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I am Not the Body, I am Not the Mind. Sadhguru

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breath does not mean air this must be understood when we say breath if we talk from the point of your experience what is right now binding you to your body is your breath if i take away your breath, your body will fall down isn't it? you and your body will get separated if i just take away your breath so one way of understanding breath is to see it as a thread which binds you and your body on one level all yogic practices are deviced whatever you may be doing fundamentally it's deviced to make you experience, i am not the body; i am not the mind because whatever kind of suffering you have whatever kind of problems you have with life. is either of the body or of the mind Isn't so? Yes? do you have any other problem? anyother kind of suffering have you known? is just either this or that so various methods are employed to bring you to the living experience if you think i am not the body; if you think i am not the mind; it's not enough when life threatens you you would see all your thoughts will disappear and you will react the way you'll have to react but if it's living experiece for you if you sit here you have a clear experience i am not this then the very perspective with which you perceive life is very different if you are sitting here and you know experientially like right now you know that you are here you simply know that i am not this not because 0:02:21.870,0:02:24.200 you are thinking see what you know by thought is different what you simply know is different do you know the difference? Yes? what you have accumulated and think about is knowledge it's not knowing knowing is simply you know that you are here you don't have to think that i am here isn't it? yes? your know that you exist you don't have to think that i exist though somebody said i exist because I'm thinking it doesn't matter european philosophy in your experience whatever you simply know that is a reality thought is not reality because today your thought will say one thing tomorrow they will say something totally different if you have an evolving mind you will see a difference stages in your life your thought has made you believe this is it tomorrow it will make you like a fool for believing what you believed today has it happened to you only if you are strucking your head all your life you got the same thought if you have an evolving mind every other day your thought will come up with something new and make you feel like a fool for what you thought yesterday isn't it so you are thought is not dependentable it is useful if you know how to use it but it's not dependable if you are seeking to know what is true so when we say breath we are not talking about the air that you breath the process of breathing is much more than air it is not the air which is forcing itself into your body and coming out because there is a process of breathing air is going in and coming out isn't it? isn't so? because there is a certain process called breathing because of that the air is going in and coming out air is only the medium the breath is that which binds you to this body

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 18, 2010 Sadhguru explains that fundamentally all yogic practices are devised to bring awarness that we are not the body and we are not the mind. (SaO14)

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