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Atom and Eve Class Two - take02

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We go now to part two. The Influence of the Zohar in History. Now, any questions before we begin this section on what we've just discussed on the source of the course. Megan has a question and I will ask for her and she's asking The Light energy was concealed, but where? Where was it concealed? Well, the same way you don't see ultraviolet rays the same way you don't see x-rays the same way you don't see the energy all around us it's hidden. So and I don't mean just physically hidden like ultraviolet rays are hidden we don't perceive it I mean, even the pleasure that this light embodies is hidden. x-rays, you know. they don't taste like grape juice, candy or chocolate, this Light that was hidden not only is it hidden like x-rays and ultraviolet rays, and other frequencies of Light from the spectrum, we only see a small portion of the visible spectrum but the energy, the consciousness the pleasure fulfillment that this energy represents was also hidden. So we only tap into let's call it a pilot Light, just a touch to maintain the universe The purpose of our lives is to unleash the full radiance. That's what's been trying to happen and take place for the last 2000 years but they redacted the Teachings of Jesus we don't know what they are only his close disciples knew, the Israelites the jews were not allowed to study the Zohar it was forbiden, now we're at the end of days and it says in the Zohar if you haven't achieved The Messiah, the transformation of our world the arrival of biological immortality the end of death, you must reveal the secrets publicly. And that's why this course exists. That's why it's allowed to exist. So that's what I mean by it's hidden. Does that help? okay (...... ) you can tell us on the chat if you guys have any questions you can write on the chat I have a question or raise your hands digitally, can we continue? Okay. Let's go on, Mayan said yes. Ok, good. So, some of you may have seen this but this is critical in our free lecture it's a scene from the film based on the amazing book by Arthur Clarke, 2001 A Space Odyssey watch this scene very carefully if you've seen it before watch it again feel what, you know, what this scene is really saying. In this scene from 2001 A Space Odyssey there's this alien device called the Monolith. That showed up on ancient earth according to the mythology, of Arthur C Clarke's book, and it had a profound impact upon human evolution, on evolution, by its presence the Monolith raised the consciousness of the APE of those early pre-human creatures and stimulated the idea how to use tools, weapons, for survival kill animals, make tools which eventually led to the expansion of the human brain and this Alien Monolith is what you know was planted here by some alien force on earth, to ignite and stimulate evolution really cool concept many people you know, became fervent followers of the Monolith in fact they started showing up over two months ago what a coincidence people are putting up these silver Monoliths in different places around the world. you know, as a kind of a hoax. But the reason I want to share this is that this Monolith effect just by being near it by being connecting to it whatever energy is radiating from that Monolith that impacts our thinking allowing us to see something we might have never seen before like how to use tools how to use bones and how to, you know, increase our survival this concept is what the Zohar is all about. by connecting to the Zohar its presence the alien in this case is the divine creator the Zohar by connecting to it any which way holding it, reading it, scanning it, learning its teachings when they go inside your mind it has a profound effect on our individual evolution and the collective evolution of human society. And that's what we're going to see now in the influence of the Zohar's radiance upon science. This is Max Dimont. he's a Finnish American Historian. He wrote a book and in the book he examines the scientific revolution when the greatest minds of science in the 16th and 17th century suddenly appeared out of nowhere. this was after almost 1500 years of darkness known as the dark ages. Suddenly there was an explosion of Scientific Discovery "Western philosophy and science which had died with the Greeks and the Romans in the second century a.d was reborn in the 16th and 17th centuries something must have sparked this sudden rebirth but what? He asks. This is A. C. Crombie. Science Historian. He wrote: "Why such a revolution in methods of thought should have taken place is obscure. They don't know why we started thinking differently, behaving differently and with our new thinking discovering things we never saw before as it relates to science. Max Dimont says: "Examining the role of the medieval Kabbalists as scientists will: "Throw some light on the sudden eruption of scientific genius in Western Europe in the 17th century." Dimont on the surprising outbreak of astounding Christian scientific thought during the scientific revolution: "It took place he says in the 17th century in Western Europe in the area where the Jewish Kabbalists and scientists had flourished for 400 years." So he's already and he wrote this book I think in the late 50s or 60s he's already starting to, you know, connect the dots between the scientific revolution and kabbalah. The influence of the Zohar. If you go back to that is a Zagut Crater named after Kabbalsit Abraham Zakuto, here's a practical example, not a metaphysical example, practical how the Zohar influenced science. Abraham Zakuto in addition to telling us Abraham Zakuto was the navigational consultant to Comlumbus. Initially Spain, the King and Queen of Spain, refused to permit Columbus to sail to the new world they thought their world was flat, they thought the trip was too expensive Columbus met with Abraham Zacudo, and he took with them Zacuto's Astronomical tables, which he wrote in Greek sorry, which he wrote in Hebrew, and was translated into Latin. Columbus took those with them on his trip. Zakuto's Astronomical Tables actually save Columbus's life. When Columbus landed on one island he met the natives of that island