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Strangers, Again

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Josh: You're just wasting time! Marissa: And now you think I'm stupid Josh:You know I don't think that Marissa! You don't say it, but I know you're thinking it Well of course Im thinking it right now! This whole thing is stupid! SEE?! "SEE" what?! It is! Who cares if I want to leave early?! Even you barely know her and you're getting mad at me?! Yeah!! Cuz you think I'm annoying you!

Oh my god...this isn't even about us! This is about your co-worker's lame potluck that you feel obligated to go to because she has no friends! If we go, that counts! We don't have to stay the whole FOUR hours!! But it IS about us! It's about you not understanding what's important to ME! Eating homemade potato salad and playing with Scrabble Tournament is important to you? Ugh...This is stupid... Thats what I JUST SAID! YOU'RE stupid....

You know what. I'm willing to let that one go. Can you just tell me if we can leave early or not please? tell me..

What?!(mouths) Look..I'm sorry I brought it up. Can you just decide and I'll do whatever... No Josh. Not this time.

I'm not going to tell you what to do, because you're just going to use it against me later saying "I always do what you say"

No more. Hey! This one wasn't my fault! There's no reason for this! You're right. There is no reason for this. It wasn't always like this. I can't really remember when it wasnt, but... I know for sure we weren't always like this. She used to be... my unicorn.. *Exhales sharply*You know? Unbelievable... Crazy special...the girl I thought could never exist... time went on...from one stage of our relationship to the next... the path that started off so innocent and fun...has taken us to... THAT... most, we started off as Stage 1: Meeting.... Thanks to a shoelace actually. 'scuse me! 'scuse me, your shoelaces are untied. Oh..Ohh! Thanks! No prob! Would want you to... Whoo! I couldn't have planned it better even if I'd tried. But thank goodness the city hadn't fixed their park trails in 5 years. I didn't tell her that... it was my first time running in about 9 months. and somehow, we ended up going for almost 5 miles that day. *scoffs* It's so pathetic to see how guys would do just about anything for the right girl. But it payed off...Because I got her number. We really hit it off that day. I think so at least. I blacked out for a few minutes, but when I woke up I remembered feeling like I had made a pretty good impression. From that point on, we entered Stage 2: The Chase. Some say its the best part. *"So Weightless" by David Choi* All I wanted was to know more about her. All I wanted to do was hang out with her. Ready? *Sigh* UGH... The only person I wanted to talk to...was her She was the number one priority. *Cell phone rings* What the hell man! And every time I saw her... Butterflies.... She was everything...that I thought could be perfect in a girl... As soon as it felt right.... Would you be my girlfriend? Yeah With this simple word...we began our relationship... Taking us into Stage 3: The Honeymoon. Everyone calls it this...and for good reason. It was the time when we could finally, fully express our affection to each other and do all the things we wanted to do as a couple. It was a dream come true. The girl I wanted to be with so so badly , was finally mine. But eventually, the fire cooled and both of us simmered down back to normalcy By the end of it all, we had a bajillion pictures with each other... knew every detail of our daily lives... and like any normal healthy couple, we entered Stage 4: Comfortable. What do you want to do tonight? Iono...whatever... Now, being comfortable isn't necessarily bad. It's when we can truly be ourselves. But it depends on what you do with that comfort. Some use it positively, continuing to work at their relationship and grow together. But...others allow it to create distance. And for Marissa and I.... It made us take each other for granted... *knocks on door Hey! What are you doing it's Tuesday. Why aren't you dressed? Oh yeah I totally forgot...Can we skip it? I don't...I don't feel like going. This whole thing was your idea. I..I know. I just kinda have other things to do..Um, Next week yeah? Alright. *Cell phone rings* You're not gonna get that? *Cellphone continues to ring* I'll call her back after this level. Hey watch out! *Cellphone continues to ring* *Cellphone continues to ring* Josh: Whether its taking each other for granted... or people changing over time... Bottom line is...someone stops trying. The feelings aren't as strong as before. This could happen over a few months, or a few years. For was about one and a half years when we hit Stage 5: Tolerance. *sigh* When Marissa and I got to this stage, I couldn't believe it... and I was pretty disappointed. Somehow, the girl I was so crazy about a year ago had turned into someone who just wasn't that special anymore. It happened so gradually that I didn't even see it coming, but... There we were...just tolerating each