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M&M's Easy Holiday cookies

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Buy passage far from Capua and the things that have been done to you. I will see you again one day. Go. <i>Dagan is now blind</i> <i>to attack from the right.</i> <i>I cannot stay within</i> <i>these walls</i> <i>and be denied your touch.</i> <i>Why did you drop your guard?</i> You are champion now. That is all that matters. <i>I have come to make amends</i> with a gift. A more permanent solution was required between us. <i>One that I added</i> <i>to Tullius' gift.</i> I would share drink. <i>Quintus will not forgive</i> <i>Tullius this</i> <i>and Gaia's death</i> <i>with be avenged.</i> Umer Mahmood Khokhar Saudi Oger LTD +966-549328732 umerjan69 It is a heavy thing... Seeing a father, so strong in life, unable to rise. The weight of it keenly felt. Titus was much loved by this city. Hold comfort in the knowledge. The magistrate himself pays respect? It's a great honor. For my father. Years I wished for blistering tongue to cool. Only to long for it to scorch ear once more. <i>I know you did not wish</i> <i>him gone in such a manner.</i> Nor did I, despite our many differences. Yet the gods have willed it. The gods had no fucking hand in this. Tullius' alone inflicts injury. And how shall it be answered? Apologies. Unwelcome guest makes appearance. Vettius. Temper emotion, and greet him with measured voice. It would serve no purpose to have confrontation here in front of the Magistrate. Good Batiatus. My sympathy for the passing of your father. A titan, standing far above all who follow. You come absent Tullius? I thought nothing could keep the man from observance of such a tragedy. He confers with dignitaries from Antioch. Antioch? <i>He is engaged</i> <i>in business there,</i> to the further glory of the Republic. <i>He sends regret that</i> <i>he could not be present.</i> And a reminder that a bargain was struck with your father before he passed. <i>Concerning the sale</i> <i>of Gannicus.</i> You dare broach subject on such a fucking day? We have respectfully waited for eight of them to pass. <i>Your period of mourning</i> <i>comes to conclusion.</i> <i>Tomorrow the sun</i> <i>greets a ninth day,</i> and with it we expect delivery of Gannicus. Turn desire towards piss and shit, <i>and see yourselves</i> <i>well satisfied.</i> <i>Then Tullius will be forced</i> <i>to withdraw offer</i> to include your men in the opening games of the new arena. And all that follow. <i>Apologies.</i> Batiatus summons the men. You will see her ashes beneath the ground? As is her people's custom. <i>I did not know of them.</i> There were many things that I did not pause to ask her of. Now I am but filled with questions. Speak of her, in quiet moments. And see them answered. Oenomaus... She was the rarest of women. A flower of beauty and compassion, in a world of shit. <i>I would assume her place,</i> so that her laugh may once again fill solemn air. She would not wish it. She loved you. As a brother. As I loved her. <i>We have known</i> <i>the agony of heart ripped</i> <i>yet beating</i> <i>from sundered chest.</i> And yet here we stand. The House of Batiatus is no stranger to misfortune. <i>To the cruel whims of the gods,</i> <i>and base men that would</i> <i>position themselves as such.</i> And yet. Here we stand. This house is built atop unshakable foundation of honor and respect. <i>And in no man were these</i> <i>qualities more evident</i> than Titus Lentulus Batiatus. <i>I will laud my father's memory</i> <i>by seeing</i> <i>the House of Batiatus elevated</i> <i>beyond the imagining</i> <i>of my ancestors.</i> <i>I will need all</i> <i>of you to see it done.</i> Men of hard purpose and desire. Let previous decisions fall aside. None among you will be sent to the mines, <i>regardless of standing!</i> <i>The sun has set on an era.</i> <i>Let us celebrate the name</i> <i>Titus Lentulus Batiatus</i> with drink and the clash of swords! Their sound to carry my father to the afterlife! Take position! Will you fight your man to conclusion? Or drop defense and allow for hollow victory, as you did with me before Titus? You are champion now. Do not broach fucking subject again. <i>Spill blood upon the sand,</i> yet live to one day die with glory and honor in the arena! Begin! This is all that remains. When the smoke clears and the embers die. <i>The sum total of a man's life.