and they were Columbus and his crew were deathly ill. And they needed food and the natives wanted to kill them. They didn't want to give them food, and nourishment, and Columbus looking at the Astronomical Table saw like, you know, that there was going to be an eclipse of the sun the next day. so he told them next evening there's going to be eclipse and that's going to mean my God is angry if you don't bring us food. So when the skies darkened the next day, the Indians thought that Columbus's God was the true God, and they fed them and they saved Columbus's life. Dr Meyer Kaiserling, german historian and rabbi, 19th century at a conference in Salamanca Spain with Columbus was the Astronomer Abraham Zacudo who promoted Columbus's undertaking. Zacuto told the King and Queen don't worry the world is not flat. DrHenry Gershenowitz Professor Emeritus at Rowan University "It was the Zohar that influenced both Abram Zakuto and Columbus if you read the ancient Zohar it confirms around earth. "The Zohar provided knowledge of around earth and the idea of many geographical continents supporting Columbus's endeavor. Dr Gershenowitz explains why the influence of the Zohar on Columbus has remained in the dark for so long. "The western world could not accept these truths in regards to the Columbus, the Zohar, and the role of the Sephardic Jews in the discovery of America. because the Christian world did not accept the Hebrew faith spiritually and geographically. They were wrong in their story of Columbus but they out numbered the Sephardic Jews and so their version of the story prevailed. So now for the first time in history publicly we're sharing the truth and how Columbus and Zacuto knew the world was round, knew there were seven continents, not just two which was the prevailing views for thousands of years only two continents on planet earth. Do we know for sure Zakuto knew about the Zohar this is his book you can find it online called the Book of Generations Zakuto wrote: "the Zohar enlightens the entire world the Zohar is the study of Light which includes all the secrets." He goes on to write pages and pages about the power of the Zohar. So what does the Zohar say? So went to the Vatican, instead of just showing the Kabbalah Center Zohar, we pulled out some original handwritten Zohars in the Vatican Library, this is a picture of one, and this is a verse this is a handwritten Zohar not printed, the first Zohar was printed in 1558, so this is written before, this is what it says: "The entire inhabited Earth is around like a globe so that some inhabitants are up and some are upside down." Heretical. "When the Creator created the world it created seven lands..." "There was a location on the globe where it is light for some people, while it is dark for other people." "This creates day on one side of the Earth and night on the other side." "There is a location where the day is very long, almost always light, and the night is very short." "The different appearances of the inhabited world, the appearances of people, is directly dependent upon the difference of the cosmic force, there's a different cosmic force that exists in the seven major geographical locations." These mysteries have been entrusted to the masters of kabbalah but it is not known to those who mark out the boundaries the geographers because it's a very deep secret. Professor Michio Kaku best-selling author and physicist, "It's remarkable that the Zohar written two millennia ago has resonance with our modern day conception of Geography and the Planet Earth. We do have a planet Earth that is rounds, and the North Pole and the South Pole the days and nights are six months at a time and we do have the fact that different peoples populate the seven continents, we all look different because of our evolution because of the ice age and the introduction of ultraviolet radiation. And so it is rather remarkable. So not only was Michio Kaku amazed so were the scientists at Nasa that the Zohar had this information. The Zohar spoke about an other ancient secret about the 7 Continents that was heretical sounding. "The Holy One created 7 lands but the waters first brought forth one actual land and from that one land came 7 lands, 7 lands were formed." Crazy! Today, Modern Science: "About 300 million years ago the Earth didn't have 7 continents but instead one massive super continent called Pangaea, which was surrounded by a single ocean." "Before breaking up and drifting to their present locations all the continents had formed a single super continent." Pangaea also spelled this way: in early geological time is a super continent that incorporated almost all the land masses on Earth. Encyclopedia Britannica. Jjust go to Encyclopedia Zohar and you have the exact same story. Here's an animation it's almost like you know taking apart a puzzle of how the seven continents were formed from one continent. How did the Zohar know? Was it prophecy? Was it just a wild guess? No. It was the Zohar’s own cosmology which told them there had to be seven continents. In the beginning there was this infinite endless light that existed before our physical universe came into existence. This light we're going to go into in detail in in next week's class, this light withdrew pulled back creating empty space, and it set forth a ray of light that formed 10 dimensions. These are the 10 dimensions which are our code for the 10 Commandments. These 10 dimensions are broken up into three upper dimensions, which we do not connect to they're too high, and 7 lower dimensions which directly impact our world in the cosmology of Zohar. So you have the one realm which is the Zohar Radiance of the Firmament the Radiance the energy the Light the infinite world that existed before there was our universe. Then Three Dimensions were created and then seven dimensions which impact our world directly. and there's a very famous saying in the Zohar: "As above, so below." as the metaphysical unseen world is structured so is our physical world, and therefore that's what Zohar said there are 7 seas, there are 7 continents, there are 7 notes of music, there are 7 days in a week, there are 7 colors in a rainbow. It's a direct reflection of the 7 dimensions that impact our world directly. Sir Isaac Newton arguably