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Mapas mentales para aprender lenguas

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Would you like to learn a foreign language fast and effectively? Would you like to remember all those unfamiliar words? Now you can, with Collins Language Revolution. The first course to apply mind mapping to language learning. Mind maps are the creation of Tony Buzan who is the world's top leading author and top lecturer on the brain and learning. Mind mapping is a revolutionary system which has changed the life of over 250 million people worldwide. But what exactly is a mind map? A mind map is an extremely powerful thinking tool which reflects externally what goes on inside your head. My maps will help you learn and remember thousands of words and phrases far faster than traditional methods, and this is for two main reasons: firstly, mind maps provide a structure to learning by grouping related concepts together and this mirrors the way in which your brain organises and stores new information. Secondly, mind maps are visual and research shows that the use of images and colour helps you recall all information, especially languages. Mind maps also make wonderful revision tools. As such, mind maps are the perfect tool for learning a language. where remembering vocabulary is the most common problem cited by new learners. So, how do you get started? Mind mapping this foreign language IS going to be easy, and it IS going to be fun. You start at the centre of your blank page. Now let's imagine, for example, that you are mind mapping vocabulary related to food in Spanish. Your central concept is "comida", food. You then draw branches that connect to this central theme. For example, "carne", meat "fruta", fruit

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Posted by: elisahergueta on Dec 2, 2010

Tony Buzan, inventor de los mapas mentales, explica cómo esta tecnica de memorización te ayuda en el aprendizaje de lenguas extranjeras.

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