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Peter Joseph on what we advocate (part 1)

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The issues I want to point out very quickly, we advocate no money, people sometimes don't understand why. We advocate automation. Especially, well automation almost entirely, but uh, well actually I'm going to stop right there because I'm not going to go into specifics on this. We advocate artificial intelligence to be used, there's one that gets a lot of confusion. We advocate a technological unification of the globe. Technological unification is required, I'm going to go into that in a second. We advocate no property and people throw their hands up at that too, they say "Wait a minute that's just too reminiscent of Communism!" because they have no frame of reference. And of course we advocate sustainable city systems. Now if you were to just bring that list up to general people, umm, Oh and also we advocate science as a methodology. Which should go without saying, but unfortunately we're at the tail end of the dark age, as far as I'm concerned, on this planet so i guess i have to restate the obvious. But nevertheless, these points, when you bring them up, most people, if they don't have a frame of reference.. they really don't know what to think of any of it. So I just want to quickly hit these points, really quickly, with the fundamental summaries to help you guys out there in case you ever encounter this. One second here... Ok, so, no money You go up to somebody and they say, "Oh yeah the Zeitgeist movement, they advocate no money" and they might ask why. The reason we advocate money is on multiple levels But here's the most influential level one: It is utterly paralyzing because money creates established institutions. Money creates institutions that are forced for their own survival to perpetuate themselves.

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Posted by: zeitgeistbrasil on Mar 1, 2010

Peter Joseph talks about what the Zeitgeist Movement advocates and why.

Part 1 of 3

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