the greatest scientist in history even surpassing Einstein because Newton was in a world where it was all the dark ages and there was a sudden eruption of the scientific revolution in the 17th century. Newton is buried here, Westminster Abbey. and when he was buried he took a secret with them to the grave. Harvard Professor Bernard Cohen. The Professor wrote a book that revealed the dark secret that Newton took to the grave. "Upon his death in 1727 a big box of unusual papers was discovered in his room." Bishop Samuel Horsley who was also a scientist was asked to inspect the box with the idea to publish it. He saw the contents of that box with horror and he slammed the lid shut. that box stayed closed for centuries. "Newton kept a lot of his beliefs secret not because he wanted to but because he'd be fired if his real beliefs came out." But his family when they knew what was in that box kept that box sealed shut for centuries. "Of course newton had a real secret and he did his best to keep the world in ignorance." Harvard Professor Bernard Cohen. Einstein himself knew that Newton was obsessed with the idea that kabbalistic and occult wisdom was embedded in the Bible. 1940 Einstein wrote a letter: Newton is firmly convinced that the seemingly dark sections in the Bible hold great revelations and one has to simply strive to decipher the underlying symbolic language. Newton approaches this process of deciphering or interpretation by way of sharp systematic thinking and by carefully studying various available sources." "The Divine Origin of the Bible is for Newton absolutely certain." Dr. Matt Goldish was one of the few Scholars 30, 40 years who was able to look into Newton's manuscripts that were only made public in the 1930s, which will be explained so Dr. Matt Goldish was one of the few who got first access to those hidden Newton's manuscripts. He believed that God had encrypted or encoded all kinds of secrets, knowledge about the universe in the Bible and for him this means both the Hebrew Bible, the so-called Old Testament and the New Testament. Graham Hancock: "Newton had been obsessed with the notion that a secret wisdom lay concealed within the pages of the Scriptures." The Guardian Newspaper: "Isaac Newton's secret obsession with the obscure branches of theology reveal another side to the man who helped shape the modern world." "Others have described newton as secretive, neurotic, spiteful, vindictive, ruthless, arrogant, obsessive and paranoid." Professor Patricia Farah: "Newton liked to think of himself as the New Messiah, come to save the world." So Newton wasn't just unraveling the laws of physics to him unraveling the secrets of the Bible was the same idea the pursuit to transform the world. From PBS the documentary Anova Newton's Dark Secrets: "while Isaac Newton was busy discovering the use of the Universal Law of Gravitation, he was also searching out hidden meanings in the Bible. This is the Newton that nobody wanted to hear about. So from the time Newton died his family packed all his non scientific manuscripts into a big box and they stuck them up in an attic somewhere and they passed through the hands of the family for generation after generation every once in a while somebody would open up the box and start looking through it and they'd be shocked by Newton's writings about religion about Kabbalah about whatever it might be and they said nobody wants to see this put it back in the box and forget about it. In the early 20th century the family tried to give the manuscripts away, they tried to give them to Cambridge University where Newton taught they tried to give them to Oxford, I believe to Harvard, Princeton, I don't know a whole bunch of Universities they all turned it down because nobody wanted to hear about the weird Newton, nobody wanted to hear about the Newton who wasn't an absolute scientific rationalist. Finally, and this just shows how far it went, the family wanted money they took the box of manuscripts they sold it at public auction and it was just spread all over the world. People bought it at ridiculous cheap prices and the pieces of it are still there pieces that still haven't been found they're in private collections, they're in public collections people have single pages hanging on their wall as a decoration, all kinds of things. Fortunately several people went about and put collections of the material together so that you can find larger collections of the Newton’s Manuscripts together in Jerusalem and also at Cambridge, which apparently Cambridge changed their minds, and later took a large collection that Lord John Maynard Keynes put together and gave to Cambridge. So now it is possible for the Scholars to go through Newton's Alchemical historical religious manuscripts and to discover what was really going on in Newton's head which wasn't all about a rationalistic scientific rejection of religion. So there was 300 years of propaganda about Newton and the whole scientific revolution, you know, no belief in God, science has all the answers, but in reality from Newton's perspective, totally unraveling the secrets of the Bible and unraveling the secrets of nature were one in the same thing. Gabriel Heaton Sotheby's Manuscript Specialist It was Sotheby's that auctioned off Newton's manuscript I think was 1935. Newton's genius is undisputed. To everything he studied, everything he touched religion, physics, mathematics, alchemy, chemistry, he brought incredible depth and complexity and originality." Did the secretive Newton study Kabbalah? I came across newton's notes on kabbalah when I was first starting to study the Newton's manuscripts and I was completely blown away, I had seen references to it in secondary works but to see it in Newton's handwriting and to see what he was writing about it and how he was thinking about it and how carefully he was considering the ideas was a real revelation to me it was unbelievable. Moses knew the whole of the scientific truth of this newton was certain." So Newton knew that when Moses received that light on Mount Sinai along with the secrets of the Bible were the secrets of science and how the entire world operates. "Kabbalistic theologies of space were significant items in the mental furniture of Newton's age." Professor Brian