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Hello again everybody and welcome to the Power of Kabbalah 2: worldwide classroom. Last week, we've learned about the five extensions of the ego which manifest themselves as anger, judgement, control, pride, and hate. The goal is to be able to look at ourselves from a side and see clearer how the ego in our life operates. Back to the first principle of Kabbalah 2, growth, transformation, change or care as we are able to identify those blockages within us, I can live through life without developing any sensitivity to see that garbage within us, that negativity within us as a result I'll never grow, and I'll never transform. I might through pain and through suffering and difficulties. One of the important principles that we are going talk about today is: how we develop desire to change? Where does the strength to be able truly to change come from? Because, yes, intellectually we can all understand "I need to get rid of my ego, it will help me get rid of chaos." and "it's essential to look at my ego", but at times we don't have the strength and the energy to look at our ego. We have enough chaos from the outside to try to relate to our personal ego. Even though intellectually understanding that it might be a force that blocks me from connecting with the happiness and fulfillment. How do we develop a desire? How do we develop a powerful, strong desire? To see my ego, to see my issues, to truly understand how disconnected I am from the Light and how much I want to get rid of this issue. To make the maximum effort spiritually to get rid of it. Where do I get the desire, the excitement, especially that I'm going through periods that I feel numb and not so connected and not naturally excited, especially when I'm facing, actually, the midst of my Tikkuns that make us unable to truly see anything. And that's what we're going to speak today about. How do I build myself, grow, while I'm facing my Tikkun, my issues, that disable me to truly be powerful and motivated that causing me being fearful, being in the midst of my insecurities, feeling not powerful and not appreciative of the blessings that I have, what do I do then with my Tikkun? How do I develop the desire to attack that force, we call it the opponent? or my Tikkun or my negativity. Where do I get it and how? Firstly, two weeks ago, Yehuda Berg spoke on a weekend on Shabbat weekend in Los Angeles, about four levels of desires. The first level is: no desire. It means... I'm talking about the desire to change. Desire to get somewhere which will make a difference in my life and in other people's lives. Level number two is: trying to change, trying to accomplish that difficult goal, which is not so far from not having desire at all. The third one: major drive, major trying, making a lot of effort, day and night, to accomplish that change, to accomplish that goal, trying to find different ways to push myself. And the fourth level is: no way back, I will make it happen, no matter what. That no matter what consciousness: it is necessary to be able to accomplish true change. So that's the fourth level of the desire. The first one: no desire, the second one: trying, the third one: really trying, the fourth one: making it happen, no matter what! Without having desire number three and four, and hopefully eventually four, true change cannot occur. I would like to explore today: how do I build true desire? When there are so many forces in life that are causing me to run away from situations because of my fears, because of my insecurities, because of my emptiness, because of the void and the lack that I feel about myself which is normal and we're all going through those periods. It's great when things are great for me, when I'm naturally excited, to say, "yes go for it! I want the change! I know the power of the Light!" "I want to see miracles and wonders", great! but we're all human beings and we all have Tikkuns, and we all have to carry baggage for many lifetimes. And we're all going to face those moments of emptiness, of voids, of insecurities, of "I can't do it", of "I don't have enough strength, I don't have enough power." We're all going to go through it. What do we do then? So the concept I want to speak today in regard to learning how to ignite desire in the midst of emptiness, we're going to call it the "black holes" concept. Or, let's make it a little nicer: "the dark holes", not black, dark. OK? Because it's not totally black. The dark holes, what is the dark hole? There're always, for all of us, situations, scenarios, circumstances that will trigger that dark hole within us. The dark hole can be that moment I feel totally empty, totally not powerful: powerless, that I feel insecurity and not good enough and not spiritual enough and not capable enough and not real enough and not giving enough and not open enough to a degree I will judge myself very much and I will feel judged even though I'm not but I would feel judged by the outside. That dark hole is that place that I'm not able to see light at the end of the tunnel. I see dark. I see dead end. I see no strength within me. With that dark hole we don't have that motivation. And, we all have different things, different situations, different circumstances that trigger this dark hole within us. For one person, the dark hole can be triggered every time somebody appears smart next to me. I can feel, "Wow! I'm not smart and I'm stupid And I'm not accepted, and I'm not liked". For another human being, a dark hole can be when somebody is accomplishing in business. He's an accomplisher and he's speaking