</i> This was my father's last act before his death. A bill of sale, transferring your ownership. The cause that moved you to seek audience, on the day I watched my father burn? Apologies, Dominus. I could wait no longer. To honor my father's wishes sees you fall to control of a man most hated. To defy them sees this house forever excluded from the new arena. A cock in the ass, from either direction. Speak, and give reason to see this join my father's ashes. I have no words towards such end. I come to see agreement honored. You wish to leave this house? I wish to see blood. See me delivered to Tullius' care, and I will see his life for your father's. My father never aimed a favored word towards you. Yet you entreat to be the instrument of his vengeance? Or is it another you seek it for? You would sacrifice your life, in the memory of hers? I would sacrifice a thousand if I had but had them. If you had such stirrings for Melitta, why did you not fight harder in the contest before my father? You could have taken Crixus, and remained here, close to your heart's desires. The match was lost before sword was ever raised. The same can be said of your plan against Tullius. He is forever surrounded not only by his own men, but by good citizens who would quickly come to the aid of such a "noble" Roman. Then they too shall fall. You do not fucking think! This grants ownership to Tullius' lap dog Vettius! You would be sent to the boy's ludus in fucking Nola. A year could pass before you find yourself close enough to Tullius. I would suffer a lifetime but to have the chance to strike. This house would be the one that suffers! A year of the greatest gladiator in the Republic fighting for those shits! A year of you needing to win each fight against my fucking men in the hopes of gaining an audience with Tullius. Will he not wish to see the man he has fought so hard to gain? When so delivered? Your desires are well noted. I will weigh argument, and come to an answer in the balance. Dominus. Fetch more wine. Vettius' appearance was ill timed. He is a dog, untrained where not to shit. The hand that grips his leash is of greater concern. Has Quintus voiced thought towards Tullius? He has not. Yet what would any of us do, to see the death of one so loved avenged? The very heart of my concern. To take action against Tullius is to invite mortal consequence. He has made repeated attacks against this house. You would have us do nothing? I would have you live. If the situation with Tullius turns to further disadvantage... Know that you may always seek refuge beneath my roof. As a friend. Where is the fucking wine? Naevia brings more. I should take my leave. <i>No, stay.</i> <i>I would have your counsel.</i> Gannicus presses to honor terms towards his sale. Then the matter is resolved. <i>Fuck resolution.</i> The man only desires close proximity to Tullius, and the villain's throat beneath his hands. He would kill Tullius for us? Do you believe it possible? You speak of madness! <i>Tullius is far too cautious</i> <i>to ever lower guard.</i> Especially in the presence of a man loyal to the House of Batiatus. And what would brave Solonius do in my fucking position?! Turn blind eye towards the murder of his father?! He would be certain to strike appropriate target. What if Tullius had no hand in this? His gift of wine was tainted with death. But was it by Tullius' hand? Or another moved by equal grievance? <i>What if Vettius</i> <i>is the true cause of this?</i> The boy's hatred for you is well known. <i>You are right.</i> Vengeance would stand a hollow vessel... were it not filled with retribution against all who have injured this house. Including young Vettius. You twist my intention! He but straightens purpose. Is this not what set tragedy in motion? Arrogance and impatience? You are forever reaching beyond grasp, and dragging those beside you as you fall. And you have never had the stomach to do what it takes to make a fucking name in this world! <i>Good Solonius,</i> <i>forever bowing and scraping</i> in the shit of his betters. Is it any wonder no woman would have you? Emotion carries us beyond reason. Solonius has been as a brother to us. It has been a trying day, in a long succession of many. Apologies. I have asked much of our friendship, with little reward. Yet I must seek more, if we are to see injuries against our house redressed. What are your thoughts? They yet stand clouded. Come, let us put minds together, and see them cleared. <i>This mark carries great honor.</i> And even greater responsibility. Melitta held many years as my body slave. And shall be missed beyond the measure of words. I expect equal loyalty from you now. You must always to stand by my side, never to leave it. Or this house. As Diona chose. <i>I understand why she fled.</i> <i>It was an unfortunate thing,</i> to be so used by men for base entertainment. I understand. Yet cannot forgive. Yes, Domina. <i>What I can do...</i> is make promise that no one will ever lay hands upon you for sport. Your maidenhood will be preserved as precious gift, and given only to the most worthy. As Melitta was given to Oenomaus. There. We are forever bound to each other. Bring oil and a sharpened blade. I would be rid of this fucking beard. Solonius? His courage hardened, and hands set to task. Then you have come to decision. One that not even good Tullius will see coming. Gather my father's ashes. And tell Oenomaus to prepare Gannicus to leave these walls. Batiatus again spits in my face? News absent surprise. A snake by nature favors maneuvering upon its belly. I would stand upright. Among honorable men. Where does he take Gannicus? Batiatus sent me to secure sale to the Syrian trader Galeagra. By morning Gannicus will be on a ship sailing