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How to get the porcelain doll look

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[howdini, get yourself a guru] I'm Katie Wedlund for, and today I'm going to show you a look that's been seen all over the runways this season; this beautiful, flawless porcelain doll look. And my lovely model, Jen, today is going to help me demonstrate that for you. So to achieve this gorgeous, flawless look that we're doing on Jen today, I began with MAC Strobe Cream beneath her foundation, just to give it this luminescent glow, sort of an angelic, innocent look that goes along so well with this porcelain doll look that we're going for today. So next, I'm going to apply a beautiful light pink blush. This one by NARS. I'm just going to apply it to the ball of her cheek here and just a little bit above. Just a touch, just a hint, like she's actually blushing. So next, I'm going to move along to her eyes, which are also very minimal and very cool and crisp tones, which I'm finding in this new palette that I bought by Fresh. Today I'm going to be using it as a primer on her eyelids just to give it, again, even more of a glow. I'm just going to apply it all over the lid, up to the brow and even slightly into the brow, just to catch the light right above her brow bone. Next what I'm going to do is line her eyes very subtly, but with kind of a deep purplish plum color by Sephora. I'm going to line her eyes on the top and the bottom, but a very, very close-to-the-lash, very thin line, fading it out just a little so it almost looks natural; it almost doesn't even look like makeup. It almost looks like perhaps she has been crying or something. There's something very romantic about it. So continuing to line this eye in the same manner, I like to use these wonderful sponges, just because they're a little more gentle on the skin when you're sort of pulling it taught. So now I'm going to line the bottom one with the same tone of purple. And again, it's almost giving this look-- this sort of natural redness, almost. It just sort of adds to that sort of sad beauty. Now I'm going to go in with a completely opposite color. I'm going to use this very deep copper tone, almost orange, but I'm going to do it even thinner and closer to the lash line than the purple-- and this side. That way the purple sort of bleeds out and still looks natural, but this is just a tighter line. And I'm just going to go in and sort of buff it out slightly so it's still just ever so subtle, but it's so close to the lash line that it actually does give a nice definition to her eyes. So now I'm going to go in again on the bottom line with the same orangish tone. This has a nice sheen to it as well, so it's not too strong or overpowering. So now I'm going to go in and highlight the water line of her eye with this lovely iridescent, icy pink color, also from Sephora. Turn a little this way. And when you get just a little bit into the lash, it sort of accumulates in the lash line and then becomes even more of a highlight. The next step that I'm going to do is use this Brow Fix by Anastasia, which is basically a wax in a pencil. So by using this wax pencil, you're creating definition without adding color. So I'm doing that on both brows, just giving them a little bit more refined sharpness here. While still staying with the eyes, I'm going to add some lashes. So I just swipe the base along the glue and let it set for just a moment until it gets a little tacky. It makes it much easier to apply. So I'm going to have Jen close her eyes, and I'm just going to place this just gently right along the very base of the lid and right at the base of the lashes. So I'm just sort of pressing it in until it takes hold. And then again to this eye. Now you might notice there's a little bit of white clue showing. That usually dries clear. And if it doesn't, or if it's a little bit flesh colored and you can see a little bit of glue, you can easily go over it with a little bit of liner. So before moving on to the lips, I just want to go over a few spots with a little pressed powder because you want the luminescent glow to be all over her face, but in certain spots you don't want it to be too heavy. Next, we're going to move on to the lips, and in this case, the lips are definitely the anchor of this entire look. I'm actually going to do something that I've seen many makeup artists do backstage at the fashion shows and whatnot. I'm going to use the same eyeliner that I used as a lip liner. So I'm going to go ahead and line her lips in this lovely plum color. So with the lip liner, you want to just fill in a little bit in between the lines just to get the color sort of spread out. Once the lips are lined, you can go ahead and apply the lipstick. And one thing that makeup artists always have is a palette of all sorts of lip colors, so we're always mixing them and blending them. And I'm going to go ahead and fill in the lines of her lips. So now, I really want these lips to be matte because everything else is so luminescent. So I'm going to do another mixing of the products. I'm going to use a lilac eyeshadow by Maybelline, and I'm just going to blot it over this lip color to give it a nice matte lilac tone, right over the top. And see how we're getting this lovely matte, beautiful lilac color? It just draws your eyes in. [♪ upbeat music ♪] Look at those beautiful lilac lips. So this is the look; this porcelain doll. Very airy up above and all around, and then these nice, beautiful, bold, lilac lips to draw you in. I'm Katie Wedlund for [] [Laughter]

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Seen on the runway in New York and Paris, the porcelain doll look is perfect for those with fair skin. It's all about flawless skin, pinched cheeks, subtle eyes and dramatic matte lips. Professional makeup artist Katie Wedlund demonstrates how to create a porcelain doll look with super-dramatic lilac lips. Deep berry or red lips are perfect for this look, as well.

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