Copenhaver of UCLA So now the Scholars over the last 20 years were starting to come around and realize, oh my God Newton was influenced by kabbalah. Newton himself said: "Atheism is so senseless. When I look at the solar system I see the Earth at the right distance from the sun to receive the proper amounts of heat and light. This did not happen by chance." We know what he read, we have the list of the books in his library and among them was a book called the Kabbalah Denudata and we have not only the book with his dog earrings, so we know he read it but we also have his notes on it, which are fairly extensive. So he did a good deal of thinking about it. Let's now peek into Newton's hidden notes that were locked up for hundreds and hundreds of years. These are Newton's kabbalistic notes. Here in his own handwriting he writes about the kabbalist, he writes about the realm known as Keter, which is the highest dimension of the Ten Dimensions, Chochmah, which is one of the highest dimensions and Binah those who study kabbalah know exactly what I’m talking about, these are hebrew words and Newton's writing discussing the structure of those 10 Dimensions. Meet John Locke. He's a Philosopher, a Physician and was a close friend of Newton. He was the most influential person, John Locke, for actually igniting the Age of Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution. Google John Locke very important to launching the whole Scientific Revolution. John Locke revealed something shocking about his friend Sir Isaac Newton. Something secret that wouldn't be discovered by signs for another three centuries. John Locke said that Newton had told them something, Something about God and the creation of our cosmos. "Locke said that newton described creation as a process of drawing back." known as in the hebrew word Tzim Tzum in kabbalah. If you remember earlier we showed how that white light drew back to create empty space. "Drawing back" Tzim Tzum. Do you know what Newton was actually describing? The drawing back was the Big Bang. The birth of space and time. Why? If the Light that Zohar Radiance that 99% reality, listen carefully, if it's an infinite realm without time and space when it draws back to create a dark vacuum that space it creates the opposite of the light itself. It creates darkness, time, and finite space. That's what's born inside the vacuum. So if you have light the opposite is darkness, if the light is a realm of no time when it pulls back and removes itself time comes into existence, if this realm of light has no space everything is unified if it pulls back finite space is born. Newton discovered the laws of attraction repulsion, we know that Newton discovered gravity, but the Physicists in our day and during Newton's day had no freaking clue how close Newton came to discovering the Big Bang. He was touching it, he was discoursing about it, he understood that light withdrew, but he didn't understand the full connection of the Big Bang and the birth of time and space and how it all unfolded. He didn't go all the way. Here's Newton's kabbalistic notes. Here he's writing about the Zohar. Physicist not sorry not physicists Scholars historians were stunned when they were looking at these writings and here's Newton writing about The Zohar. Here he writes about Rabbi Akiva. Rabbi Akiva was the teacher of Jesus and the teacher of Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai, who revealed the Zohar. if you want to know the Rabbi Akiva connection to Jesus take my course on Unredacting Jesus. Rabbi Akiva taught kabbalah to Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai and for doing so he was skinned alive by the Roman Empire. And as we know Jesus who taught these teachings only to his close Disciples to the rest of the world he spoke in Parable he too was slaughtered for trying to bring this power which would have redeemed the entire world to the masses. Newton knew this, Newton wrote that Jesus and his disciples they learned the secret doctrine of the Jews the kabbalah. Newton wrote the following: Said Isaac Newton... "...The teachings of True Antiquity..." "... and the sublime doctrines of the Hebrew Nation..." "... existed at the time of Christ and the Apostles for them to study..." "... they are most useful for those curious about true kabbalah." So Jesus his Disciples were studying the true kabbalah. Newton writes about rabbi Shimon bar Yochai the author of the Zohar. Who went into the cave for 13 years and buried himself neck deep and then Elijah the Prophet Moses came to teach Rabbi Shimon while he was buried neck deep in that cave. And they downloaded they transmitted the Zohar wisdom and Light to Rabbi Shimon. Here's Newton writing in hebrew Newton actually learned and studied hebrew so he could decipher kabbalah. Now these words I’m all going to read a few words from it Baruch Shem Kavod I won't say the rest of them there are six famous words that Jews always recite at the end of certain prayer connections. Those six words have a metaphysical purpose and Newton by speaking them and writing about them he didn't know what he was actually doing. Those six words bring the light of the 99% into this physical world. So again this is the Monolith effect. Connecting with the letters of Hebrew writing them down, you are transformed, you are enlightened, you see things you never saw before, because he when you know the power embedded into those letters. Which led to Newton to wonder, inspired him, how does the human eye work? How does light work? How do optics work? Originally, before kabbalah, Newton took an exacto knife and he probed to the back of his eyeball and nearly went blind. Probing that's his drawing you can see it to the right, where he stuck that knife into the back of his eyeball nerdy went blind trying to probe how the eyeball works. thank God he got a better idea from the Zohar. Newton discovered the 7 colors spectrum of white Light, he was inspired to take white light and shine it through a prism. Because the prism refracts the Light into the 7 colors. Just like raindrops do when the sun strikes a raindrop it refracts the colors you see the 7 colors of the rainbow. This is Trinity College in Cambridge which houses archives Newton's Zohar Manuscript this is a