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Janet en France

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Hi this is Janet Bray Attwood and I’d like to invite you to join me at my events that are happening in both Paris and Lyon We’re going to be spending a day together where we’re going to be uncovering what are those gems, those gifts that you have that you’d like to share with the world. We’re going to first get clear on what it is you care about the most in other words your passions, your top 5 passions And then I’m going to share with you The Passion Test formula so that you’ll always have this really effortless path to follow so that you can make sure you stay on your passion path. And then I’m going to share with you the secret to living a passionate life so that whenever you're faced with anything in your life that gets on the way of your passions you’ve got that secret to just be your wonderful guide. And then what we’re going to be looking at are you limiting beliefs What are the things that have been in your way, what are your false beliefs, false ideas, false concepts that you’ve been holding that have been blocking you from otherwise sharing your incredible gifts with the world And you know what? We’re going to do this all with fun 'cause what I always say is that, if it’s not fun I don’t want to play! And I know that that’s what you like too. So I look forward to you joining me in either Paris or Lyon or hopefully both and I’m going to say something, I’m going to throw in a special wonderful gift If you join me in Paris and Lyon I’m going to spend a special day with you in either Paris or Lyon after the conference Did you hear that? Ok that’ll be just our play day So I look forward to seeing you, meeting you and playing with you and sharing lots of knowledge with you

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Posted by: syncronia on Aug 22, 2012

Janet Attwood en France

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