Where? Where is boat 79? I don’t see any boat. [Inaudible - radio noise] Oh. Where is 47? Which one? The red one. Yeah. The sand is fine here. I’m listening. Have lunch now? Where do we eat now? [Inaudible - engine sound] What? Have you opened it yet? Yes. Why don’t you take off the seal? [Inaudible - engine sound] What? Is it big? Are we stopping at the station to fill up with fuel? How long's our fuel gonna last? Very little left. Come have lunch, Nhiễu. Boat 47 is that one. Will we have lunch down here or there? It’s too windy there. [Inaudible - radio sounds] Have lunch. [Inaudible - Loud ambient noise] Whose operator is that? Mr. Hieu’s? It's his? It's his, Huyền? What? What did you say? Put chili pepper in here. [Inaudible - Loud engine sound] You already put it in? Yes. Is it spicy? It’s not salty. Add water to make it better. Chili pepper is spicy when crushed. Ok. It’s very spicy. Taste it yourself, it’s very spicy. That boat broke down this morning. That boat didn’t start. Operators will be unavailable tomorrow; you see?! What? Operators will be unavailable tomorrow. If so, then we’ll get Mr. Năm’s. Mr. Năm's boat. Mr. Năm is so weird. We can get Mr. Tám’s; if the tide is high, it’s not so bad. It’s an entire barge of sand.

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Duration: 30 minutes
Country: Andorra
Language: Vietnamese
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Posted by: globallives on Feb 1, 2016

Huyền buys produce and water from the boat that pulls up next to their barge. Off the platform, she cleans the vegetables. Inside, she cooks, and the three sit down to begin eating lunch.

Lê Huyền is a young woman who lives and works on her family's sand barge on the Mekong River Delta near Mỹ Khánh village,Vietnam. This film is part of the Global Lives Project, documenting 24-hours in the lives of people around the world.

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