about it and other people appreciate him. That causes me to feel, "Wow, I'm a nobody, I'm a loser, I'm not able to accomplish like him." Which, that insecurity, my ability to provide and to accomplish is exposed and I feel dark about it and low and no way out. For another person, it can come by simply being judged by somebody. Some of us might react to it by actually believing in this judgement and feeling I am nobody, even though physically I might defend it, but often we are rushed to believe those judgements. We are rushed to feel the same. We actually have affinity with a person or judgement and we feel "I am a zero, I am not so good." "I am not so strong. I am not a great friend. I am not so supportive." We all have those areas of insecurity. We might react differently, but we all have this empty hole of not being good enough not being loving, not capable to accomplish, not have enough strength, not being strong enough, not being smart enough, not being talented enough, not being spiritual enough, not being giving enough, being lonely, I can't love anybody, people cannot love me, I'll never be able to get there, I'm limited, I'm blocked, I'm empty, I have nothing really to offer, I'm not funny enough, I'm not excited enough, I'm not exciting for other people enough, I'm not enough! I have to accomplish something in order to be enough! We all have thing: I'm not enough in some area. We all have it. That's part of life. The key is to identify that dark hole within us. Why? Why is it important to identify? Because in each class we've learned that we are reacting to situation, we are reacting to challenges, we are reacting to other people judging. We are reacting when things don't got my way. We are reacting to a health situation. We're reacting to a financial situation. Are we really reacting to the outside? Are we truly reacting to the external challenge? And that's really the challenge? How can I overcome my reaction because of the effect, I'm not the cause. That's nice for one level. But, what are we really reacting to? Because think about it. Two guys can be judged by the same person. One person is reacting with defensiveness or depression. The other guy is saying, "OK. Interesting, I'll think about it, you might be right or not. Meanwhile, I'll continue working on what I need to work." And he's not taking it too personally and he's not reacting. What's the difference? What makes one person react in such a strong way, and the other person not reacting? The challenge is the same challenge, so what is the difference? The difference, my friend is that the person who reacted did not really react to other person judging him. He was reacting to his personal dark hole. Because that judgement of the individual simply triggered that insecurity and emptiness and void that that person about the things he was judged about. Somebody judged me that I don't truly care about other people. And I have this insecurity and void that I actually don't care about other people, so when he judges me and I'm defensive or I'm depressed about it, I'm not really reacting about what he said. That guy was able to trigger the dark hole within me, and my consciousness shifted to experience and to feel that dark hole that caused me to feel very insecure and not caring about other people. Or when the person speaks in such a smart, wise way, or when a person is so successful and everybody sees it and I'm not. What I'm reacting to is not what they said or to that individual. I'm truly reacting to my dark hole, to my insecurity about that area of being smart or about the financial area. That's what we are reacting. It's nothing to do with the other person. The other people triggering that dark hole, the insecurity which we all have. Sometimes we're in touch with this dark hole, sometimes we are not. We have many little dark holes within us. So, first we need to know we are not truly reacting to people, to situations, to circumstances. Because at the same time one person will react and the other person no. Those circumstances are simply triggering my insecurity and the feeling of emptiness in me. That's what they are doing. And I'm reacting because that emptiness caused me to feel zero and nobody and there's a need to fill it up with energy because I feel empty, and none of us love to be empty. So, what is the reaction, how can I fill it up right away with energy? By defending? I'm getting immediate energy by blaming them. I feel better about myself by being above. Feeling a victim. By being depressed which is again self pity that gives me temporary energy. It doesn't fix the problem, but that void within me is so painful, none of us like to experience it. So, our reaction is how can I fill it up right away with energy? Temporary energy. As long as I don't go through the pain of that void. I can't stand it. Other people will react by not wanting to talk about it and running away. And choosing another subject. But we all have those dark holes, that emptiness and that's what our reaction really is about. Our reaction is a way to fill up, in a temporary not real way, our dark holes with energy. Because human nature is: we cannot exist with this darkness and emptiness and pain. I need to fix the pain, I need to fill it up with something. And all the defensive mechanisms, all the blaming mechanisms, all the judging myself, all the depression mechanisms, All the victim mechanisms or the anger mechanisms is different technologies of Satan to give me temporary fulfillment, to fill up my need, my pain. It has nothing to do with the other guy. It has to do with reaction to my dark