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He Has Forgotten God. Revive His Consciousness - That is Real Good - Prabhupada 0757

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Prabhupāda: There is a story: One man has written book how to tend cows. "Cows tending, cows tending, cows tending." So one old man calling, "What book you are selling?" "How to tend the cows." "So you better take this book to your mother. She will learn how to tend you." Cows tending everyone knows, and he has written a book. "So better... You are a rascal cow. Give it to your mother, and she will tend you, learn." It is like that. If everything is all right, somebody is taking, "This is pleasure," somebody... then what is the use of writing book? Everything is all right. They may select whatever they like. "Oh, why you are becoming a big preacher?" Let them accept whatever they like. Paramahaṁsa: But some people have a hard time getting what they like. Therefore we like to help them. We feel that it's our duty as human beings to help them. Prabhupāda: So this duty is that you better go to your mother. All nonsense theory. It has no meaning. Śrutakīrti: If everything is all right, then my preaching, that is also all right. If everything is all right, so then what is wrong with my preaching, then? Prabhupāda: Your preaching is all right, so, provided you preach something good. But when everything is good, then where is the, your preaching required? You preach something. Just like we are preaching. We are preaching. This is actually good for, that he must know what he is, and what is the ultimate goal of life. This is required. Material preaching has no value. That is stated in the Caitanya-caritāmṛta, ei bhāla ei manda, saba manodharma (CC Antya 4.176). "This is good; this is bad," this is all mental concoction, actually. But real good is: "He has forgotten God. Revive his consciousness." That is real good. Then he'll saved from the so-called good and bad and everything. That is wanted. Materially, everything is one man's food, another man's poison. Therefore there is no distinction—"This is good; this is bad." The stool is very bad, bad smell for you, but it is food for the pig. This is proof—"One man's food, another's poison." So this is only mental concoction, "This is good; this is bad." Everything is good; everything is bad—materially. The real good for him: that he has forgotten his spiritual identification; revive him to that consciousness. That is real good. (pause) Somebody brings just now bucketfuls of water, and if he proposes, "I shall drench you," "No, no, no, don't do that." But you will find—we are going—the ducks, as soon as they...Immediately jump on the water. So whether water is good or bad? It is all relative. So don't bother about this good and bad. It is simply mental concoction.

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Duration: 5 minutes and 24 seconds
Country: Australia
Language: English
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Posted by: vanimedia on Aug 27, 2014

Prabhupada speaks during a Morning Walk in Perth on May 15, 1975

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