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C7L6: Cross-Court, Down the Line

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This could be the best ground stroke drill around. Its called cross court down the line. I did it when I was a kid I have never seen any one else do it. I make all my students do it. One player only goes cross court and the other goes down the line. Of course you want to stretch each other out as much as possible and you will make some mistakes you see you will forget. That is one great thing is you want to keep reminding yourself oh I am going cross court don't forget. You keep your mind occupied. The other thing is it teaches you to move and hit at the same time while you change directions of the ball. So this is absolutely the best drill going. If you've got two players start them off short court once they can do short court put them on the baseline by that time they will have to pretty much be open to tournament juniors or open men or maybe a 4.5 man could do it I am not sure. This is a very difficult drill but it is a fantastic drill you do this for 10 minutes once or twice a week and you will really be ready for tournaments. Some of the keys to doing this drill is, see there she got a little whippy with the head of her racket. You don't want to get loose as far as being to wristy or too head heavy on this drill. The other thing is the left side when you are moving to the ball just don't turn side ways you have got to keep that left side represented on the forehand with the left hand. On the backhand you have to sort of run some what open stance thinking oh I have to get into the future of this shot, right the follow through of the shot. This drill can be very frustrating if your not focused once again it will lock you into your 45 degree angle. You will realize oh if I just stay right at that 45 and don't pull too far off the ball while I am running its going to be a lot easier when I get to the hit. This is not a power drill, this is a control drill and believe me if you get your students doing this drill you will notice immense improvement almost immediately. It is great to stay in shape, why run around the court and do all those line drills if you can do cross court and down the line. You get great conditioning great exercise and you really learn to control the ball and control your body and control your racket. While you learn your best distance to the ball right, its so you don't over run the ball. You just time it very nicely right as you get there. Give this one a shot, once you do short court pretty well then take it too the back court. Make your students do it because its not easy, they are going to resist a little but you have got to be strong.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 22, 2014

The quintessential players drill.

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