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Bernard teach:Solution to our World! a Child Ascends to Heaven every 5 Seconds

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Desteni Presents: Children Die for the Sins of Men So every five seconds, a child ascends to heaven because a child 'dies' for the sins of 'men' - just like Jesus and it's even written like that in- the bible: Only children goes to heaven if one start to look at: Why Jesus went to heaven? is because, he was innocent and for his innocence he was 'slaughtered' and so were, so are the 'children innocence' So I suggest for those that "believe" that, Jesus died for their sins, you're living in an illusion because you're not going to heaven you're still - crucifying Jesus as every child, that "dies" in this world I suggest, to 'suspend' all intellectual growth until, there is equality and not a single child, suffers in this world I suggest, 'suspending', all child birth the creating of families until there are, not a single family in this world that is, having to 'suffer' because of the 'greed' of 'men', because some has money and some "don't" I suggest we suspend all religious activities until there is equality for, and no child suffers in this world I suggest we stop all 'labour', until there, are equality for all in this world I sgt- I suggest we stop all 'war' all politics, all 'businesses' - everything all 'entertainment' until, there is not a single child that dies because of the 'greed of men', because of the sins of 'men' I suggest one 'study' how Hitler manage - to build up a whole, 'country' in a very short time and, making sure that 'all' has basic dignity Forget about, what history tells you, 'go and study' - what systems did Hitler impose Economically That caused such a, 'massive - growth', for Germany before the second world war, there is a lot to learn from 'that' And, the question one must ask, is: Why, is that information, is not being 'taught'? because it's an example, of 'what is possible', in terms of - practical application, 'to change' a country that was in 'poverty' - to a country where all were equal If such an action is taken in, at a 'world wide scale' where all, has equal money and, 'equal labour' and, there is no, point to 'profit greed' and, 'inequality' the level of crime, and 'deaths', starvation, 'abuse' Depression- 'fear' will reduce, 'substantially' in this world and it will be a 'giant leap' towards bring - heaven, to earth meaning 'a place' where there is 'peace', and equality and where, what 'happens' in the world - 'is best for All' I mean, a simple equation is: If everyone act, in a way that is 'best for All' they will also 'act' in a way that is 'best for Themselves' and then there will be, 'No suffering' but the 'odd' points of mental illness, or 'deliberate' deception those kind of points will only in time, be - 'removed' End of Discussion, visit: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Duration: 4 minutes and 24 seconds
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Producer: Desteni Production
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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Oct 23, 2009


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