other. Oh gosh, don't even ask about my day. I won't. Some of my co-workers are trying to get me to quit! Where do you want to eat tonight? Wherever you wanna go. Can you just decide? I asked YOU. And I'm being flexible. YOU pick. Aw geez. You're like a 5-year old. Someone always has to tell you what to do! *clattering utensils* Normally I'd let that go... but I'm having a bad day too so, Whadju just say?! Arguing is one thing, but feeling dissatisfied and unhappy with your relationship is another. *sigh* We tried various times to try to make changes, to fix things... but like so many couples out there, it wasn't enough. We became one of those relationships where it wasn't BAD, but it wasn't great. and let me tell you. That's never a good way to describe a relationship. Marissa: Well...I guess I'm gonna sleep now. Ok. Marissa: Good night. 'night. It wasn't long before we were in Stage 6: Downhill. There's not much time left once you're here. The effort to try to make things work just isn't worth it anymore. Problems continue. Arguments don't get solved. I don't even really remember what we argued about. I can't talk to you right now you're- Why won't you just- I cant believe that- Well how could you- What DID we argue about? Marissa and I...Sad to say, are nearing the end of this stage. What's next is what happens to everyone at some point. The end of the line. The worst stage ever: Breaking up. I don't know when it will happen or how.. but i hope we can leave it on good mutual terms. If that's ever truly possible. I think its for the best. Fine. And this is when the two of us will start a new path. One that leads right back to where we started. Strangers. The change will be so drastic and so blunt, that we'll probably want to get back together right away... Just to restore what's normal. Marissa: Hello? Hey, Marissa. I miss you. Marissa: *sighs* Are you drunk? But this doesn't always happen and the distance will grow. Eventually the two of us will move on or find someone new. Oh my god... Donald...Donald! Don..Donald come-! Donald! [panicked] Who is that? Who is she with? Tell me who that is?! *Exhales* Sorry man. And even when we both get over the past, and try to remain friends, things will never be the same. Josh? Hey it is you! Whoa Marissa! Hi! Nice to see you! Yeah you too. You still run around here? Well when I visit home, yeah. Visit? Yeah I moved up to San Francisco a couple months ago, but I'm just here to show my boyfriend the park. Oh. cool... Oh he's right here! Josh this is Alex. Alex, Josh. Hi. Ugh!! *moans* Nice to meet you man. Well uh...we should catch up sometime. I'll talk to you later 'kay? Josh: Sure. Marissa: Bye! Our lives will continue on in different directions toward the inevitable end... Becoming strangers again. And everything we shared will just become fragmented memories, from so long ago, I 'll question if it even really happened. And all that'll be this. A box of random stuff from a faded period of time when... this stranger... was the most important person in my life. *Exhales sharply* What a shame. *Exhales sharply* Marissa: This is to remind you of how hard you FELL for me[laughs] when we first met. Josh, I'm so glad we have each other in our lives. I know that, no matter what, we'll always make it through and we'll always have a tomorrow together. Happy Anniversary. Holy Crap! What the hell are you doing?! I..sorry sorry. I mean..I mean I'M sorry Marissa. Its just..Its just a potluck. I don't know why I was being so difficult. Its...Its whatever. No no! It's not "whatever". It's important to us. Not..Not I mean the potluck. Just...THIS. THIS is important to us. To-To ME. [Enunciating] Let's not do THAT anymore. I'm sorry. Please. Okay. Yeah? We're okay? I- I'm sorry. I'm being- I'm dumb.I'm so sorry. We're gonna be okay yeah? Its alright babe. Do you realize there's only two options for our future together? It's either we break up or we get married. Never really thought of that *clears throat* Think we'll get married? *scoffs* Geez, that's a loaded question. Why? You wanna get married to me? I don't know right now. Me neither. Do you want to break up with me? 'course not. Well, its gonna be one or the other. What do you think will happen if we don't end up together? * "Cambridge" by Gina Grannis* Are we gonna hate each other? Think we'll keep in touch? *Sniffles* *Exhales sharply* I think...that if life separates us and we end up in totally different places... We'll always remember when our paths aligned for this period of time... And I'll be thankful for that. And hope that wherever you are, you'll be thankful too. And I think that's the best we can reach for.

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Stranger, Again.

Step 1: Meeting. It all begins from there. The many stages of a relationship and where it can take couples. This video not only teaches us about the connections in a romantic relationship, but connections with people in general. Keep your loved ones close and don't take them for granted.

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