picture of Newton's kabbalah the new data the Zohar. inside it says in the Zohar: "Colors blend with each other except for the white color in which all colors are included." "Darkness is a black fire that is strong in color..." says the Zohar. " ... white fire is the basis of all other colors." This is an epic statement from the Zohar, which inspired Newton to realize and discover white light contains the 7 colors of the rainbow. Everybody thought Newton invented it himself, he didn't, he saw it in the Zohar. So it wasn't just the Monolith Effect which inspired his thinking he just read it in black and white. The idea that the kabbalah tells you about white light containing all the colors and that this is exactly what Newton was teaching is very intriguing Isaac Newton aware of these texts used it as a guide to then use his his scientific talent to get a prism to actually show, once and for all, the white light can be broken up into the colors of the rainbow. According to Isaac Newton: Israel preserved the truth about the origins of all religion, knowledge and cultural achievement. Israel produced the first great efflorescence of civilization. So Newton thought the Israelites had all the secrets of science and religion and that's why he studied kabbalah. For example, Solomon's Temple the technology of Solomon's Temple preceded the building of the Pyramids. And Israel he said, cradled the Messiah who was in fact too easily misrepresented by the gentiles according to Newton. This is the Royal Society in England. The National Academy of Sciences. The most prestigious scientific academy in history probably. The greatest scientist in history from Isaac Newton to Albert Einstein to Stephen Hawking only a select privileged few were invited to join the Royal Society. English Mathematician Joseph Raphson, became a member of the prestigious Royal Society in the year 1691. Raphson was one of the few people that Sir Isaac Newton allowed to see his own mathematical papers. Newton and Raphson develop something called the Newton-Raphson Method. Numerical analysis is the study of algorithms. Don't worry. The Newton-Raphson method is a root finding algorithm which produces successively better results when looking for the roots of an equation. What the hell does that mean? I have no freaking clue what that just meant. So it's not important, what's important is that the Newton method properly used usually homes in on a route with devastating efficiency and both Raphson and Newton discovered their own method around the same time, but Raphson's method was considered superior. It's actually Raphson’s simpler and therefore superior method not Newtons, that lurks inside millions of modern computer programs. So the Newton-Raphson method is in all of our computers, that's what's important. the Newton-Raphson method is at the heart of many solution techniques used through computer algorithms used to solve real world problems. In a study supported by the us department of energy. So I just want to give you the importance of the Newton-Raphson method Raphson's method was more superior than Newton's but they use both of them. Dr. Edmond Robertson bottom line: "Raphson’s ideas including of Space and Philosophy were based on kabbalist ideas. Raphson studied kabbalah. "kabbalah developed several basic doctrines which were strong influences on Raphson." "Both Henry Moore who was Newton's teacher and under Moore's influence Joseph Raphson made use of Kabbalist ideas in developing their own theologies of space. Again the Monolith effect of the Zohar and the actual black and white text of the Zohar influencing the greatest minds of the scientific revolution. This has never been made public. "Raphson’s ideas of space and philosophy were based on kabbalistic ideas." "Newton uses the Hebrew term “makom’ to describe the nature of God's omnipresence, a term he got from kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria, he literally took it from Isaac Luria's writings about the Zohar and Newton used it in his own theology of space. Again just showing you that after having to understand the scientific details how the kabbalistic writings and teachings were influencing Newton and Joseph Raphson. Let's examine the kabbalistic influence that preceded the scientific revolution not according to me according to Isaac Newton himself. Newton wrote a book called the Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms and he said: Newton said the greeks falsely predated their history, by centuries to redact and cover up the fact that they received Wisdom and Mathematics and Philosophy from the Jews. So Newton was saying that the ancient kabbalistic Jews are the ones who inspired the greeks and they predated their history to make them seem to be the originators of these revolutionary thoughts. Specifically Newton referred to Plato. Now, when we connect to the 99% that moment of connection to those upper hidden dimensions Plato called it Divine Madness. Philosopher Nicholas of Cusa called it "Divine Revelation". Mozart described it as "a rush". Philosopher E. Husserl called it "pure intuition". Our mothers call it "a mother's intuition". Your aunt Rose called it "her sixth sense". Successful business people call it "a gut instinct". What we're talking about is the kabbalah's idea of the 99% and Newton is referring to Plato's world. Plato spoke about a hidden world where all truth, everything already pre-existed. He called it a perfected realm of ideas. A realm of beauty and perfect forms. Kabbalah calls it the infinite source and the cause of everything. It's the source of consciousness, it's the source of all wisdom, the source of truth, the source of love, the source of all our pleasure, the source of all light. Newton was drawing a comparison, with the platonic world and kabbalistic view of the 99% reality. Newton then considered: How did Plato get this kabbalistic idea? Plato in newton in his writing said he likely conversed with the kabbalists. he got it from the kabbalists! Specifically Newton said: "Plato traveling into Egypt where the Jews were numerous in that country learnt their his metaphysical opinions about the superior beings and the formal causes of all things which plato called Ideas, and which the kabbalists called the Sefirot