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[7x7 Experience: What I Can't Do For My Rider] ♪ music playing ♪ ♪ music playing ♪ >> On the other hand, there may be occasions when you have to tell the rider you can't do something. Sometimes the rider asks, "There are five of us, can we all fit?" If you're driving a car that only fits four passengers, it's not safe or legal to take all five. Instead of taking too many people, I might say, "I can take half of you, and the other half could order another Uber, or we could cancel, and you can get a bigger car." If you're familiar with the Uber rider app, you can even show them how to cancel on their phone. You can also use the cancel option "Too many riders" on the Uber partner app. Typically, it's when riders have been drinking that they try to put too many people in your car, and they may not ask first. There are two things to keep in mind. The first is to check your car before starting every trip. If you look around and you see there are five passengers in your Prius, you want to take your hand off the phone and tell them their options. The second thing is to stay calm and be patient. Your rider may try to convince you to do something that is unsafe or illegal, maybe because another driver was okay with it. Be sympathetic and willing to repeat yourself without getting upset, "I'm so sorry, I wish I could, but it's just not safe to take too many passengers." I've had to repeat myself several times. But I'd rather repeat myself for free, than run the risk of getting into an accident with too many passengers. If your car does fit more than four passengers, just remember you should never take more people than seat belts. [What I Can't Do For My Rider Review] [Stay calm and be patient.] [Never take more people than seat belts.] ♪ music playing ♪

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