towards points unknown. Forever beyond your reach. You aided Batiatus in this? I have known the man for many years. I was... conflicted. As am I. On whether to strip flesh from your fucking face. Wait! I came to you with this! After the fact. There is still time! He meets the Syrian at the edge of the city! Gather the men. I cannot believe even Batiatus so thick, to imagine concealing such an act. He will spin story... of Gannicus escaping. To perhaps follow his slave Diona, who recently went to foot. He thinks me the fool, to accept the tale? Batiatus knows you will summon him to meeting. To "discuss" the matter. He lays plans to see much coin in your men's hands. Payment in aid against your life when he stands before you. The fucking cock on him. Batiatus has always thought himself above those around him. Even closest friend. I shall prove the notion false. And see fucking son join his father. Where are they? I will search ahead. Stay where you are. I would not have you from my fucking side. If you had sold me to Tullius, no one else's life would be at risk. With great risk comes greater reward. And I would have mine. The Syrians arrives. I grow weary of these games, Batiatus. <i>And would see them</i> <i>to bitter end.</i> As would I. Come. Let us embrace, you fucking cunt. Fucking kill him Barca! Fuck you! You fucking shit! You fuck! Wait, hold! Said hold! Such a death... would be far too quick. Bind him. And you. You played your part to fucking perfection! It was not difficult. When passion for vengeance overtakes caution, even the keenest of minds is easily deceived. Modest to the fucking last. See these bodies put to grass. Then get yourself to the Medicus. You are sure to your purpose? My path has never been clearer. Good Tullius. Let us have final words. Before you depart this life. The lamb finally wakes. Calm yourself. I merely wish to break words. Seek to raise alarm, and find throat slit well in advance of aid. We are clear? You are fucking dead. Threats absent form, without Tullius to support them. What have you done to him? Me? I have done nothing. <i>In all of this,</i> I have never known quarrel with good Tullius. Yet Batiatus... he is of a contrary nature. And moves even as we speak to end his conflict with your man. Forever. The opening of the arena is upon us. Tullius' absence will be noted. And your part in it quick upon heel. You are mistaken. No one will suspect Tullius has left this world. Not when trusted Vettius heralds news that he has unexpectedly set sail abroad. To attend pressing matters in Antioch. What would move tongue to voice such fucking lie? It more easily forms words to see you and Batiatus executed for your crimes. Based upon what evidence? We were not found knife in hand, kneeling beside body. A body which even now Batiatus conceals beyond reach of human eyes. No, my concern rests with your safety. Attempt to raise unwarranted suspicion, and Batiatus would be sure to take offense. And without Tullius to protect you... Ah. Youth finally matures. Now that we have settled issue, let us turn to other matters. Of a more personal nature... <i>All things change...</i> <i>What we hold close</i> <i>to our hearts</i> eventually pass from this world. And what we once turned from in disgust... We embrace as necessity. Raise your eyes. What do you see? The Domina of this house. Is that all? I see a woman. Unlike any I have seen before. Better. I did not think I pleased you. When last called to your chambers. I love my husband, beyond all men. I would do anything for him. And his legacy. I do not need seek pleasure. I need only your cock. Speak of this, and see it parted from your body. Yes, Domina. Your hair and your beard give the appearance of a fucking animal. I would have you reformed into the semblance of a man. To make the lie I must tell myself more convincing... A game well played, Batiatus. Now let us come to terms. <i>Your man Gannicus obviously</i> <i>means a good deal to you,</i> to press to such extremes. I will cease my pursuit of him. Offer more. I will see your house take prominence in all upcoming games. More. Speak desire, and see it attended. I desire to see you suffer. As I have suffered at your fucking hands. Your suffering has only begun, lanista. When it is discovered what you have done to me! You will not be discovered. Nor missed. Solonius moves young Vettius, <i>towards offering</i> <i>proper explanation</i> <i>for your disappearance.</i> Vettius? The city will mourn. Soon your name will be spoken of less and less. Until it is lost to history. <i>I should have had your life</i> <i>at the beginning of this.</i> The mistake is mine, having stayed hand in respect of your father. Respect? Then pay it to the remains of the man himself! Tell him how high you hold him! Even as your poisoned wine robs him of fucking life! Tell him! Tell him, you fucking shit! Why should I strike against your father? He was an honorable Roman. A man who knew his place. As I know yours. There will be an accounting, Batiatus. For this and everything that follows. The gods will see to it some day. But not this one. This arena was your life. Add to its foundation. <i>Have eyes ever beheld</i> <i>such a sight?