or the separate intelligences." So Newton said Plato understood received the wisdom of kabbalah. Newton wrote some take the one that one realm of Plato to be the first three dimensions of the kabbalist Keter, Chochmah and Binah the first Sefirot which means Emanations in Hebrew, in English. "This only is certain said Newton that Plato's Metaphysics is of the same stamp with the Ancient Theology of the kabbalah of the Jews." So you got the greatest scientist in history saying Plato got it from the kabbalists. Scholar of Serge Huten called Newton a "Christian kabbalist" Deborah Harkness Professor at USC History of Science and Medicine and Medieval History. Newton was very interested in kabbalah, because Plato was one of the key figures in Newton's intellectual world. He admired and revered Plato and the platonic philosophy and for him to relate Plato to the kabbalah. I was sort of blown away to find Newton talking about the kabbalists as well as Plato and other things. I hadn't pictured Newton having an awful lot to say about kabbalah I thought maybe he would say a few words or just have one mention. Roger Penrose one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th and 21st century won the Nobel Prize for his work on Black Holes in the Theory of Relativity. Roger Penrose was intrigued by Mozart. Penrose instead of working on Black Holes he was now working on human consciousness. And he said that Mozart would hear an entire symphony in a flash somehow transcending time and space. The symphony already existed it could be a three hour symphony and Mozart himself claimed he heard it in one second. How can you hear a two three hour symphony hear the whole thing from start to finish in just one moment? So this intrigued Roger Penrose. And Penrose realized we don't invent, Mozart wasn't inventing we connected a platonic world, where we're discovering what already exists. This is an intriguing statement and Penrose got a lot of flack for these insights into the origins of human consciousness. Said Roger Penrose: "According to Plato mathematical concepts and truths inhabit an actual world of their own." They already exist! "I imagine that whenever they're not whenever the mind perceives a mathematical idea it makes contact with Plato's world of mathematical concepts, in other words he's saying they're making connections to 99% reality. "I believe consciousness to be closely associated with the sensing of truths and thereby achieving a direct contact with Plato's world of mathematical concepts." Einstein himself said: "Mozart's music was so pure that it seemed to have been ever present in the universe just waiting to be discovered by the master." So even Einstein was already alluding to this idea he didn't go as far as Penrose did, but he was alluding to it. Einstein believed the laws of nature such as those of relativity theory they were just waiting to be plucked out of the cosmos. Again this concept of the platonic world the 99% reality those hidden 9 dimensions when we connect to it we get light, we get fulfillment, we get inspiration, it's the Monolith effect. "It's a world says Roger Penrose that is timeless and without physical location." "Plato's world is an ideal world of perfect forms that's distinct separate from the physical world." Dr Stewart Hameroff professor University of Arizona. It's really striking that Newton discovered that Plato got this idea for his absolute world of truth from the kabbalists, and later Penrose made this connection between the platonic world and the fundamental level of space-time geometry. So we have an equivalence between the kabbalah's 99 world, the platonic world of absolute truth and the fundamental level of space-time geometry as described in modern physics. Again to quote Newton: "Some take the one of Plato to be the first three dimensions of the kabbalist Ketter, Chochmah and Binah, Newton was technically wrong, in ascribing the 99% world to those upper three dimensions, in reality and technically, he's also right I’ll explain why, Those ten dimensions are structured as we learned: There are seven dimensions below, but six are compacted into one, That is the 99% reality not the upper three. Now, where Newton was technically correct, and I don't want to get too confusing, Each of those six dimensions also contain ten. And each of those ten contain ten within them. It's a fractal structure. So theoretically the Ketter, Chochmah, Binah is in each of those six dimensions so technically he's right but technically he's also wrong because he was really referring to the upper three of the ten dimensions. So those are the six dimensions we spoke about the six words that Newton wrote in Hebrew "Baruch Shem" I don't want to say the rest of it, that those six words just by uttering them or scanning them with our eyes connect us to those six dimensions. That's the platonic world. Biblical commentator and the financier of Columbus's Journey to the new world in the 15th century Don Isaac Abarbanel. Remember I said the King and Queen of Spain did not want to fund the trip it was too expensive? Abraham Zakuto told them it's not too dangerous because the world was round, but they didn't want to spend the money. Don Isaac Abarbanel agreed to help finance Columbus. Newton actually studied Don Isaac's biblical commentaries that existed in a century before Newton. He studied them. Don Isaac Abarbanel along with these two other gentlemen, you already met, Abraham Zacuto and Louis d Santangelo Santangel, they were behind Columbus's trip to the new world . What was motivating this trip? What was really motivating this trip was the discovery of the seven continents that The Zohar spoke about because you had to find the seven continents and bring the light of Zohar there to ignite the redemption. It was truly a Messianic Enterprise we'll get into that into more detail in a few moments. The Don Isaac Abarbanel also wrote in a text, that's never really been made public, just to confirm that the Light on Moses's face is Zohar and this is the deep secret. So they knew this Light had to be restored back into the world because we lost this light on Mount Sinai. That's why he financed Columbus's endeavor but Don Isaac Abarbanel also said: Plato acquired the wisdom of kabbalah from