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TROM: 2B-G - Ideas and Situations - Food and Water (2.0)

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[ Food and Water ] Food is a big problem in the monetary system because it can only be obtained with money. People can not live without food, and the monetary system controls all the food. If you do not believe me, give up the monetary system, take a bow and arrow and start hunting for food where you live. It's very possible to be arrested by police because you broke the rules of the monetary system, although the Earth and it's resources cannot be owned. It is also possible that you don’t find any animals; probably because of habitat degradation and the control of animals with farms. Fruit and vegetables are difficult to find outside of the monetary system as well. Food is closely controlled by the monetary system, as a result it is difficult to obtain it outside the system. If you want to build a house with a farm, to create your own conditions (food, electricity), you have to buy land and materials from the monetary system and then pay various taxes. Food is the main weapon used to enslave people. Once you have food control, you can manipulate beings who need it. Food is a problem in the monetary system because it comes along with other products that are considered commodities. Food is a commodity? Analyze humans and with that information decide whether food is a commodity. No wonder the monetary system transformed food into an event: romantic dinner, Thanksgiving dinner, all holidays promote food in some way. Many people die daily from lack of food or because of poor food quality. People accept the monetary system because they are unable to live without the resources it controls. Drinkable water was abundant decades ago and nobody had any reason to sell it, that’s until it was transformed into a business. This situation is as ridiculous as purchasing air to breathe. I think Jacque, you mentioned a statistic that I was about water scarcity, that we where running out of water Was that a statistic that you hade, I couldn´t remember it. While there is floods goining on all over the country how can you have a water shortage What we have to do is harness the flood waters - Right - The people live near a giant waterfall, with lots of water nobody steals water. Nobody packages the air in front you, and takes it home with them. There is so much of it, there's just no need to steal it. What we have to do is produce an abundance and make it available to most people. Crime is based on scarcity, most crimes. The ansers are really very simple there not complicated. - Sure What is complicated is the educational system today, which is false. If we dump stuff into the ocean, toxic materials and we pollute the air, we are not civilised. As long as we have prisons and military solutions you know military people are sincere they really want to defend the country, but they don´t know how. ?????? airplanes and machine guns, all that is cruid and vulgar. The same as a caveman there not much different. [ Alternative Solutions ] Instead of millions of dishes we produce just a few, but enough for everyone. What would you think about food abundance? What about supermarkets that are always filled with food but only those who have money can buy it? What about foods that expire and are thrown away this when thousands of people die of hunger every day? What about the tons of food wasted every day? What about animal foods? We could produce something similar for humans instead. After all the monetary system is for humans. Why not produce bread with vitamins in it for those who die of hunger, an abundance of them? If I tell you that a tonne of wheat now costs EUR 100, and if you compare that to what road grit costs, what the salt costs that we put on the roads in winter, well its just unreal. Nowadays grit costs more ... than the wheat the farmers produce. People should know about that, they really should. There should be a fair price for our produce. People should´t say things like ... "a schnitzel shouldn't cost more than 2 euros". Then everybody's suprised that ... we have factory farms with 20,000 pigs. That's the issue: whether that's what we want - but evidently it is what people want, because it's getting worse and worse. We take away about 2 million kilos of bread a year, but there's nothing wrong with it. It's no more than two days old, fit for anybody to eat. And I still see, even though I´ve been in the business ... more than ten years now and I always drive the same route, I still see old people stopping and staring, because they just can't believe what we're doing. The amount of unsold bread sent back to be disposed of every day in Vienna { CLIP } With these new cages even farmed fish would be able to travel the ocean. They where created by researchers at MIT by attaching two huge propellers to spherical cages nineteen meters wide. The new fish homes could become a alternative to conventional cages which are ankerd in ones place. Large amount of fish faeces can become trapped under cages and damages seafloor and marine life nearby. Since the swimming cages are designed to ????? with water current they never sit in one place long enough to cause harm. And if they flow too far off course they can take control by powering up there own propellers. A small boat ????? above carries a diesel generator to power the motors. The researchers recently tested the prototype in puerto rico and found that it was easy to manoeuvre. The cage was able to propell itself at a steady rate off .3 meters per second. { CLIP } [ 1) Food abundance 2) Focus on quality not quantity ] [ 3) Recycling food ] With current technology, those who die of hunger, do not die, they are killed. That's the truth. Water is already abundant on the planet, and purifying it is just a problem of using technology, not even a problem of technology. Solutions through technology exist and could be applied starting yesterday, but the monetary system is limiting the technology to maintain the cycle of consumption. IF an organization, created by intelligent beings, does not have necessities as its main concern, then the organization itself must be the one to blame.

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Description : TROM represents the biggest documentary ever created, but, also the only one that tries to analyse everything : from science to monetary system and real solutions to improve everyone's life. A new and real way to look about the world. " Before the Big-Bang, till present, and beyond."

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