</i> The laurel crown of the Republic. Its majesty even more evident when viewed from the pulvinus. A great honor, to be invited by Tullius. One I fear undeserved. Yet he is a difficult man to turn from. A fact well known to all present. I am surprised by his delay. The opening of the arena <i>has been the only</i> <i>subject on his tongue.</i> Now he stands late to his own celebration. Apologies. Tullius regrets he will be absent altogether. What could wrest him from so high a perch? Pressing concerns abroad in Antioch. His departure was... unexpected. <i>The arena would not exist</i> <i>without Tullius.</i> We would not be standing here, were it not for his actions. We should halt the celebrations until his return. Agreed. I shall address the crowd... <i>Tullius sends hard</i> <i>instruction for ceremony</i> to carry without him. <i>This arena was a gift</i> <i>to his beloved city.</i> He would not see misfortune to stand in the way of the giving of it. <i>A most gracious offer,</i> <i>well received.</i> Come. Haunt Tullius' place by my side, possessing his spirit for the occasion. Again I must offer apology. I make preparations to follow Tullius to Antioch. What of your ventures here? Your ludus? I am retiring from the lowly call of the lanista. In favor of station more befitting a man of breeding. What will become of your men? They fight this very day. I would not see your brief labors turn to naught. Solonius and I can make fair offer to divide them. <i>Deeply appreciated.</i> Yet unnecessary. Solonius and I have already come to terms. Terms? I have transferred deed to all my gladiators to Solonius, <i>under whose noble banner</i> <i>they will fight this day.</i> <i>You are indeed blessed,</i> <i>Solonius.</i> <i>Your ludus now stands above</i> <i>all others in sheer numbers.</i> May the gods continue to show favor. <i>I must take my leave.</i> Give good Solonius all consideration towards future games. Tullius and I would have it so. You are overly generous. Come. I would see you away. The boy all but runs from us. Vettius has always been little more than Tullius' pet. <i>Is it any wonder</i> <i>he runs to heel</i> when leash is jerked? Batiatus speaks truth. Let us put absent friends from mind, and turn towards the glories of the day. You have done well. I but dance to the yank of strings. Avoid them forming a noose, and never return to Capua while I draw breath. I shall pray for the day it ceases. We were supposed to divide Vettius' men among us. What the fuck are you doing? What it takes to make a name in this world. After years of "bowing and scraping in shit". Is that what this is about? A few words spoken in anger absent thought? A few words? You name me friend and brother, yet at every turn remind that I lack this trait or that. You take information given to aid and move against Tullius, absent regard of the difficult position it places me. You talk of nothing. Every tongue that is not your own is accused of the same. It has taken years and the price of blood, but I at last see you for what you are. A man that holds no one in esteem beyond himself. I owe you gratitude. Without you to show the way, I would never have raised nerve to betray those closest to me. What excuse does Solonius give? None that merit consideration. <i>What has the crowd</i> <i>in such a state?</i> Sextus announces executions before the games begin. Is that not one of yours, Batiatus? The girl on the end, what was her name... Diona. Diona, yes. Apologies, Batiatus. The girl was only rounded up this morning. If you wish her removed to be dealt with personally... No. <i>Let her death stand as warning.</i> To all others who would seek to betray me. Caburus is your man now, Solonius. Rise, and see him to purpose. As you wish. A pity, to lose one so fetching. Soon you join. Cunt. Doctore. I can fight. Have word with dominus I already have. Aid your brothers in preparing for the day. You will fight again when you are able. Yes, Doctore. You will face Tasgetius and Synetos. In the match before the primus. <i>Our days have been filled.</i> Show all of Capua why you are considered such a prize. Fight. And honor the House of Batiatus. There are many things I would die for. <i>Many I deserve to die for.</i> This house is no longer among them. Then fight for her. Every life you take. The blood you shed. She will see it from the afterlife. Then I shall fill her eyes. Crixus! <i>You are first.</i> <i>Ready!</i> The sands have been moistened with our first offerings of blood! But more is demanded on such a day. And you shall have it! The houses of Solonius and Batiatus <i>will battle each other</i> <i>in deadly contest.</i> No mercy shown! No quarter given! The victors all to face each in the primus! You will school that little shit in the ways of a true lanista. A lesson to be remembered. <i>It shall be a spectacle</i> <i>the likes of which</i> the gods themselves have never witnessed! Glory to Capua! Glory to Rome! Yes! Yes! Once more Gannicus proves himself a god of the arena! Were that Tullius present to witness such triumph! Yet I fear the numbers stand against you in the primus. <i>Solonius holds twice your men.