the hebrew prophet Jeremiah and other kabbalists. Aristotle also received this wisdom but he could not comprehend it. So the kabbalists, and the scholars, and the explorers, and the scientists, they all agree especially the scientists Plato knew kabbalah, but Aristotle misunderstood it, so they all followed Plato. "Following the destruction of the Second Temple, Jeremiah left for Egypt and there he dwelt for many years void of prophecy until the day of his death. And as attested by the Rabbis of history in the Greek Sages, Plato spoke to Jeremiah in Egypt." And that's one of the ways in which kabbalah was transmitted to Plato because not only was Jeremiah there but so were other great Kabbalist. Which leads us to the final section of today's class the lost ten Tribes of Israel. Israel originally had 12 tribes. One tribe for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, which gave the Israelites the ability to control destiny of the world by them being the ones who can overcome the 12 signs of the Zodiac and therefore not be under the in the negative influence of the astrological influences. Menasha ben Israel lived in the 16th century. He's famous for writing a book about searching for the 10 lost tribes. Menasha ben Israel was a relative of Don Isaac Abarbanel. So as you can see Zacuto, Don Isaac Abarbanel, who were instrumental in having Columbus and you know embark on his trip to the new world, they're related to Menasha ben Israel 100 years later, they're all connected it's a lineage that was transmitting these secrets generation to generation. Rembrandt was also versed in kabbalah and he actually created this drawing of Israel ben Menashe. Now we go into Rembrandt's secret codes about kabbalah in Unredacting Jesus so it's beyond the scope of this class. The lost 10 Tribes of Israel. According to Encyclopedia Britannica in 930 bc the 10 tribes out of the 12 formed the Independent kingdom of Israel in the North of Israel and the two other tribes Judah and Benjamin set up a kingdom of Judah in the South. So he had 10 tribes in the North two tribes in the South don't worry about memorizing this. "Following the conquest of the Northern Kingdom by the Assyrians in 721 bc those 10 tribes were gradually assimilated by other peoples in the world and this they disappeared from history. This is Antonio de Montezino. Israel been ben sorry not Israel Menasha ben even have problems remembering all the freaking names, Menasha ben Israel who wrote a book about the search for the lost tribes got his idea from this dude right here Antonio de Montezino. On August 18th 1644, he testified under oath to authorities in Amsterdam and signed an affidavit and said the following: because after Columbus opened up the new world and something I should mention, when Columbus discovered the Americas, the Scientific Establishment and the Jews and the Christians believe that the native Americans were the lost tribes of Israel. And that opened up you know the new world to other travelers, and Antonio de Montezino was a traveler, and he testified under oath the following: "It was a thrilling journey I took in South America. and now that I am back in Amsterdam I must share with you some incredible news. There is a Hebrew Indian tribe living beyond the mountain passes of the Andes." "They claim to be part of the lost tribe of Reuben, the Reubenites..." "According to the biblical prophecies and to later Jewish and Christian authorities, listen carefully, the reappearance of the lost tribes of Israel was a prerequisite for the ultimate redemptive process. In other words you had to find the seven continents, you had to distribute the Zohars to the seven continents of the world, that was the Light and you had to find the lost tribes to gain control over the 12 signs and to reunite Israel. Messianic Apocalyptic fever was raging throughout the world. And in fact Isaac Newton wrote in a document called the Mystery of ye day of Judgment and world to come. He wrote: "That it makes me wonder with great admiration that so few Christians of our age can find it this mystery." "For they understand not that ye final return of ye Jews captivity and they're conquering the other nations and setting up a peaceable, righteous, and flourishing kingdom at ye day of judgment is this great mystery he's talking about prophecy of the redemption, that the Jews must come out of hiding, we must find those tribes as part of the redemption of the world. And he says the Christians do not understand this yet and the importance. So this Messianic fever has raised its head throughout history. In fact there were 20 at least 24 reported Messiahs in history Jesus, Shabbat (........ ) there's 24. Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakai said 2 000 years ago: "If you're planting a tree and someone tells you that the Messiah has come, finish planting the tree and then go greet him." In other words don't be so excited. There's been Messiahs through out the history and so far we're still suffering in the world of chaos. Now, negative Rabbis and Scholars throughout history have tried to call these people false Messiahs. That's not the kabbalistic understanding. The kabbalistic understanding is that they were failed Messiahs, they were the potential Messiahs of their generation but they failed because of the behavior, the consciousness of the Jews. I'll have another course coming up or a lecture series on the Secrets of the Messiah in another class. Montezino’s Affidavit that he wrote in Amsterdam was turned into a book, that revealed the secrets of his trip to south America. Let's now peek into his book and learn his story. Antonio de Montezino was really a secret identity. That's not who he was. He was really a man named Aaron Levy, and he revealed this in the book. Aaron Levy was a traveler and he traveled to what is now known as Colombia to a place called Quito. Where he had a strange encounter. He had met an Indian named Francisco Canicur, who was serving as his guide, I don't want to use the word servant but they called it servant, and he was helping Aaron Levy. Francisco Canicur spoke about a "Genta Oculta" which means "A Hidden People." And when Aaron levy learned about them he came to the conclusion these Indians, these hidden people are