hole. It is connected to the concept of Klipa that we spoke before, dark forces. Now we can see it more as a dark vessel that needs energy. And people, whenever they touch that dark vessel, that perception of emptiness that I have about myself, I'll react to it. So, in order to really be able to understand it for yourself, I would like- let's spend 30 seconds- and each one of you will try to see in your personal life What is, let's focus on one, one of your dark holes? In what area do you have that insecurity? In what area? When somebody would say something, or something is going to happen, that emptiness and insecurity, "I'm zero, I'm nobody, I'm not caring enough, I'm not good enough, I'm not sharing enough I'm not smart enough, I'm not rich enough, I'm not capable enough, I'm not good friend enough, I'm not exciting enough I'm not strong enough, I'll never be like this person", that emptiness and insecurity being triggered. So, I would like you to identify one, practical dark hole, area of insecurities and emptiness and void, and what is a typical situation in your personal life that would trigger that dark hole. I hope each one of us is in touch with at least one area that I have insecurities about not being loved enough, about not being good enough, not being this enough or that enough, we all have it. That's part of our Tikkun. It's essential concept and principle to understand who we are. To see the big picture... because the more we are aware of how the system of Satan and negativity works and playing games and tricks with us, the more control we have over it. That's the main tool for transformation. Awareness of how the illusionary system is playing games with us, as I am aware I can break out of the path and the pattern of illusion in my life. So, whenever the dark hole will be triggered for each one of us. So, again the insecurity, the pain, the void, the feeling of emptiness not good enough, will be there. And if I'm not paying attention to it and truly seeing it, what's really going to happen, I'm going to react right away and I'll think that I'm truly reacting to the other person but what we would like to make aware, all of us, that we're not reacting to the other person we're truly reacting to our own dark hole. With this dark hole. One of the things the dark hole will trigger is fears. Fears about whats going to be with me, which the way we're handling the fear is by immediate reaction. We can't stand staying with the fear. We can't stand staying with the insecurity, we can't stand staying with the pain. We can't stand. And we're at a state that we're not in a state of appreciation. We're in a state that we just see our emptiness and what we're lacking. As a result, we're reacting right away. So, what would be the suggestions? Taking the best out of that situation, transforming that scenario, what would be the best way? What should we do? Not react? That's maybe for Kabbalah 1. Because often, when you're facing your dark holes you say, "No I'm not going to react! ", but we're going to suppress our reaction and probably our anger will be internal. And just to say not to react physically is not enough. We need more than this. So, the key is: as long as I know that most of my reaction is to my dark hole and not to the other person, Every time that particular that you chose being triggered through a situation, I need to tell myself, "Stop!" Take a step aside and observing myself from a side. Even though I want to react, to defend, to answer, to get depressed, no. Keep it up. My consciousness indeed just shifted to perceive my dark hole and my dark hole wants to own me in the way that I feel that I'm dark and I'm empty but I'm not going to let it! I'm going to step aside, look at my dark hole, from a side. See clearly that there's strong thoughts and feelings and emotions of insecurity, of emptiness, of "I'm not good enough". But, injecting that consciousness, I'm just seeing my dark hole. It is not the real me. I don't want to react to dark holes. I want to fill it up with Light. I don't want to fill it up with illusionary reactions that pump up the dark hole, make me feel good for a second but making the dark hole bigger! I don't want. Life is about filling up those dark holes. Because when I'm in the midst of dark holes and giving it too much power by being in the midst of it that it reacted as if I'm the dark and I'm the empty, I'm incapable and I'm not loving enough instead of saying no that's a dark hole within me, that's not the real me. But, when I'm in the midst of it, I will lose my desires and gradually my desires will become smaller and smaller and smaller. So, by me, step number one: no! I'm not going to react to it. Step number two: stepping aside and looking at my dark hole, Not saying it's me. That's a dark hole that exists in me but it's not the real me. And even though the thoughts and the emotions will try to pull me back to that dark hole, as if it's me, I say, "No, it's not the real me. It's just a dark hole that exists in me." And by observing, the observation itself, and knowing that Satan wants me to think I'm actually reacting to the other guy Satan want's me to experience the dark hole as if that's my pain. I'm saying no. Observe that dark hole. I want to fill you up with Light. And the only way to fill that dark hole up with Light, is not to fill it up with any illusionary energies. The illusionary energy is reacting to the fear that the dark hole gives me, believing that I'm truly bad and insecure and down. It's allowing myself to go down. To go more depressed, and to have less energy, believing of my