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C9L10 Living Thinking

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Thats why we want to play even if we start off stiff and achy just by playing in this way it fine tunes the mind, it fine tunes the body. Its good exercise and it does something that is universal. It is advancing the human mind to what it really can do. We think it is a stepping stone to playing sports and practicing its not just learning it, not just graduating with this knowledge. You know becoming all the different things an optimist, a knight those all characterize being fully mobilized into this area. When you are a competitor you can't just be a weekend warrior type of thing especially when you are a kid trying to be on a team. Trying to go pro, trying to be great you have to live this thing to be always thinking about your strengths and weaknesses and how you can integrate these more. Who you can practice with that will help you more with these types of things. Thats why we hope there is whole national and international group that will come together to play and share idea's, and benefit from this in the future. You have to connect to other players and that has been a big problem I think especially in US tennis is the players and coaches all hide out from one another. The fact is you really have to connect, our lives are very enhanced because we can play tennis with each other 3 times a week. It makes all the difference in the world whether business is up or business in down, selling a lot of 8 Boards, selling no 8 Boards its always the same and we always laugh about it. You know what this it 5, 10, 15 years later this is this why we do what we do because it is the process the journey. Like I said this is not the end of the school this is really the beginning of your journey and your quest for this perfect game. For you to feel God like for you to feel like you are a part of nature at least when you are on the tennis court. Speaking of nature the sun is setting on these two knights and the sun is now setting on the School of Tennis at least this first chapter of the School of Tennis my pleasure. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I want to thank Pablo. You guys get on the court immediately get your players out there and live like Knights because I can assure you if it wasn't dark we would be doing the same thing right now. We will be out here tomorrow living this non linear game. Thanks!

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 27, 2014

The journey continues...

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