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MHS Band Video 2018

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What are you doing still awake sweetie? You've got band tomorrow. Oh, hi. Hello, dear. Why you still awake? I'm just reading the news. I do believe it will be quite advantageous if you went to sleep at this time Yeah, if you don't go to sleep, we'll drop the hammer on you. Oh, no. Hammer. Manly Woman: Night / Student: Night. Probably should go to bed. Wait. Where am I? HANDS UP! GET 'EM UP! UUUPPPPPP! UUUPPPPPP! Alrighty. Looks good. Let's go on a...five minute break. Grab some water. Alrighty. Walk it back Let's go, let's go! It's time to get better! We don't have time to waste! Stupid freshmen should not be on this field. If you're not willing to give 110% to this band, you should leave. Are you done? Are you done? You might be tired after a day full of school, but so is everyone else. What do you think you're doing? You're wasting everyone's time. Everyone here is working harder than you. If the person next to you is working harder than you, you are wrong. WHY ARE YOU STILL WALKING? Can y'all hear me? Students: Yes sir. Let me have your eyes. That out there, was atrocious. Middle school band at best. Y'all can do better. Aight? Students: Aight! Alright. Reset. Hello? Set! Mr. Ludlow? Ludlow: Running it? I wasn't watching. Sorry. Take it back! Set! Take it back! Stop! Take it back! Mr. Ludlow? Ludlow: Hmm? Y'all were running it? Wait a minute. This is a nightmare? It's so beautiful up here. Oh my gosh. I just had the weirdest dream. Wait. What time is it? I need to go back to sleep for band tomorrow! Oh, no. Not again. Yikes. Aight. Pop a squat. Feet out in front of you. Just kind of have it out there. Now. Just go to mountain. Lean forward. Try and get as far as you can. Breathe in. Sip. Try and extend a little farther. Try and grab something. Alright. Relax everybody. Have a seat. Y'all have been working really hard, over the past weak. It's Thursday, and we don't have a game tomorrow. And, normally I would try and keep y'all here for a longer practice. But I held y'all over for four hours yesterday. 'cause y'all were doing *sniffle* so good. So. Imma let y'all out a couple minutes early. A whole...three minutes early. Make sure you take your horns home. Practice. Do your homework. Get plenty of sleep. Mow the lawn. Sleep more. Take a shower. You stink. Have a great night. Okay, guys. Competitions like TOC aren't about winning. But look at these! Whoa, where am I? What the heck? Guys! GUYS! We're in the band video! We're in the band video? *endless screaming* I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! Can you guys believe we beat Centamalla last week? I wonder if we're gonna do anything today? Like, because we had the competition. Alright. You guys had a competition yesterday. Today, you guys have a study period. Get to it. Aw, she's still asleep Wake up sweetie, you have your first day of summer band today. Breakfast is served. I had the weirdest dreams last night. It's okay because you'll have a great day today. Alright, guys. So when you're marching, you need to make it like your feet are in skis. So you go in a straight path. Your toes aren't in, your toes aren't out. Just right next to each other, just like skis. Everyone show me that, okay? Great work today guys. Andrew. Ludlow: Louder! Hey! Help the frontline carry their stuff in. Make sure you help the frontline guys! Everyone get a frontline!

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