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How To Make Portable Applications

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I hate computers. They are so possessive. They expect you to drop your family, your friends just to stay close by it's side so it can liquify your brain into slurm. So sometimes you may need to get out of the house. Sometimes you may not have a choice. You may be on a business trip or something where you're forced to use a computer that is not your own. The only problem is, all of your stuff is on your computer. There's many different ways of taking your stuff with you, but in this video, I'm going to focus on the portable way. I'm going to show you different ways of creating your own portable applications or downloading existing applications and putting them on a thumb drive or an ipod or some type of portable storage device so you can use them on any other computer that is not your own. ♫(computer plays dramatic music)♫ Alright...that's quite unnecessary... The first thing you want to do is open up a web browser and go to and this will take you to a forum entry for a portable app creator to download. If you scroll halfway down the page, you'll see a link for rapidshare or mediafire to download it. I am going to download mine from rapidshare but you can choose either one. Just download it to your computer and whatever directory you save it to, go ahead and put the applications that you want to portabalize in that directory as well. Then extract the "portable app creator" and double click on the folder and you will see a "PAC Compiler" link. Just double click on that to install it real quick. Then it will give you a link for "Portable App Creator". Now it is going to have you select the drive letter your portable device is at. Mine is on drive F. When you click "Next" it will have you select the program that you want to portabalize. I am going to do "Mario Forever". Then click next and it will take a snap shot. Click "Next" again and it will run through the installation process for the application. It tells you to make sure to install it to your portable device. So I am going to put mine on drive F and you can put yours on wherever your portable device is at. Whenever it is through installing, if it asks you to run it, make sure you check no and then just finish out of the installation. Now it is going to have you select the application and a shortcut. You do not really have to do that. Then it is going to automatically run the program for you. You want to run it just to make sure everything works. Because if it doesn't work on your computer, it won't work on your flash drive. Once you have done that, close out of it and click "Next" and it will take another snap shot. Click "next" and it is going to process the shots and finish out the application. Now you want to test to make sure everything worked. Just go to your portable device and go to the program you just installed on it. I am going to go to "Mario Forever" and sure enough, it works. Keep in mind that this will not work for every application. If it is a really advanced application, it probably will not work. To fix that, you probably want to do a Google search for "portable apps" to see if anyone else has created the application that you are wanting to put on there. This is "", which is a really good resource. The next link on Google was "" and they have 100 links for PC and MAC portable applications. Wikipedia itself has a lot of good links to portable applications as well. Another good application to put on your flash drive is called "". This is just a menu for your portable device that shows up in the lower right hand corner of your screen. If you want to, you can download it and double click on it and install it to your portable device. Mine, again, is on drive F, so I am going to select that to extract it to. Once it is through extracting, pull out your portable device and plug it back in, and you will see this option to run the menu and this is what the menu looks like. To add stuff to the menu, click on "options" and go to "advanced options" and go to "shortcuts". To add a shortcut, you want to put "&HOSTDRIVE$" This will ensure that no matter what computer it is on and drive letter it is assigned that it will open up the application. I am going to try "NVU", real quick. The path is "F:\NVU" so here it is going to be $HOSTDRIVE$:\NVU and then \NVU.exe. Here is a link to the "Mario Forever" application I created. Then just click "OK" and there are the two links and you can just click on them to start them up. If you have any extra links that I did not mention here, feel free to post those in the comments. For more go to

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Posted by: tinkernut on Feb 10, 2009

This video shows you how to make portable applications from (some) regular applications using free software.

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