Jews. Aaron Levy Montezino revealed his true identity to Francisco telling him: "I am a Hebrew of the tribe of Levy, my God is Adonai and everything else about me is a lie." The Indian Francisco Canicur replied: "Your brothers the children of Israel were brought to this land by God. He made great miracles for them wondrous mysteries things that if I tell you, you will not believe." Francisco began interrogating Aaron Levy. "What's your father's name? He asked Montezino Aaron Levy replies, "Abraham, Isaac and Jacob." Francisco continues to question him: "But don't you have another father? Yes, reply there Levy: Louis de Montezino." There was now an angry back and forth exchange. Francisco is getting exasperated. "Are you not a child of Israel?" Francisco wants more proof from Aaron Levy. He's ready to give up on Montezino to give up on Aaron Levy. According to the book Narratives from the Sephardic Atlantic Blood and Faith: "Francisco himself was not a child of Israel, but he is the guardian of their secret of this hidden people." "Francisco is the guardian of the secret because Francisco's own family's loyalty to the Reubenites not because of any shared blood between them." But Francisco was guarding a secret and protecting the Reubinites this hidden people and he was testing Aaron Levy to see if Montezino really was Aaron Levy a child of Israel. "Because Montezino, Aaron Levy, desires to unravel the secret history of the Indians he submits to Francisco's interrogations. "He appears before him vulnerable and humble." "He tells him his Hebrew name, his tribal lineage the Tribe of Levy and his belief that despite his outward trappings of Catholicism his belief in the God of Israel and he hopes that these statements will resonate with the Indian." "Francisco invites Montezino to join him on another journey." He says to him: "If you are a man of initiative courage and endurance who would dare come with me, you will come to know that which you desire to know." but he gives him a warning. "You will do everything as I tell you." So the servant was now becoming the master. "In order to learn the secret Montezino must become like his Indian brother. He must go by foot there'll be no mules and no Indian servants." "He must eat corn like a poor Indian. he must obey the directives of the Indian who was previously his servant but who in actuality is a tribal leader." He follows Francisco into the jungle... They arrive at the Kakao River. This is the river today, as it looks. "From the other side of the river a group of Indians arrive on canoes and they embrace their visitors. Then something shocking happens... ...together they recite the ancient Hebrew prayer of the She'ma." which is a declaration on the unity of God made by Jews for the last 2000 years. The most popular well-known prayer. "The Indians are at once testing and welcoming their guests into their inner circle." They are waiting to see if Aaron Levy indeed knows and recognizes this Judaic prayer and at the same time they are revealing their own shared Hebraic origins. "After this initial welcome the Indians relay a tightly worded nine-part message to Montezino." The message is indecipherable. Montezino goes frustrated with the constant repetition of these cryptic messages. We're about to redemption some messenger that's going to come. Francisco acts as the translator and mediator but he warns Montezino, he warns Aaron Levy: "I will show you the truth however if you keep pressing me I will be forced to tell you lies." Montezino the hidden Jew named Aaron Levy now humbles himself before the Indian, who possesses the secret of the hidden Jews. Francisco tells him to follow... "This is what my parents told me, We, the Indians, came to this land, and we waged war on the Israelites this hidden people." "We treated them worse than the spaniards treat us." "The Indians persecuted the children of Israel chasing them into the depths of the jungle." None of those who pursued the who pursued the Israelites into the jungle had returned back alive. And the tribal leader came to realize the God of these children of Israel is the true God. And all which is written on their stones is true. And at the end of days these children of Israel will come out from where they are and become the rulers of the entire land. Those of you who desire to be fortunate attach yourself to these people. Which is what Francisco's family did with the Israelites who were there. Aaron Levy and both and Manesseh ben Israel concluded: "The Reubenites were the first inhabitants of the Americas ." The Jews ultimately ignored the findings of Aaron Levy and Israel ben Manesseh. whoops I said I did that wrong it's Manesseh ben Israel. typo Moshe we will have to fix up for the final video. Many Christians were intrigued by these discoveries but eventually the search for the lost tribes, lost traction, among the mainstream world. One good thing did happen, Manesseh ben Israel Manesseh ben Israel convinced Oliver Cromwell of England to allow the expelled Jews to return to his country. He told Cromwell this was part of the redemption process which included finding the lost tribes. So from a Scientific exploration perspective They were trying to discover the 7 continents of the Earth, They were trying to return the Light of The Zohar to those 7 continents, They were looking to find the lost tribes of Israel, the scientists of the scientific revolution were trying to find the secrets of science, which were the secrets of the Bible in their mind, the line between Philosophy and Biblical Wisdom and Science, listen carefully, those lines were blurred. There wasn't science and religion, they were one body of knowledge. So all these people we've met so far: Rembrandt, Manesseh ben Israel, Abraham Zakuto, Isaac Barbanel, Columbus, Isaac Newton, and all of them are connected this was their goal. They were influenced by kabbalah, impelled by the Zohar, compelled by the Zohar, to bring this Light and wisdom to the world and that's what fuelled their scientific exploration and their geographic exploration. In our next class we'll pick up in the 16th century and discover mind-blowing influences of the Zohar and discoveries made through the power of the Zohar.

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