weaknesses, believing that everything is going bad, but when I'm observing and saying no, actually by me just observing, I'm becoming the cause and not the effect. And in the midst of that challenge, even though I do feel still empty, I do still feel not so smart, let's say I'm in a situation with other people, other people seem to be smarter, my insecurity of not being smart enough comes up. And then, instead of just looking at the conversation from the place of my insecurity, I'm stepping outside, taking all the strength that I have and looking at my insecurity even though I still will hear it and feel it, tell myself, "no, this is my Tikkun, this is a dark hole. This is illusionary control me here." By me observing, no, my insecurities just a space and a vessel to be able to fill up the Light. By not reacting to it and actually smiling at it, it's OK that I feel insecure. It's OK that I feel stupid. It's OK that I'm not going to defend it, I'm not going to try to pretend to be smart, I'm not going to try to see already out the future will be bad for me because I'm not so smart and other people will be XXX. I'm not going to think already and calculate how unattractive I will be tomorrow because of what they will think about me. I will restrict this and say, "No, just stay with that emptiness". And I'm commanding that emptiness to be filled with Light. Because there is nothing in the world that will not let me become better in life and excel in life besides my belief system that I'm going down. Because the black hold wants me to feel, "I'm going down now, I have to defend it and react to it." The only thing that will cause me to go down is if I believe that I'm going down. There's too direction in consciousness: going up or going down. Ascending or descending. And the whole purpose of the black hole from the Satan point of view is to cause me to be in it. And if I'm in it, there's no other way besides feeling I'm going down. And think about it, why are we reacting? If I truly believe I'm going up, would I ever react? If I truly think that somebody that stole money from me means nothing, it is an opportunity, will I react to it? Of course not! The reason we are reacting is because we feel we have less? I am low already and I'm going to have less and less and less because I have such a low belief system of my abilities and my connection to the Light and the protection of the Light in that particular area of my life. Nothing's security. So, in that moment I cannot let myself feeling I'm going down. So, I have to be in two places. In one end: observing my hole, hearing all the thoughts and the feelings which is about wanting to go down and defending that emptiness and darkness but at the same time telling myself, "No! Those thoughts can be there, it's part of my dark hole that have been created in many lifetimes" "And my goal in this world is to fill it up with Light" by me, believing that every time I'm exposing that dark hole it's simply because God wants to give me opportunity to fill it up with Light! How do I fill it up with Light? Observing it from a side and commanding it: fill it up with Light! I'm going up. I'm not going down. Even though there is nothing practical I can do about it, but defending myself for sure it's not the right thing to fill up my dark hole. The mere fact I'm going against what my thoughts and my emotions that want to drag me and commanding it that "I'm filling you up." Actually we're going to learn a meditation that you see in the deep, the bottom of the dark hole. That exists in our stomach. I start to see white light start to bubble and enlighten the dark hole, just through my observation. We don't want to observe, that's what Satan wants us, Satan wants us to react as if I'm the dark, and as a result I'm perceiving myself going down. And when I do so, I become emptier, not filling up it. But when I'm stepping aside and seeing it in its true face value, Really what's going on there? What's going on there is the dark hole playing games with me. Our consciousness can shift and move from different places. One day, my consciousness can exist in that full cup that exists within me. I can see and appreciate all the blessings that I have and as a result I am excited and powerful. And other times, I can see myself empty and void, so what have I changed? We always have those dark holes and we always have the full cups with blessings. So what is changing really in my life? Where is my consciousness shifting myself? One day my consciousness will be in the area of being fulfilled and talented and blessed. In the other day, moment; situation, my consciousness will shift into this dark hole. And that's where we're reacting to life. When my consciousness is focused on my blessings, I think I'm amazing and invincible. I don't focus on my Tikkuns and my issues. And when my consciousness is focused on my dark hole, I feel empty and zero and nobody. And I'm reacting to it, and I feel I'm going down. The key is: whenever my consciousness faces those dark holes within me, I'll never see reality in a real way! Because every time I'm perceiving myself going down and descending, just because something happened, it's illusion. I am going down when I'm reacting to that down, when I'm giving power to that down. When I'm thinking down, but not because of certain situations or dark holes that I'm facing. So every time I'm facing that dark hole, opportunity to fill it up with light. How? By going to the fuller cup within me, by stepping outside of the dark hole, by making all the effort. And through preparation and rehearsal and thinking about it, I'll