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Alright Welcome to Mr. Glenn, 2017 My name is Dave Shannahan, and... I am the athletic director and varsity football coach here at John Glenn High School. And before I start rambling on and on, I just wanna talk a little bit about the football team. Uh, you know, we had a great senior group. Uh, you know, the year did not go as what we planned, we hoped to go farther. 7 and 3 is alright, but hopefully next year we got a great group of guys coming up, in the section over here that I'm looking at. We look forward to, you know, maybe make it to another championship next year. Alright, uh next, what do we got here? uh. Uh, hm Let me talk about myself a little bit. I went to Sachem High School. I played football and basketball. In that grade when I played some football and started on the weights, I was one of the weakest son of a guns. I couldn't even lift the bar. But, you know, after I progressed on and on, when I was a senior, I was one of the strongest guys on the whole team. And uh, I went to college at LIU Post, played some lacrosse and football of course Let me just talk about my role model growing up. Coach Fred Fusaro, as some of you know, he was my coach at Sachem and um... At John Glenn, he was our coach. He's taken a year off this year, I believe, for purposes undisclosed right now. Let me just talk about behavior I expect from each member of our football team. In the classroom, I expect no shenanigans. So people picking their nose in class is unacceptable. That is, *blows whistle* 150 yard bear crawl. And also, there cannot be L-O-D, lack of discipline, or my favorite other acronym, L-O-L, lack of leadership. And, here we go, let's get something going. Repeat after me, "I". [Crowd] "I", [Coach] "Love". [Crowd] "Love". [Coach] "Football". [Crowd] "Football". Alright, before I leave the stage I have to call up "the Pitbull", Vinny Mariani, on stage please. [Coach] "Mr. Mariani, why is the sky blue?" [Vinny] "Cause God loves the John Glenn Knights".

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