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Liberland opening representative office in Nis

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In Europe threre are already cars with Liberland registration there are credit cards and banking system is being developed that's what Liberland founder Vit Jedlicka stated in Nis he's in Nis, as they state for promotion and for series of important meetings in major cities in Serbia Liberland already has representative offices in number of countries and more than half a million citizenship requests from different countries they can see that we are the most successful startup country in recent history and that there is a big potential both political and financial as social experiment Currently we're working on making Liberland globally recognized and we're working on institutions that are necessary banking system of Liberland, management and financial system On meeting with Vit Jedlicka, there were those who already have submitted citizenship request There were more than 6000 requests, and from Nis 170 I believe that one day you could live there because, from what i've understood from Vit there are already architectural designs for residential and business buildings i think it's very realistic, following model of Hong Kong or some other countries, people laughed at, but now they are successful and rich Liberland is a space between Serbia and Croatia currently disputed and which at the moment it does not belong to neither country It's 7 km2. That country is bigger than Vatican or Monaco And as Jedlicka says, they have requests from those countries as well Gordana Bjeletic, N1 TV, Nis.

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Osnivač Liberlanda Najuspešnija smo novoosnovana zemlja N1 S

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