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50 Shades of Disney

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Who's seen "50 Shades of Grey"? 谁看过“五十度灰”了? How many of you are just thinking about it right now? 谁现在开始回味镜头了? It's making tons of money. 它现在赚钱赚的手抽筋了 It's the number one film in the country, 已经是全国第一火的电影 and now other studios are just trying to cash in. 现在有的公司也想从中分一杯羹 Whenever something's popular, everyone tries to make a version of it. 只要什么东西开始流行,所有人都想山寨一下 This is Disney. Look at what Disney is-- 我们要说一下迪士尼,看看迪士尼都堕落成什么样了 it's a classic Disney movie, and this is what they're doing. 这是一部经典迪士尼电影,看看他们对它做了什么 今年三月 (本期节目播出于15年) - It's you, isn't it? - 是你,对不对 - Just so. - 没错 (Got me looking so crazy right now) (你让我看起来如此疯狂) - They're all looking at you. - Believe, they are all looking at you. - 他们都在看你 - 不,他们在看你 - I don't do romance. - 我不会做什么浪漫的事情 - My tastes are very...singular. - 我的喜好很...单一 《灰姑娘》 午夜之后 (嗯...嗯...嗯...嗯...嗯...嗯~) Ah, that's not right. 额,好像有奇怪的东西混进来了 I remember when "Cinderella" was an innocent story about a prince with a foot fetish. 我记忆里的“灰姑娘”是一个有关“恋足癖王子”的故事才对 Now look at him. 再看看这位

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50 Shades of Disney

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