be able to do it. Because if not, I'll just react, it will be defensive, and just think that I'm going down, and think that the problem is outside. So by me going outside of it, observing it, injecting the consciousness. I'm filling it up with Light and I'm going up! Just inject that thought, intention. Even though physically you don't feel so, don't worry. You don't want to run away from this moment of dark hole, it's OK, we want those dark holes. Because without them, there's no vessel to fill them up with Light. That's what life is about: I need the dark holes so I can put candles and fill it up with Light. If every day I dream just the full cups and everything is amazing, where is the transformation? So it's not about reacting to the other person, it's not reacting to my dark hole, it's observing my dark hole. It's seeing the empty cups that exist within each one of us that play games with us. And out consciousness is like a magnet! Consciousness is the observer. My thoughts, my observation, our consciousness is like a magnet. Whenever somebody triggers my dark hole, jump into be in the midst of that dark hole as if it's me! Stepping outside, observing. It's not me. The observer is my soul and the dark hole within me, but the real me is the soul. The fact that I'm observing it and injecting consciousness of going up and not down. And injecting consciousness to fill it up without dealing with the difficulty that was created by the other person. This is the way to be able to fill up that dark hole with Light. Of course, sometimes it's very painful and difficult. Because often fears will fill us up, fears of not being able to talk to that person, fears of "what's going to be with me? ", fears of losing this relationship, fears of what's going to be with the money situation? That fear is simply the thoughts and the food and the emotion of that dark hole gives me. So, I'm not going to say we're going to shut down emotions right away and we're not going to have emotions, and we're not going to have those insecurities. It's OK to have them. It's OK to have the fear. It's OK to have the insecurity but all of those are expressions of this dark hole. If I can just look from the outside and observe them. Observe that fear! And say, "It's not me! " Observe it! Instead of being in the midst of the fear and seeing life through the fear, and reacting to the fear, observe the fear. Instead of believing I'm insecure, I have this emotion of insecure but observing it from the side. I don't suggest we're going to be able to diffuse fear and insecurity right away, or feeling empty or void, no, it's a gradual process. But every time we have those fears, insecurities, emptiness within us, it means here is the dark hole coming: step aside and look at this. And say, "NO! I'm going up, I'm not going down." That's the first step to handle it, and the most important step. That's what's awareness. We know ourselves better when we understand our dark holes. When we don't understand our dark holes, we don't know ourselves. We're reacting, we think to other situations and other people and we think, "that's my issue". No, I'm reacting to my own dark holes. My own insecurity, my own feeling of emptiness as it says in the Zohar, clearly. It says in the Zohar that Satan goes to a place of lack and void. Every time I will dwell on lack and void and I'm not good enough and I'm bad enough and I'm zero and I'm insecure and I'm fearful and I cannot do it and I see myself going down. That's the indication, I see myself going down. Descending? Financially descending. Relationship descending, being good enough descending, in anything, going down! Satan says, "that's it, that's my meal!" "That's what I'm eating. This guy going down, he is giving me all the energy. I'll bring him down and down and down and down. Fear is down, insecurity is down, our of control is down, judging myself to death is down, being a zero is down. I'm incapable it's down. It's all going down. Then suddenly something happened, no I cannot do it, I'm going down. That's where Satan joins us. That's when he has total control and the way to control him is stepping aside and observing him. That's the key. He doesn't want to be observed. He wants to be in our head, Satan. He doesn't want us to see him. He doesn't want us to see his tricks. He wants us to be in our head. He wants us to believe that his thoughts are inserting us are real thoughts. He wants us to see reality through those glasses. I would like to be able to see those glasses from a side. That's not my glasses, that's just a set of glasses that was given to me to correct them and to clean them. And through this observation, I'm truly cleaning them. Let's have a 30 second break and in that break, I would like each person to imagine to yourself "what does it mean to observe your dark hole?" Think about your dark hole. Think about the last time that your dark hole was triggered. Your fear was triggered. The thing that made you feel, "I'm going down. I'm insecure. I'm losing it. I'm not being loved. What's going to be? I cannot make that phone call! Think, what does it mean "observation? Stop, I'm not saying solving it, fixing it, how to talk to the other person, Imagine for you, what would it mean observing that dark hole that fear, that emptiness, that void. What would it mean for you? Just to look at this, and in a way, to smile at it because you know you're filling it up with Light. Imagine to yourself, think to yourself. Our way to step outside of our dark hole is through observation and consciousness and intention to fill it up with Light. What else