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C8L10 Club the Overhead

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The overhead is definitely a shot you have got to instill in your students. This idea of slowness, whatever it takes . I have them think super slowly playing with their right hand, hitting overheads playing with their right hand. Then if they thing they have got it I always make them switch hands because on the left side they are not going to have the confidence to swing. You are really going to hold on to your racket and try to stay balanced and controlled. Learn to move the center of your body slowly. Warren looks like a lefty right here but all he is really doing is focusing on holding a tight coil and moving slowly and balanced in the center of his body. Here is Schiavone and the way most pros will practice is and you should practice with your students is hit them overheads all over the court. They should be able to hit that overhead from anywhere on the court. That means some what side arm right when they are pulled wide like that. Thats the one kids miss a lot and then the ones back tracking, the ones that kick over their heads. They have got to get back and they have got to set up and not waste too much energy thats the key is to do it and stay very efficient. The way to do that is to think in terms of being slow and moving slowly only do what you need to. As you can see here Djokovic is lining up the 45 he has done almost nothing with his hands. Now he climbs up the ball very slowly and when you climb up the ball slowly like that it allows you to hold your coil and keep facing the 45 degree angle. Those are the two things that get thrown off when someone moves quickly or tries to hit the overhead. They come off balance and loose their coil. The best over headers in the world Sampras is another one they move very slowly and they don't over play the shot. See that he is staying contained at the 45 and with his coiled arm just climbs up the ball as his hips turn in to the 45. I just can't emphasize this enough especially on the over heads once again very slow movement. Have your players hit as hard and as big an over head as possible and move very slowly. You can see here how Paul does it. Your challenge to your players is how slowly can you swing and still pop the overhead. That should be your big challenge to your players. As you can see here Paul hits a great over head and its very gentle moving. It all happens at the top of the hit, keep that in mind.

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Pull up into big overheads.

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