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Different States of the Same Energy. Sadhguru

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"Is self-realization possible for an animal?" is the question? Uneducated,innocent,violent is different and animal is different Now when we say animal and human we are not talking in terms of which is superior It's not a question of superiority or inferiority It's a question of evolution It's a question of energy existing in a certain level of evolution See, it's the mud....the mud that you walk on is actually your body, isn't it? It's from that you are eating, isn't it so? And it's become like this It's the same material, isn't it? But is it the same? Or let me give a more blunt analogy Today night you will have dinner. Good food serverd on your plate, you like it so much with so much "like" you ate this Tomorrow morning, what has happened with this food? It has become shit isn't it? Same stuff or not? What you ate with so much liking, isn't it the same stuff? Can you handle both of them the same way? Seeker:It's not the same sir What is it then? Seeker: Digestion happened When you put shit to plant as manure you are eating the same stuff again, fruits & vegetables It's the same stuff But you cannot handle both of them the same way isn't it? because they are in a different state The food has become excreta This you love so much. That you don't want to go anywhere near it Same stuff. Same energy But it's different So you can't do the same things with both, isn't it? Similarly, it's not...but once again, if you want to grow your food you need either your excreta or animal excreta or something to grow, isn't it? So we can use it that way. But can we take it on our plate and eat it? No. So every state, same energy, manifesting in different ways But you have to handle them different ways Depending upon in which state it is So now if I bring one dog here and try to make him meditate I may love the dog I can just caress the dog and make him feel comfortable and nice Give him food, make him comfortable I can love him, make him love me, that's all But if I try to make him meditate, it will be foolish Because that is not how his energy is, right now Not because of he is inferior or you are superior or something Right now that is the state in which he is functioning Now this energy has come to this state, here something else can be done which cannot be done there So that's why it's been done here, not there And there, there is nothing much to be done Because most of it is in nature's hands for him Not so much is in his hands He is never a bad dog or a bad tiger, did you see? There are good tigers, isn't it? Only human beings are the problem.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru if self realization is possible for animals. Sadhguru discusses different life forms and states made up of the same energy. (SaO28)

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