can we do? What else can we do around that area? There are two basic consciousnesses. Being a giver or being a receiver. Every time I am facing my dark hole, I will perceive myself as a receiver and as a needy person. That's the only reason I would react, remember, reaction is a result of feeling I'm losing energy I don't have. That's the reason I'll react. When I feel I can give something now. I perceive myself entering in to a room in spite of what people are saying to me I can offer something, I will not react. When I'm a giver, I'm aiding energy to others. I'm aiding energy to myself. I don't have the feeling I need to defend it and to react. So, whenever I'm facing my dark hole, I perceive myself as a receiver. Every time, even though I'll smile to other people, I feel empty, void, stupid enough, I will wish I'll be smart, I'll wish I'll be stronger I wish I'll get this, that's how we perceive ourselves, receiver. One of the ways to transform myself outside of the dark hole, beside observation, is to change my consciousness, "How can I be a giver now?" If you're coming to an interview, and you're insecure about the interview, and all of your insecurities come up because of the person you're standing in front of, and the kind of remarks he's making and his position and puts you in that place of out of control and all your insecurity comes up, one of the ways to transform beside observation is, "how can I be a giver?" Even though I'm here to interview, to get a job, but actually I'm here to offer services and to offer my talent to help this company. And, you know what, if it's not the right company that I can make the right difference, then I don't want to be hired by this company. To change all my observations, to be a giver and not a receiver. To change all my intentions, because every time I'm in the midst of my dark hole, my intention: receiver, receiver, receiver. By me shifting it, "how can I be a giver", I'm stepping outside of my dark hole and can deal with my insecurities and fill them up with Light. Why not eliminate them right away? How can I get rid of my insecurities? To get rid of my insecurities, not avoiding it, not being in denial of it, not running away; not reacting to them is gradually fill them up with Light by controlling them. By seeing it, by observing it, by injecting Light into it and by deciding in the midst of this insecurity, I'm choosing the role of the giver and not the role of the the receiver. So, it's another important tool. If it's in the midst of an interview that triggers insecurity, in the midst of a social situation that you feel insecurity and less than, you tell yourself how can I give them? You don't know how to give, the fact that you send them energy with your mind. The fact that you perceive yourself as the giver now and you take a role of the giver and you do some action of giver with the intention of giving. Or just thoughts of giving, or just praying for the people, "I wish them all the best." You take the role of the giver. Your child is upsetting you. and triggering some insecurities within you, and being out of control within you, and the emptiness within you, and you try to observe yourself and you say, "How can I give to my child? " being the giver. Especially in those situations that you feel so far from being the giver. How can I give to that smart man? How can I give to that good human being? By the fact that your intention is to give, and you ask the question, how can I be the giver? and you inject the intention to be a giver, that intention by itself is changing your role and getting you out of your dark hole not being in denial of it but not being in it. So, the consciousness of being a giver is very essential. Observation, objecting certainty and light into it, and being a giver. Another tool: the power of the Zohar. The power of the Aramaic letters of the Zohar which helps us in a deep seed level to access the soul consciousness that we all have. Because in the midst of difficulties, we do not believe in the power of the soul, but can you imagine how powerful each one of us if our soul was turned on all the time? Somebody once asked the Rav Berg, "With all the difficulties and energy problems that the world has how can we even have billions of people existing in the same world together? What do we do with the energy?" The Rav answered, "If one individual would be able to access the true power of the soul that he has, one person can light up physically the entire world." We have a purpose of life, instead of fighting my insecurities, how do I ignite the Light of my soul, the power, which is so suppressed and shut down. The power of giving, the power of certainty. That's the power of seeing the light. Seeing that everything is a blessing. Seeing the heaven that exists in every second, in the midst of my insecurity and my fears which I see no Light, I just see fear and down, how do I access in the midst of it the soul, I need tools. And that's where the Zohar can help us. Just scanning the weekly portion. If you don't know what it is, through your instructor in student support you can receive help. Scanning from the weekly portion the Aramaic letters If it's in the midst of my difficulty, or at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day or during periods of difficulty that my insecurity is there. And to truly meditate that I want to ignite my giving powerful, secure soul that exists within and beneath the dark hole which is just the external that's covering my soul. Igniting that force, that power of the would that knows everything in life is for the sake of ascending