</i> Numbers are meaningless. A lesson good Solonius is about to discover. <i>You shall stand</i> <i>above all others</i> <i>eclipsed only</i> <i>by the gods themselves!</i> So at last meet upon the sands. Two among many. I give no shit about other men. I shall prove myself against you in proper contest. We face Solonius' men, not each other. <i>Only until they have fallen.</i> Then we shall stand alone, absent thought of brotherhood. Attend. Your Dominus would have words. Everything we have dreamed of. Suffered and died for. The worth of it all turns upon this single moment. <i>You face the House of Solonius,</i> <i>and his ill gotten men.</i> <i>You stand outnumbered.</i> <i>But not outmatched.</i> Only one man will claim victory this day and earn the title Champion of Capua. <i>And by the gods</i> <i>that man will be</i> from the fucking House of Batiatus! Gladiators! Form! Many have fought this day. Many have died, their blood staining the sands. Yet this arena towers above all others in the republic. <i>It is a vast beast.</i> <i>And it yet hungers!</i> <i>Two great houses</i> <i>face each other.</i> <i>Yet every man</i> <i>must ultimately stand</i> <i>for himself and himself alone.</i> What are they doing? It matters not. <i>Fire burns</i> <i>within their breasts.</i> <i>And it is fire that shall</i> <i>bind them in final contest!</i> <i>Fall to the sands</i> <i>beyond the flames,</i> <i>and find yourself</i> <i>removed from the primus.</i> <i>Fall within them,</i> <i>and be removed from this world.</i> <i>Take position!</i> Do not die before we meet. <i>Split heaven with</i> <i>the sound of your fury!</i> Begin! First blood to Solonius! Yeah! Yes! Yes! It is a pity you did not land more men in the primus, Solonius. I fear you may be eliminated prematurely. You crazy fuck. Batiatus' men think so little of his house, <i>they seek to kill each other.</i> Who stands now? Capua! Fuck! Let us press advantage, brother! <i>Kill Gannicus!</i> Then decide who is champion between us! No! Your men again set upon each other before common foe is defeated. To be expected, when animals are not properly trained. Gannicus is mine! It appears odds have shifted. The odds return to balance. Yes! The House of Batiatus stands fucking triumphant! Apologies. None required. A most impressive showing. I do but honor this city. And my champion continues to do the same. I have mind towards your man for my own games. <i>As do I.</i> Listen how he ignites the crowd. Gannicus! Would they not forever remember this day, and the men responsible for it... if Gannicus were granted freedom? Freedom? I would have granted the same in deference to the crowd. <i>Had my man survived.</i> An excellent suggestion. You can always train another gladiator. <i>Yet to conclude</i> <i>the opening ceremonies</i> with such a blessing... As I said. I but honor this city. Gannicus has proven himself to the city of Capua! Let him be rewarded... With freedom! Gannicus! Gannicus! After all we have suffered. Gannicus is still lost to us. I offered the man coin. Freedom to come and go as he pleases. If he would yet fight for our house. Memories haunt the man. <i>Drive him from our walls.</i> Crixus afforded himself well in the games. Let us turn our hope towards him, <i>that he may bring us honor</i> <i>and good fortune.</i> Yes. Let us place stock in the Gaul. And see what ends he may service. Real proud of you brother. I shall join you one day, you mad fuck. Of that there is no doubt. We have not yet had proper contest. Win your own freedom, and seek me out. Crixus. I was given this when I became champion of this house. Wear it with more honor than I have. You have earned the rudis. Proof you no longer stand a slave. A lifetime of blood. And victory. It lifts troubled heart, to see my brother gain his freedom. Melitta would have been proud. Oenomaus... She loved you. Above all others. The thought shall keep me warm. Until I join her in the afterlife. I shall meet you both there. Doctore. Begin the day's training. <i>First position!</i> I would not hear the name Gannicus spoken within these walls. Nor that of Tullius or his cock eating apprentice. These things are of the past. Let us look towards brighter future. My eyes are firmly fixed. We will see this house elevated. Beyond my father. Beyond Solonius. Beyond the fucking gods themselves. We will leave our mark upon this city. And one day, see proper reward for all we have done. <i>I have done this thing because it is just!</i> <i>Blood demands blood.</i> <i>We have lived and lost</i> <i>at the whims</i> <i>of our masters for too long.</i> <i>I would not have it so.</i> <i>Your lives are your own.</i> <i>Forge your own path...</i> <i>or join with us,</i> <i>and together</i> <i>we shall see Rome tremble!</i> UMK +966549328732 UMERJAN69

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M&M's Easy Holiday cookies

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