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Coca-Cola on Technology and Business Alignment

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My vision for the technology at Coca-Cola is, I think, very straightforward and simple. I guess the two aspects in, in how I think our company is leveraging technology: number one I think is related to driving productivity in our organization, in our company, as well as with our bottlers so really more like looking at the bottom line, right over balance sheet and profitability and making sure we drive costs out of the way and get more efficient. The other side though is really more and more our company is starting, I think, to understand how we can leverage technology into building business and growing. Right examples of that one is marketing with heavy technology based and it's all directed, for instance, to business growth. Right, so it's a good balance between the two actually. The one lesson, I think, is that I think you've got to defend the programs where you believe when a business is in a recession, you believe they're still a tremendous value of, you know, of running these programs. In fact maybe accelerating some of the business programs because the more automation you do, the more self service you do, the less you probably depend on people and part of a recession reaction of companies is normally cut people right? So, so we did, I think, pretty good job protecting solid, and critical - what we call transformation programs to really make sure we can continue on to make a lot of these work processes so our business really can react to the crisis and reduce workforce where needed so they can still have our profit margin intact. Lesson two I think is, I think it has been a for us a tremendous opportunity to look again at each and every dime in our operations wide and we have saved even on top of what the company asked us to do. We saved extra money because this was exactly the right time. Right, to look, look and find money and save money and in fact the lesson really is if you give people a target they can, which is realistic, they probably will deliver. We surely saw a mix of portfolio, clearly due to the recession, and back to the point of where you know, programs, that we preserved that had bigger impact on productivity got a higher priority and got accelerated; right so we quickly got our cost equation right. So, yeah I agree with that. On the other hand I think it drove more innovation from corners that we didn't expect it to be. One specific one indeed is it forced us faster to moving to what we, what we say in industry call software-as-a-service solutions. We, we got really acceleration coming out of that because these are not capital intensive programs. We have a lot of point solutions there. A data point here for instance is that two years ago we, within Coke, we had about two, only about two maybe three, pure software-as-a-service-solutions. We've now got 25 up and running, so we've been pushed faster into, I would say, less capital intensive programs and more run rate program kind of things. I would definitely be a, I think, a nature guide. A guide in nature. I pretend to be a bird fan, an amature ornithologist, or whatever they call it. I'm learning a lot about it but I would fully do that - be a nature guide. Thank you, and cheers to Coke and technology.

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Coca-Cola on Technology and Business Alignment Posted October 27, 2010. Retrieved from: ----- No changes have been made to the video except the addition of accurate close captioning. ----- Erik Verrijssen, Chief Development Officer at Coca-Cola, discusses his vision for how technology helps the business grow. He also outlines his view on the Great Remix of Corporate America.

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