and not descending. And injecting that strong intention and consciousness, I am igniting my soul by scanning that Zohar. Through the eyes which is the window of the soul, I'm truly reaching my soul and igniting it. The sequence of the Zohar is activating that light, that powerful. And that empties all. And that Satan for us cannot do anything with this powerful tool called the Zohar. It reaches what we call in Kabbalah Bina consciousness. Bina consciousness is a place that negativity does not exist It's the eighth level if you count from the lowest level of consciousness which is Malchut. Bina, that's what the Zohar helps us to reach. Such a powerful place, and I need to inject the certainty when I'm doing it. Because while we're facing our dark hole, our insecurities, our fears, it doesn't feel that I make a difference through scanning the Zohar. But, it all goes after the intention. Even though emotionally I don't feel that I'm making a difference, The fact that my intention is to CONNECT to my soul, the fact that my intention is to activate that secure, certain side within us, Light of God within us, the fact that I'm igniting that power within me that I believe I am making a difference, that I believe I am a channel, that I believe I am capable of anything with the help of the Light of God, I am doing it! Sometimes I don't see the immediate results, but that's the test of this role. If I see the immediate results, I will not have the ability and the tests to become God. What is to become God? In spite of what others would say, I am creating reality, so even though I don't have any results, I have the opportunity to be the Creator by not being pressed by lack of results or having results. So again, we spoke about dark holes, the insecurities, and that's what I'm truly reacting to. I'm not reacting to other people. As I'm seeing my reaction, step outside of my dark hole and seeing clearly it's my dark hole that's causing my reaction, not the other person. And see it clearly, see the emotion, see the thoughts. Feel it! As an observer! And then you're telling yourself, "I'm not going to go down, I'm going up even though it's dark, even though it feels like a pump that wants me to react to it and to go down, I'm not!" observe it, inject consciousness, "I'm going up!" Transform to have consciousnesses of giver, not receiver, because whenever I'm in the midst and affected by my dark hole, I'll feel the receiver, I need energy. I need desperately energy, that's the only reason we react, so making an effort, how can I give in that situation? But in the midst of it I don't feel I'm giving. We're all capable of giving. The fact that we have a desire to give and a willingness to make an effort, we are givers! God gave us that right, nobody can take it away from us! And the other one: the power of technology of Kabbalah: the Zohar, that can reach such a deep level in our soul. That can ignite and awaken the power of the soul; that fills up the dark holes with Light and power and strength. And we need to understand: the fact that I'm using a tool doesn't mean instantly I'm going to remove and eliminate these dark holes. The spirituality that Kabbalah offers is not hope XXX or spirituality, it's true work of transformation. And commitment, which, no matter what, I'm going up even though I don't see the immediate results. When you have this commitment, you will see changes. So back to the beginning of the class: we spoke about desire. We spoke about developing a strong desire. How does it connect to the dark hole situation? Like most people, we'll be ruled and affected by the dark holes. And that's our Tikkun. And that's the real things we came to change in this world. And that's what's causing us to have repetitive patterns of negativity in our lives. We want to be in denial of these dark holes, Or filling it too much that I'm totally destroyed by it and reacting to it, but by me not filling up those dark holes through the tools that we just shared, My true soul's desires will gradually be diminished and lowered, which will make me less and less of a powerful human being that can make a difference in this world. People becoming older, it's nothing to with age. People become older in consciousness and weaker in consciousness because this desire becomes smaller. There is less of, "I'll do it no matter what! "Why? because the dark hole becomes bigger and bigger and bigger and sucking my energy, and sucking the drive power we all have within us which is called desire. That tool that draws the Light of God in our life. By me, filling up those dark holes, not just defending them and reacting to them. I'm gradually getting back the energy that the dark hole took from me to my soul and as a result building stronger desire! I can say all day long, "I want more of the Light, I want really to change! I want really to stop smoking! I really want to change my pattern, I want to behave totally different in relationships!" But, for some reason, people create patterns of negativity over and over and over. Why? One of the main reasons: Because we're giving in to these dark holes within us. And we make them bigger, and those are like black holes that are sucking our energy, and the biggest part of sucking is our desire and energy power to draw things, to want things. it might increase the desire to want things in a negative way, but the real changes we're seeking, the desire will become lesser. It is not just about intention, it is not just about mind over matter, because unfortunately a big part of it is ruled by these dark holes. So, what I would like to ask all of you to