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decalogo del periodista

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Hello … I am Yomary Rincón student of Social Communication And in this occasion I want to speak to them on the decalogue of the journalist Tomás Eloy Martínez supports that in Bogota, before the meeting On New Journalism in Monterrey, Mexico, He thought not about the means but about the journalist As issuer of information and, especially, As conscience of his community. The great writer elaborated the following decalogue. 1. Le patrimoine unique du journaliste est son bon nom. Chaque fois qu'un article insuffisant est signé une dépêche de ce patrimoine perd 2. Il faut défendre devant les éditeurs le temps que celui chaque qui a besoin To write a good text and the space that he needs inside the publication 3. A photo that serves as illustration and it does not add any information It does not belong to the journalism 4. It is necessary to be employed at equipment. A draft is a laboratory In that they all must share his findings and his failures 5. It is not necessary to write an alone word of which one is not sure, To give an alone information of which full certainty is not had. 6. It is necessary to work with the files always to hand, Checking every information, and establishing with clarity The sense of every word that one writes 7. It is necessary to avoid the risk of serving as vehicle Of the interests of public or private groups 8. It is necessary to use always a clear, concise and transparent language. In general what is said in 10 words Always it is possible to say in nine, or in seven 9. To find the axis and the head of a news is not an easy task It it is not also to narrate a news. It is never necessary to put to narrate if one is not sure of that It is possible to do with clarity, efficiency, and thinking In the interest of the reader more that in the own splendor 10. To remember providing that the journalism is, First of all, an act of service. It is to put in the place of other one, to understand the different thing And, sometimes, to be different. Decalogue published in The holders of tomorrow And the decalogue of the journalist of Tomás Eloy Martínez, In the edition of the Diary The America, of September 18, 2005.

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