do, in this coming week, is to truly observe the dark holes. Look at your reaction, instead of spending time not reacting, or to the other person realizing, is that the dark holes I'm reacting and I'm giving them more power and I'm becoming weaker and they're sucking energy as a result. Tool- step number one is observation: feel it, hear it from aside. Smile to yourself, tell yourself, here is my dark hole. My Satan wants me to react to it, it's not the real me. I'm going to command it to be filled with Light. I'm going up, I'm not going down, that's number one. Number two: change consciousness: I want to be a giver and not a receiver. Inject through scanning the Zohar. Inject and awaken the light of the soul, which within the fear, in the midst of the fear, beneath the fear beneath the insecurity, has the power and the certainty to be a giver, to be stronger, to see the big picture. Often we are attacked in business situations by ruthless competitors, and what type of technology should you use here, the same thing that we just shared? Like a social situation? So, the answer here again, we're not suggesting Kabbalistically, that when somebody attacks you and tries to destroy your business, you're just going to smile at him and let him do it. Of course you need to protect yourself physically. Of course you need to create a strong front and confident front and protect yourself even physically in the 1% no to let them do certain things, and you might sometimes even show your strength and your power and you aggression to a degree within the levels of human dignity. In some situations, especially when people are evil, they need to know that you are strong. But the work we have shared today, we also need to apply here, because it's about how do my dark holes react to it? The fact that physically I need to be strong and confrontive and not allowing people to take advantage, not allowing people to destroy me, and not just let myself be a nobody that's taken advantage by anything and hope that God will help me, that's not what Kabbalah is suggesting. But, internally, because in some difficult situations, it might trigger major fears and insecurities and I'm going to look at that situation from a place of; "I'm going to kill him back! " which will never help. So, number one, I do need to fill up my insecurity with strength, with certainty, with energy with consciousness of giving, and then, I might need because that person, the only language he understands is a little strength, I might need to act in a strong way. But from my point of view, I should not let myself allow the dark hole feel, "I'm going down, what's going to be?" You know, it's a dangerous situation, I'm not going down. I'm going to fill it up with Light and now what's the best way to handle him? And maybe I need to be tough with him. But, internally, in every situation, we need to use this technology, because this dark hole can be used in social or in business. But it doesn't mean I'm going to speak with this guy about Light suddenly. I might need to be tough with him still. Whenever we have certain fears because of family history, about certain illnesses and sicknesses, besides observing the dark holes and being a giver, look at it differently, do we need as well to do physical things to protect ourselves? absolutely. Kabbalah believes in unifying the two worlds. Kabbalah believes in unifying the 1% world, the physical reality and the 99%. The dark holes lecture and lesson is about in a 99%, in a consciousness what I need to do. Nevertheless, in a 1%, I do need to take care of myself. I do need to go to the doctor, I do need, to my best knowledge and the healing system I believe in that resonates with me, to do whatever I can to protect myself physically, because one of the spiritual laws of this world is I cannot neglect my body. That's laziness that some people have, saying "I'm spiritual, I don' have to-" No. If it's what I eat, if it's check-ups and examinations, if it's being cautious about my health, And my immune system and other areas, I do need to take care of the 1%. One is not contradicting of the other. The fact that you are going through self doubts after things go well is part of the dark hole that is already existing within you you're not creating a new one. That dark hole manifests itself, but you don't believe things can continue to be good, basically. That's your dark hole, you need to observe it. So, every time things seem to be good in certain areas in your life, For a while, the dark hole will come, "oh I'm not deserving to maintain that good or I'm not good enough to maintain" "I was just lucky, that's the reason I was good, I'm not really capable to manifest good", so that's clearly a dark hole that existed before. It's not a new one that you created. Doubts came from the dark hole that exists, so every time you experience success, the dark hole, after a short time of the success, will wake up. Which is an opportunity for you to transform to long term success by you smiling at this dark hole and saying, "aha you want to inject doubts again? you want to inject fear that I'm going to lose that? No, I know I'm capable for long term blessings and success". The fact that the doubts come to me is a result of that dark hole. It doesn't want me to maintain that success. I'm not going to believe it, and I'll be a big giver, and I'll take it even to the next level. And the fact that you observe it and you don't take seriously the doubts, you just say, "it is a dark hole that exists in us." Thank you very much everybody.

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